Letters to the Editor: Pureblood Novak Djokovic barred from US Open because he’s not jabbed

It seems strange to me that the US government is barring unvaccinated noncitizens, like tennis star, Novak Djokovic, from entering the country (“No joke: Unvaxxed Djokovic won’t play in Flushing,” Aug. 26).

How does the government justify the arrival of all those unvaccinated migrants coming across the southern border? President Biden put out the welcome mat for them. It’s not fair.

Melanie Coronetz


Djokovic should enter the US at the southern border, thus avoiding any COVID-vaccination requirement. Then he could share a free bus ride to New York City with fellow “migrants.”

Sadly, upon arriving at Arthur Ashe Stadium, Djocovic would be denied entry as a tournament participant — yet any ticket holder will be admitted without having to show proof of COVID vaccination (according to the Open’s official website).

Maybe Mayor Adams can include some tickets to the Open in the care packages for migrants.

Joe Schulok, The Bronx

Unvaxxed Novak Djokovic won’t be playing in the US Open in Flushing.

There are no words to describe this stupidity. The United States is allowing illegal immigrants to enter our country, yet we’re not allowing this extremely talented athlete to enter? What is happening to us?

Bunny Abraham


Marc Berman’s story regarding Djokovic being barred from the US Open tennis championship says: “Unvaccinated non-American citizens are banned from coming to the United States.”

This flies in the face of the images of thousands of unvetted “non-American citizens” flocking through our southern border destined for parts unknown. Doesn’t anybody have a problem with this?

Stephen Hanover

Doylestown, Pa.

What a joke. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will not allow Djokovic into the United States to compete at the US Open because he is not vaccinated.

Yet this year we have allowed millions of illegal immigrants to bum rush our southern border to be dispersed throughout our entire country, and the CDC hasn’t a clue or a care if any of them have been vaccinated.

However, officials want us to know they are protecting us from Novak Djokovic.

Armand Rose

Arlington, NJ


6 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor: Pureblood Novak Djokovic barred from US Open because he’s not jabbed”

  1. It seems like God has given us up for a while in the Biblical sense. Of course they will be inconsistent and contradictory.

  2. It does give me hope, though, that the Post is at least publishing the dissident letters to the editor. Maybe the idiocy has become so obvious that even the brainwashed are becoming aware.

  3. I think that no vaccination demands are made on illegal aliens because whilst they are technically seeking asylum they fall into the cracks of being stateless. They are not citizens of the USA . The US Government has the right to indemnify the Vaccine manufacturers from adverse reactions to the vaccines only on behalf of its own citizens.
    No-one seems to point out the fact that unvaxxed American citizens can enter the USA. But not foreigners. Must be that American exceptionalism at work.

    1. case in point these kinds of demonic rationalizations. those who push comments like that are also demons in empry shell bodies. their entire point for existence is to prevent fixing the problem by pretending there is some readon other than pure evil for these policies.

  4. The devil has no desire to be fair so all the complaints “its not fair” either fall on deaf ears or make him grin. The pretence that the Demoncrats want to be fair but just aren’t aware of the consequances or their policies is what shields them and prevents fixing the problem. That is why the controlled opposition (“Re” Publicans) always present it that way, i.e. “look how unfair; look what a double standard; look at the hypocrasy!” Because its a fakeout to pretend anyone in politics cares about hypocrasy; they don’t. Anyone truly opposing this will say the truth: its purposeful spite, these politicians are evil and in league with the devil and perhaps (nay certainly) not even human but empty human shells with no human soul operated by demons.

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