Cracks in the dam of censorship and propaganda are starting to emerge…

“Increasingly shocking evidence of the impacts of what Ed Dowd suggests we should start calling a “mass democide” (death by government) continues to emerge.”

By Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

In Part I of my “Reports from the Front Lines of the Vaccine Catastrophe,” I relayed first hand information from senior nurses who work in emergency rooms, hospital wards and intensive care units regarding unprecedented amounts of young people presenting with cancers, strokes, and heart attacks. For a brilliant, succinct layperson’s explanation as to the pathophysiology of how and why these medical events are occurring, please read this substack post by my friend and colleague Dr. Kevin Stillwagon (he is also an airline pilot).

My main source for the more detailed reports is a senior ER/ICU nurse who has been carefully observing and documenting the presentations and problems occurring in the care of vaccinated patients presenting to a major academic medical center. She has continued to discreetly and prudently extract information from a huge network of colleagues she has built over her career. She responded to my last post, adding new, even more alarming information. Here goes:

(*I have spelled out all abbreviations and inserted explanation of some terms)

6/15/22: Thanks for getting my input out there. More cognitive dissonance showing, though. I’ll have more very soon – picked up a bunch of weekend night shifts on cardiac units – 2 separate ones.  I just found out they added multiple crash carts to every unit in entire hospital.  That costs a bundle.  And is another red flag.

One more thing….that VAXXED label is showing up for research participants, as I wondered if that were the case.  Can’t say that is the only use of the very prominent positioning of it on patient chart, as those were indeed “challenging cases” not otherwise explained. And nursing notes are still being used to note patient’s request to enter their vax lot numbers and which vax they received, and where if they obtained outside of our system – boosters as well. Pt just wants it noted in the chart – little do they know it doesn’t count. The commenter who said there are no billing codes for “vax injury” discussions is absolutely correct. The elephant in the room is simply not billable!

Charge Nurse I’ve known for years on one of these units said they just have not seen the clotting issues they have now before, with difficulty doing peripheral blood draws on patients who she thought were just Covid recovered.  Turns out, looking at charts, they are reporting vax/boosters but IT’S IN THE NURSING NOTES WHERE PTS ARE REPORTING IT, and must be documented as a patient communication to Nursing. If they got vax/boost at our facilities, it’s already clear in the chart that it is so. She ( a senior head nurse did not even notice this fine little detail. It’s buried several layers down in the EMR (the hospitals electronic medical record system). So I believe many (nurses and doctors) are seeing them as unvaxxed, instead they are led to think it is just Covid-related issues post-recovery, as they are not seeing the patients real vax status. Supports that narrative of unvaxxed being cause of oh, EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD. 

This last issue above (deeply explored in Part I) describes the inability of nurses to accurately document a patient as being vaccinated upon admission to the hospital.

This fraud has been crying out for an investigative reporter (out of the 10 left in the world) to look into who and how the Federal Health Agencies influenced the process for documenting vaccination status newly admitted hospital patients across the country. Electronic health record systems in major hospitals across the country followed the same (ridiculous) process: if you were vaccinated in a physicians office that was employed by that hospital, and the physician was connected to the same electronic health record, and the physician or nurse documented it in the electronic health record, you got recorded as “vaccinated”. However, if you had your vaccination anywhere else (most people), even if you had your vaccination card on you or could remember the date and location where you got the jab, you got documented as “unknown” on the main screen of the health record.

In those cases, the patient’s vaccination status gets placed in the “nursing notes” section where no-one looks for it. All of these patients documented as “unknown” were interpreted by all the health care providers as “unvaccinated.” In this way, the majority of doctors and nurses were led to believe that everyone in the hospital was unvaccinated. It also allowed our federal health agencies to create and disseminate charts and graphs showing the hospitals purportedly filling with unvaccinated people (I actually believe that even these data were further manipulated). The impact of this widespread fraud fueled the vast majority of doctors to hector anyone and everything to get vaccinated. Unclear how much blame to assign them on this as it took me a while to figure out why no patient in my ICU ever had a “vaccinated” status on the front screen of their record…

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4 thoughts on “Cracks in the dam of censorship and propaganda are starting to emerge…”

  1. Kory links to another post by Dr. Stillwagon ( That one is well worth reading.
    It tallies up the various mechanisms of damage that the clot shots MAY cause (they don’t always).
    I could think of only one that Dr. Stillwagon’s piece maybe left out. Namely, PEG allergy. (propylene glycol is inert/harmless when eaten, but can make your body develop an allergy if it’s injected in the blood repeatedly)
    Dr, Stillwagon’s also gives a clue as to why natural infection might be less toxic than repeated clot shots. Both flood you with spike protein, right? So they should both be pretty toxic.
    But repeated clot shots flood your body (maybe – if you’re unlucky) with spike protein in a way that is sudden, big, unnatural – activating the body’s “complement system” which in layman’s terms means: your body over-reacts to it. The over-reaction can cause “2nd shot damage” such as myocarditis, etc.
    By contrast, unless you are one of the unlucky “vulnerable” people with multiple co-morbidities, a natural infection “should” (? I guess?) stay more in your nose, throat and lungs, making complement system activation less likely?

    1. Father-in-law is early 70s and received the vaccine plus booster a year ago. Two weeks ago he suffered a hemorrhagic stroke. The interesting thing to me is the doctors were very concerned that they could not find the head trauma to cause such a stroke, saying this type of stroke is usually precipitated by a blow to the head or fall. I’m no doctor, I can only wonder.

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