Site migrated to nonvenipacem.ORG, please be patient with changes… God is good!

Supernerd assures this is all for the best. You can still reach the .com site, which we still own, but it automatically redirects to the .org, which is hosted by a more secure provider. Attacks are coming, if not outright SWATTING.

The downside in the short term is that I don’t see comments as quickly, and anyone subscribed to the .com will no longer receive notifications of new posts. You need to sign up for that at the .org.

The good news is that the entire .com site, all posts and comments for all time, are fully functioning at the .org, and the search box will find anything you are looking for.

Stay tuned! and sorry for the multitude of donation requests lately, but please hit up … $10 or $20 goes a long way, as we saw with our friend Paul Mann.

Thank you all, may God reward you.

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