New documentary on Jan. 6 alleges egregious crimes by police, including murder, entrapment

Experts analyzed exclusive footage apparently uncovering multiple violent crimes by police, which likely precipitated the deaths of four Trump supporters in an effort to evoke a response, provide a pretense to make many arrests, and destroy the MAGA movement once and for all.

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(LifeSiteNews) – A new documentary on the January 6 disturbance at the U.S. Capitol reveals multiple “flagrant” crimes committed by police, including murder, assault “with intent to do great bodily harm,” and premeditated entrapment on a massive scale.

The Real Story of January 6” was produced by The Epoch Times and counters the Democrat and corporate media narrative that characterizes the protest as an “violent insurrection” and an attack on the American system, comparable with 911 and the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Yet utilizing expert analysis, eyewitness accounts and exclusive video footage, the film unveils multiple facts indicating a deliberate plan by federal authorities to violently provoke the massive crowd into behaviors that would provide officers a pretense for the use of disproportionate (and even criminal) force with an ability to make widespread arrests of the pro-Trump protestors.

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Investigative reporter Joshua Philipp interviewed veteran journalist Joseph M. Hanneman, who has focused on this issue for several months.

“There was plenty of police provocation,” explained Hanneman, including the indiscriminate firing of munitions into the unassuming crowd that not only provoked dismay and anger (video, warning: profanity), but likely lead to two cardiac events and deaths of two individuals in the crowd.

“The initial use of explosive munitions that day started at about 1:25 in the afternoon,” Hanneman continued. “The police launched explosives into the crowd which was pretty much just viewing there and standing [on the lawn].”

Some of the explosives contained “hard plastic pellets that rained down, and some had tear gas in them” that caused injuries evoking dismay and tremendous anger among the peaceful protestors who “largely support law and order” as expressed in the slogan “back the blue.” In addition, this large rally crowd consisted of individuals from all walks of life, including many older people, women and children who were also being fired upon.

To provide a professional assessment of police behaviors on that day, The Epoch Times interviewed Stan Kephart, a former police chief and security director of the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Philipp described Kephart as “one of the nation’s top experts on police use of force and one of the top-rated expert witnesses in court cases on crowd control.” With 42 years of law enforcement experience, serving in various leadership roles in California, Arizona and Missouri, Kephart “has testified more than 350 times in federal, state and tribal court.”

Kephart classified this conduct by the police as “egregious,” and a “supervisory failure.” The individual in charge “should have put those people in posted positions or in a skirmish line or in a defense posture between the objective that they were protecting and the crowd. That wasn’t being done.”

Instead, “that was a shooting gallery up there, a congregation of officers … who were using these munitions to inflict harm and injury on people below them. It’s egregious…”

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