“Queer-owned business” shut down by employees for not being woke enough

By Libs of TikTok

Mina’s World, a cafe in Philadelphia that prided itself in being “Queer-owned,” has officially closed its doors after a woke employee revolt. The cafe was owned by Kate Egghart and Sonam Parikh, two queer activists who started Mina’s in an effort to create an inclusive coffee shop. However, their employees have claimed Egghart and Parikh are anti-black and “gentrifiers.” Gentrifier is a woke term used to describe those who purposely contribute to the displacement of low-income families. Mina’s World was located just around the corner from Malcolm X Park in Philadelphia and employed mostly minority workers.

Ironically— prior to the allegations from employees—Parikh spoke to Bon Appetit about the opening of Mina’s World and said when she worked at different coffee shops, “white ownership neglected to protect their Black and trans employees. I knew there needed to be a space where you could have an amazingly made cup of coffee that’s not whitewashed.”

Fast forward two years and employees of Mina’s World have put out a public statement where they claimed they were suffering from a plethora of “systemic” woes as a result of the alleged gentrification including “employer opposition” and “anti-blackness.”

Employees expanded on these woes in their public “List of Grievances” which is basically a bunch of empty buzzwords to generate outrage and included no substantial evidence to back up their claims.

As if it couldn’t get any worse, the employees also demanded that the owners “redistribute the business” to them.

Egghart and Parikh responded to their employees’ demands in a hostage-style video in which they repeatedly apologized for being gentrifiers. Egghart spoke next to Parikh saying, “We’re going live as part of a radical accountability process. We’re complicit in the gentrification and anti-blackness on 52nd Street. We put our community at risk with our presence as well as our workers.”

Libs of TikTok @libsoftiktokUPDATE: They deleted the hostage style video from Instagram which I embedded in the article. I always keep backups 🙂

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The two owners agreed to attempt to hand over ownership of Mina’s saying, “With the guidance of the workers and Black and Brown Workers Collective, we’re trying to raise funds to buy the business and turn it over to our staff.”

Despite the owners of Mina’s World being radically progressive, with Philly Eats even calling the cafe a “queer haven,” Egghart and Parikh were still cannibalized by the woke mob and Mina’s World has officially closed its doors for good this week…


11 thoughts on ““Queer-owned business” shut down by employees for not being woke enough”

  1. I’m a victim
    You’re a victim
    He’s a victim
    She’s a victim
    Wouldn’t you like to be a victim too

  2. “Go woke, go broke…”
    If you’ve ever had bad customer service, at say the DMV, you know why unions are a bad thing. If you’ve ever had a boss who you’ve hated, you can understand why people form unions.
    Grievances about pay is the only legit complaint they could reasonably bring to the table. That is a sin that cries to heaven for vengeance.
    “Abuse of power” that is a very weak “maybe…..” That would depend on the specifics.
    There’s a difference between sending miners back into a dangerous mine that yesterday caved in and killed 50 people leaving their wives widowed and a bunch of children to feed, namely grossly unsafe working conditions, and asking someone to mop the floor at closing before going home. “The coffee makers are 30 years old, they are an electrical fire hazard, my coworker got 3rd free burns from the them, and the owners won’t buy new ones!” That would be legit complaints (I doubt it’s that bad though…).
    What they are doing is insane. And it actually hurts workers overall. Profit-sharing ideas is a good thing, and does help grow a business when the lowest employee has the chance of sharing in the benefits. Suddenly the 17 year kid with his after school job will realize he’s a part owner of the grocery store he works at, and he will WANT to mop the floors before he leaves at the end of the night. But that shouldn’t be forced on owners.
    The reason people have jobs is so they can have money. Period. They have bills to pay, and they might have kids to feed.
    They SHOULD be angry, not at managers and owners, but at politicians who are doing nothing to fight inflation. A lot of people have legitimate gripes, (working your butt off for 40+ hours a week and not being able to afford the cheapest rent, and basically working to only be homeless, is a real complaint that people have) but they can’t seem to get angry at the correct people.
    If they could say, “I can afford my rent, and food, and gas, have extra saved up all on minimum wage, no need for a raise right now!” Then unions would be a lot less appealing. The free market is a two-way street, and if business owners can’t afford to pay employees because inflation has priced them out of the labor market, then they can and should go out of business, and the business owners should ALSO be mad at inflation!
    Finally lot of people honestly CAN’T get new skills to improve their lives. Telling someone whose been a cashier for 15-20 years, or these communist “baristas”, to sit down and learn to code in Python is not feasible.

  3. Unless the workers give specific examples of maltreatment or illegal practices, it’s hard to understand exactly what they are griping about. “Inclusive” coffee shop? Does that mean only people with perversions are served there? How is this a good thing or a thing of which to be proud? Can’t just about anyone walk into a Starbucks and order? (I would not, but that is because I refuse to support Starbucks.)
    Why should the workers be GIVEN the business? In what universe is this the way things work? I am so lost. None of this makes a scrap of sense.
    I am grateful to Libs of TikTok for keeping us up to date on the water level in the swamp, since TikTok is yet another business I want nothing to do with.

  4. Another “ha ha stupid libs” moment, although really I should catch myself & just pray for these people.
    There was such a moment on Twitter a few days ago, where in Portland a white progressive lady was in a minor traffic dispute, very likely in the right, but the other person was a Hispanic screaming the Woke lingo at her – “Colonizer!” – so she lost.
    I remember another example from several years ago: SF specialty bookstore supported an SF-city “living wage” increase, and when it passed, they closed their doors on the grounds that they couldn’t possibly afford to pay it.

  5. If we let ourselves be intimidated and taken advantage of, people will intimidate us and take advantage of us. Like Forrest Gump said, “stupid is as stupid does”.

  6. “May God arise and let His enemies be scattered and let those who hate Him flee before His face. May the Holy Name of the Living God split them up by disagreements! May the terrible Name of the God of Eternity stamp out all their godlessness!”

  7. The one grievance about not being paid a promised wage increase (if true) is specific enough for public airing. The rest seem bogus. Still, hard to feel sorry for them. If they sell out to the mob, at least they have the chance to recoup some of their investment. After which, no doubt, the place will go belly up.

  8. Prayers answered! Eternal Father I offer You the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ and all the instruments of His holy passion that Thou latest put division in the camp of Thine enemies…

  9. The white communists are being purged. Then the brown ones will be purged. Envious, larcenous, and murderous communists always eat their own. It is such a useful religion for tyrants to get rid of the productive middle class and seize their property.
    The US is being looted out. The value of pensions, retirement accounts and savings are being indirectly stolen by rampant Fed “printing” of billions being funnellled out of the country via “Ukraine aid”, while the dollar still has value. Soon, thanks to the WEF controlled illegal “Biden” regime dismantling of the US economy, it will have no value…but the ruling regime will have gotten it while it did. Watch for “public” assets like parks, land, roads, and yes, billions in military equipment (as was left for the Chinese in Afghanistan) etc. to be sold off to foreign entities as US farmland is being sold.
    When the USSR folded, I read that the Party crats stole everything not nailed down.

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