Death Penalty Bergoglian heresy explained in easy terms to know and share

“And one of those robbers who were hanged, blasphemed him, saying: If thou be Christ, save thyself and us. But the other answering, rebuked him, saying: Neither dost thou fear God, seeing thou art condemned under the same condemnation? And we indeed justly, for we receive the due reward of our deeds; but this man hath done no evil. And he said to Jesus: Lord, remember me when thou shalt come into thy kingdom. And Jesus said to him: Amen I say to thee, this day thou shalt be with me in paradise.” -Luke 23:39-43

Did you catch that? Did you catch verse 41, written by the Third Person of the Triune Godhead, through the hand of St. Luke?

“And we indeed justly, for we receive the due reward of our deeds…”

If you understand the truth of the eternal nature of the human soul, which Bergoglio denies, then you should be able to easily understand the death penalty as reflective of God’s perfect justice AND His perfect mercy. Read on…

It would be INSANE to suggest a valid pontiff could reverse 2000 years of doctrine, AMIRIGHT?

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It’s said that everyone has their breaking point. Anyone who continues on the “Pope Francis” train past this station should be prepared to start questioning their own sanity. How many times do you need to see the law of non-contradiction *seemingly* broken, before you start to scratch your head and think, “Wait, that can’t happen”?

You know how someone should have told Luther that you can’t just rip out the parts of the bible you don’t like, and you can’t change the verses to better suit your liking? Well, someone should have told the Argentinian the same thing about the Catechism of the Catholic Church, because not only did he change it, but now he has driven a stake through it.

Conveniently, Diane Montagna has put together a powerhouse follow-up to her initial reportage yesterday of the Bergoglian Faux Mercy Machine on the Death Penalty HERE.  Thank God for the work she is doing at LifeSite, since the general media blackout otherwise continues unabated. Her piece is a must read.

She first captures commentary by Edward Feser, and then she brings in an anonymous theologian: Dominican vs Argentinian in a steel cage death match. It’s a rather lopsided battle.  Next up is a Catholic historian, Dr. Alan Fimister, who ends the scene by quoting the great Elizabeth Anscombe. Turns out Anscombe vs Argentinian is pretty decisive as well.

God is immutable. The Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, is immutable. It’s not that difficult a concept. When true popes teach, they document their orthodoxy by generously footnoting key points with references to Scripture, Fathers, Doctors, and past popes. A true pope goes out of his way to point out, “Hey, this isn’t new.” Go to and pull up any document from any past pope. You will quickly see, this is how it’s done.

What can one say about a “Bishop of Rome” who claims the One True Faith was wrong – long on justice and short on mercy, with an immature conscience – from 33 A.D. to 2013 A.D. How could he contradict scripture, Tradition, Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and all of his “predecessors’? How can he deliberately misquote Aquinas (as he did in Amoris Laetitia as well) in trying to get support for his utterly novel teaching (which a scholar of ten years old can discover in ten seconds that Aquinas teaches exactly the opposite, and he does it in Articles 2-3 of the very same Question 64 that the Argentinian cites HERE.)

Imagine how profoundly UNPROTECTED one must be from the supernatural graces our Lord and Savior promised to Peter and his successors, to wake up one morning and decide to take on Saint Thomas Aquinas and invert his teachings. Imagine then GETTING AWAY WITH IT, cue the accompanying endorphin rush, BECAUSE SILENCE.

Oh yes, BTW he is still Argentinian, you know. Renewed his Argentinian passport, even though he’s the purported Head of State of a different sovereign entity. It’s almost like a sign, or something. He also doesn’t live where popes live. He also doesn’t wear what popes wear. He also doesn’t give the apostolic blessing like popes do. He also likes to be called bishop, not pope. Nothing to see here.


“The judge who fails the criminal in punishment himself incurs a greater guilt.”

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If you don’t think CCC#675 is in play right now, think again. We’ve reached the point where the Vatican is attempting to deflect from the infestation of moral decay within the episcopate by publishing heresy in the Catechism. This is the Antichurch in ascendancy.

The death penalty is not unjust, it is just. It is not unmerciful, it is merciful. It is a means of repentance, forgiveness, and salvation. It forces the penitent (that’s why it’s called a ‘penitentiary’) to reflect more deeply on his sins as his time draws near, and hopefully experience a conversion. Justice demands this. Failing to dispense proportional punishment for a criminal act, is itself a criminal act. But for someone who doesn’t believe in the supernatural, doesn’t believe in the eternal life of the soul, none of this makes sense.

Anyway, I’m short on time, and Ann has already put up a bunch of proofs from Doctors or the Church and others. The title quote is from the brilliant John Senior, whom I’ve quoted many times on this site. Read it all HERE.

7 thoughts on “Death Penalty Bergoglian heresy explained in easy terms to know and share”

  1. I’m just going to say it now. If he is not merely an antipope, but THE false prophet, he will sell Catholic Churches.
    This hypothesis has not let me down yet.

  2. Just for the sake of the matter, imagination a bit here. If I am a Pope, a true Pope of the True Holy Catholic Church. I will restore the DEATH PENALTY in all nations and I will apply it immediately to all the fake popes, fake churchmen who sold their souls to Satan for the NWO which is the religion of the Freemasonry/Luciferians of the Judeo-Masonic (Talmudic/Synagogue of Satan). The sin against Holy Spirit must be executed by GOD through His Vicar on earth. The Law of God is apply to all creatures. Nobody can mock God and think they can live and earn everything else like the faithful. I will run the world under the IRON ROD, with no room for the Sadistic rebellious seeds of Satan. All enemies against God must be destroyed for they will always wage wars on Christians. Look back to see it, for thousands of years, the Jews created all problems, all terrorist groups, and all wars for their own purport. They want their messiah who is the Antichrist, I will send them to hell to meet their master in the Fire of Hell. No more “be nice” to the seeds of Satan. DID JESUS SAYS TO BE “NICE” OR DID HE SAYS TO BE “WISE AND BE TRUTH?” Wake up, the whole world including Catholics are under the diabolic curse of the Satanists.

  3. Hard to fathom that conservative/trad Catholics believe he’s pope. Even if one cannot accept the sede position, BiP is a better alternative than believing Frank is the “Holy Father”….. unbelievable.

    1. Oh plenty of them believe he’s the pope, despite Canon Law evidence and the more than plentiful evidence that Pope Benedict XVI is still doing a lot of papal stuff. “Francis is the pope until another pope says he isn’t.” “We have to be obedient.” Blah, blah, blah. If Bergoglio came out tomorrow and changed the consecration to the point of invalidation, these conservative/trads would still say he’s the pope. These people are going to be severely scandalized and will sadly concede their Catholic Faith.

    2. One of the more prominent trads believed it so strongly, he found his way right out of the Church… which is really the only logical thing to do if you’re certain that Francis is the pope. His apostasy is far more logically consistent than R&R, which is the essence of having it both ways.

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