After two months of increasing Sod Pox, CDC finally tells sodomites to lay off the sodomy for awhile

MONKEYPOX update: FINALLY, CDC tells GAY & Bisexual community what it should have said 3 months ago, namely NO sex & LIMIT number of partners etc. How come so late CDC? How come?

By Dr. Paul Alexander

“Among the updates are suggestions that people “take a temporary break” from sexual activity until considered vaccinated; limit their number of sexual partners; avoid “spaces” for anonymous sex with multiple partners; use condoms; and wear gloves during particular sexual activities.

These five suggestions to reduce the chance of spread were added to the seven that appeared on the webpage when it was updated on July 12. In that previous update, the CDC offered suggestions for sexual activities for people who have (or think they have) “monkeypox and … decide to have sex.”

Friday’s update contains stronger messaging, with the CDC now saying “the best way to protect yourself and others is to avoid sex of any kind … while you are sick.” People should especially “avoid touching any rash.”

http://CDC Sends a Message to Gay and Bisexual Men Day After US Declares Public Health Emergency Over Monkeypox

2 thoughts on “After two months of increasing Sod Pox, CDC finally tells sodomites to lay off the sodomy for awhile”

  1. They give and receive diseases deliberately, like with HIV. To them, the diseases are an evil feature not a bug.

  2. For all the evils of the “hook up/pick up culture” (and there is a lot…) it PALES in comparison to what the sodomites do. (Without going into details that one can easily find online if they look, it’s the top 10% of guys sharing all the diseases in the first category, but it’s “all for one, one for all” in the second category.)
    It is a very distorted sort of evil to rather die, and to have others die, rather than give up an unnatural orgasm.

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