“Unknown” is now the highest cause of death in 86% vaxxed Alberta

By Nicole Di Donato CTV News Calgary

Alberta is reporting an unprecedented increase in ill-defined and unknown causes of death in 2021. 

That category is leading the way over dementia, which has been in the top spot since 2016, and COVID-19, which began adding to the death tally in the province in a big way in 2020. 

In 2021, ill-defined and unknown causes of death snagged the first spot with 3,362, up from 1,464 in 2020 and 522 the year before that, according to statistics from the Government of Alberta.

The unknown causes of death category only began appearing on the list in 2019 — there is no record of it ranking before then…

Alberta Health and the medical examiner’s office said they are looking into the data, but have yet to provide an explanation for the sudden spike in deaths of unknown causes. 


5 thoughts on ““Unknown” is now the highest cause of death in 86% vaxxed Alberta”

  1. The most eyebrow-raising statement in the linked article was the insistence that these deaths from unknown causes were caused by complications after recovery from COVID…still trying to.blame it on COVID so they can get the counts up again and launch another lockdown…and force more vaxxing.

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