2 thoughts on “This is astounding to me. Thanks be to God.”

  1. Looking at those numbers, One can better understand why anti-pope bergoglio and his modernist minions hate Catholic Tradition.
    I don’t think they can raise that kind of money. I think that to all of them, money is the only real form of power. They can’t even hope to raise that kind of money in that time. They need to beg, and outright shakedown their pastors in their parishes for donations.
    Lastly, I think it drives them INSANE knowing that this isn’t in Chicago, or New York, or some Old World City. Instead there’s going to be a glorious Cathedral in the middle of Nowhereville, Kansas.
    People from all over the USA, and France and the rest of the world are now thinking of how they’re going to plan to visit this Cathedral when it’s complete (And modernists are thinking of their wallets filled with cash that tourists always bring on vacation…).

  2. I hope to be there next month for the dedication of the bells. People were talking about them as far back as last March in Gretna, Nebraska. All the buzz here in flyover country.

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