850 more unvaxxed NYC teachers, aides fired for not complying with mandate

By Susan Edelman

The city Department of Education has axed another 850 teachers and classroom aides — bringing the total to nearly 2,000 school employees fired for failure to comply with a vaccine mandate increasingly struck down in court.

About 1,300 DOE employees who took a year’s unpaid leave —  with benefits — agreed to show proof of COVID vaccination by Sept. 5 or be “deemed to have voluntarily resigned.” 

Of those staffers, 450 got a shot by the deadline and “are returning to their prior schools or work locations,” DOE officials told The Post. They include some 225 teachers and 135 paraprofessionals.

The 850 let go makes roughly 1,950 DOE staffers terminated since the vaccine mandate took effect on Oct. 29, 2021.

Rachelle Garcia, an elementary school teacher in Brooklyn for 15 years and mother of two, worked fully in person during the pandemic and never got sick, she said.

But she refused to get vaccinated, finally taking leave after the DOE denied her requests for a religious exemption…


4 thoughts on “850 more unvaxxed NYC teachers, aides fired for not complying with mandate”

  1. About this time last year, my former place of employment started the harassment procedures to encourage everyone to get the jab. That quickly turned into a mandatory jab policy in order to keep your job. The process for medical and religious exemptions was a total joke: they had already made up their mind. So, I refused and they fired me. But, the Divine Providence rewarded me with a new job one week later.
    Fast forward one year… several people at my former place of employment who succumbed to the bullying have gotten covid not once but twice. And these are not obese folks with underlying health issues. My former place of employment, like so many others across this sorry nation, are GUILTY of bodily harm and ultimately are going to be guilty of murder when someone dies from one of these jabs that they required for continued employment.
    No earthly job is worth your life.

  2. If you don’t read the msm, you would never know people were getting sick from anything. Most people around here carry on. I see the occasional dummy with a mask in their car but not many masks except the occasional elderly person.
    Regardless mandates are only furthering a serious shortage of workers everywhere, orchestrated by the government so they can “fix” the problem with more control measures. And more dead and disabled.
    These mandates are a reminder of the importance of healthy detachment. Your job is not worth losing your health or endangering your soul. Accepting a lower standard of living may be necessary.

    1. There’s an extreme teacher shortage throughout the country, so let’s drive even more from the profession. All that will remain are the ones who can’t get a job anywhere else. Then those who have been jabbed will die off, schools will close and gangs of delinquents will wander the streets causing havoc.

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