VIDEO: Be a part of the glorious SSPX Immaculata Church Project in Saint Mary’s, KS… You’ll be glad you did.

There is a non-trivial chance that you may wind up living in St. Mary’s KS, someday. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say you got in on the ground floor of this project? There are very easy payment options… they are looking for pledges that stretch over the next five years, with the lowest option being $17 per month. You can do it! Donate today!

“This month our explanation of the Marian symbols contained within the Immaculata is continued, describing six of the twelve typologies depicted in the coffered ceiling medallions surrounding the seven sacraments.”

Novum Testamentum in Vetere latet: Vetus in Novo patet.
The New Testament is hidden in the Old, the Old is made clear by the New. – St. Augustine

What that means is, God who stands outside of time and who foresees what He wants to reveal in the New Law, He foreshadowed these things in the Old Testament. So for example, we have Joseph, the son of Jacob, as a type of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was sold by his brethren into slavery. But it was by that means of being sold and abandoned by his own brethren that he would eventually save his brethren; he would become number two in the kingdom of Pharaoh, and would, by that means save his family. And so God does the exact same thing. Because of the dignity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, He has foreshadowed her coming in the Old Testament, not only through different figures, but also through other symbols that we see in the Old Testament.

And so the ceiling of the Immaculata is full of these Marian symbols. The church, literally, will sing the praises of the Mother of God through all these different types of her in the Old Testament. Today, what we’re going to do, though, is we’re just going to dive into the first six. The first six types of Our Lady that are going up into the ceiling. And then next month, we’ll move in to the last six. Because the symbols are so rich, they take some explanation.


10 thoughts on “VIDEO: Be a part of the glorious SSPX Immaculata Church Project in Saint Mary’s, KS… You’ll be glad you did.”

  1. We just arrived in Saint Marys last month and we are excited to watch the final progression of the Immaculata church over the next few months. The mass attendance here has given us so much hope for the future of the church. All glory to God!

    1. Who knows, maybe St Mary’s will be the gathering place of all American Catholics in the future, after the tribulations and the real consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart.

  2. I can see how SPPX is a blessing from God. I got a lot out of their Crisis in the Church Video series and even sent a donation to help defray costs.. Why is there then a warning in my heart about them? Maybe because they never sent an acknowledgment but did send another solicitation. The leadership seems off. In one video, the current head mentioned something about the church “evolving”. I did not appreciate how the leadership went all in on the jabs.
    Trads can go weird too.

    1. Agreed, the current leadership does seem, “off.” A charitable assessment.
      Disturbing to me was learning the SSPX does not make provision(s) for its aging priests. Unconscionable.
      The “jab” is the bio-weapon; the leadership’s betrayal is beyond comprehension.

      1. Studying who Ratzinger was and is, and then digging into the SSPX is the catalyst to my current position. VII Church and it’s popes are not the Catholic Church.
        Mark, I understand and respect if you won’t allow this comment, but prayerfully ask you search it yourself.

  3. I wish I could move the family to St. Mary’s. There are hardly any trads or serious Catholics around here, and it’s quite isolating. Aside from the husband and his family, but few young families like ours.
    The sense of community and charity there, the access to the TLM… closer to paradise it seems.

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