The man behind DRBO.ORG is in a health emergency and needs our help!

Crosspost from Ann. This man has done invaluable work, and I use his site all the time, if not daily. Please help if you can. Please also enjoin your prayers.

Also, SuperNerd is doing background stuff and migrating the site to a better place. There may be tech glitches the next few days, especially with the combox.

Crowdfund Recommendation: The Chap Who Runs the INVALUABLE Bible Website has Cancer and is Uninsured

I don’t know about you folks, but I use almost every day.  It is the Douay-Rheims-Latin Vulgate Bible – the official English translation of the Bible with St. Jerome’s Latin. The website is meticulously maintained and wonderfully laid-out.

The man who runs has cancer, and is uninsured.

I’ve checked around, and he is a good chap, based out of St. Marys, Kansas.

I think it’s time for all of us users of to step up and help Mr. Paul Mann. Let’s pray that he gets to worship God in The Immaculata basilica in St. Marys for many, many years!

Mr. Mann’s GoFundMe is HERE. Let’s get this done!

Best online Bible site right here, folks. 👇🏻

3 thoughts on “The man behind DRBO.ORG is in a health emergency and needs our help!”

  1. Go Fund Me is a site that has lost all credibility, since they routinely shut down and cancel causes they don’t agree with politically, such as the Canada trucker’s fund, which was entirely legitimate and legal. So many people will not use them for that reason, and I am one of those. It’s hard, this is a good cause, but it’s also wrong to support an organization that is tyrannical and extreme.
    Why not GiveSendGo? They are a Christian organization that will operate the same as GFM.
    God bless this good man and be with him.

  2. The man does a great service for the Faithful. Regarding Go Fund Me. This is a case when Jesus healed on the Sabbath.

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