If Pope Benedict is really actually totally retired, and really isn’t papal in any way, please explain this…

For the eighth time. New Cardinals corralled before Pope Benedict to kiss his ring and receive his Apostolic Blessing. Nothing to see here.

8 thoughts on “If Pope Benedict is really actually totally retired, and really isn’t papal in any way, please explain this…”

  1. Saint Louis Catholic asks; were they Cardinals going in, or Cardinals going out? I believe neither……a double headed monster cannot be the Church.

  2. Good grief! The world has gone mad. Benedict is clearly THE pope ,and has enabled this nauseating Bergoglo serpent to destroy the Church. Anyone who calls Bergoglio “pope” is also an enabler, plain and simple. The sheep and goats are being separated, chaff sifted from wheat. Please, may God have mercy on us all.

  3. As SFH said, we are being sifted like wheat. Just stay calm and stay Catholic. I don’t worry about things I have no control over if I can help it. I have no control over evil men taking charge of the church and turning it into a circus. What I can control is whether or not I support it and participate in it.
    Whatever happens God allows to happen. He is in control of His church. Focus on him, practice your faith, be prepared to let the rest go. And hang on.

  4. Doesn’t this mean that Francis knows he ain’t the pope? What does this say about things like the Ratzinger Code?

  5. One of the things I notice with Benedict is how happy and peaceful people look when they meet him, even the queen of England that time he met her. His gestures remind me of that clip of the first pope every filled. Not not showy but with care.
    I pray for them both every night. I think Kate R has the right idea.

  6. I meant to type “…first pope ever filmed”… I think it was the latest Leo. They showed him with his horse and carriage. He also looked ancient and frail and holy.

  7. Someone on another site posted the Bergoglio kissing of Ratzinger’s ring indicates BiP. I submit it indicates the two are of the same “religion”….that of antiChrist. Bergoglio is a wolf who doesn’t bother with sheep’s clothing; Ratzinger dons the sheep’s clothing.
    I’m wondering if the SSPX cannot admit BiP because it will lead to the logical conclusion; Sede Vacante. They know B16 and JPII are cut of the same cloth as Frankenstein. To admit it means the Nine which left the society were correct and they were/are in error. Think about it. How can any traditional Catholic, let alone priest, not at the very least admit BiP? THAT right there is what led me to SVism.

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