Philadelphia Brandon and the Temple of Doom

By el gato malo (language alert in the Portnoy tweet below)

i’m sorry, you simply cannot go on stage looking like this (and this is not photoshopped, this was the real speech imagery) and not get the malign creative juices flowing.

nosireebob you cannot.

this was truly staggering stuff and dave portnoy, of all people, seems to have really nailed it.

and if you’re gonna go around throwing this kind of tuna filled piñata into the tiger cage, well, even right after a sermon on not paying attention to these manipulative muppets, the temptation to mockery becomes too much for certain internet felines to bear.

alas, none of us (not even gatos) are prefect adherents to our own precepts.

but it would be nice to see some people at least try.

i mean, “come on man…”

because showing up for a speech looking like you’re about ready to claim that kali ma is the only thing that can save us from MAGA

the heart of our democracy

well, that’s going to invite some ridicule.

and i see this as far healthier than outrage.

though honestly, they kind of half-assed the thuggee cult motif.

spielberg would have nailed this.

philadelphia brandon and the temple of doom

but the plotline, wow. not even mike judge could write something like this.

or could he…

president cornhulio would like a word

it’s deeply ironic stuff coming from the folks that claim that it’s the other side that wants to turn america into “a handmaid’s tale” to come out looking like the high chancellor in “V for vendetta.”

corporate needs you to spot the difference between these 2 pictures

the orwellian implications were obvious.

how can anyone even make dystopian movies anymore?

and so you just come off looking like a sore loser.

i’d like “triple edged malign creativity” for $500 please alex…

and that only invites more questions as to why…

no soup for anyone

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