Carmelite Swag!

J.M. + J.T.
Praised be Jesus Christ!

These are the official shirts and hoodies for the Carmelites of Fairfield, PA. This shop will mail your items directly to your address and the shirt company will send 100% of the proceeds directly to the sisters, who are a non-profit. There is no middleman!

Reverend Mother Superior has approved of the design for the shirts.
THREE STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM!Shirts, Hoodies, & Sweatshirts SHOP NOW
The shirts and hoodies are available in four (4) colors:Scapular BrownMemento Mori BlackMarian Blue (Indigo)Sacred Heart Red (Maroon)
The sweatshirt is available in two (2) colors:Memento Mori BlackSacred Heart Red (Maroon)
PLEASE NOTE: The website is listing the USCCB as the beneficiary, but this is not actually the case. Our EIN is under the umbrella of the USCCB (it is how our Carmel was registered). By no means do the any of the funds go to the USCCB. All of the Nuns’s property, assets, and donations are protected. All proceeds go to the Nuns directly.
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4 thoughts on “Carmelite Swag!”

  1. Wow, in just one day, they’ve already raised $10,500. May God reward the good person who set up this shirt fundraiser for the holy Carmelites in Fairfield.

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