Stunning visual, proving once again, their biggest thrill is in the “getting away with it”

From Father Zed:

You have seen the logo for the 2025 Jubilee?

It’s really something.  I can’t tell you what that makes me think of.

A lot of people submitted designs.  This is the fellow who designed it.


His name is Giacomo Travisani.  There is a story in Italian HERE.

Someone today mentioned an additional fact about him, so I looked around.

Same guy?

I think it may be.   If so, he is a specialist in all sorts of techniques of massage.

That’s different!

From the site:

Il mio bagaglio professionale vanta di diverse tecniche di massaggio quali:

8 thoughts on “Stunning visual, proving once again, their biggest thrill is in the “getting away with it””

  1. Go to Vox Cantoris to see how it is a replica of teletubbies. Unbelievable, and the colors are in the same order! Don’t forget of course, the purple one is a boy who carried the purse. They do this all the time. How many blasted rainbow toys do you see? At a local craft store the circular bin of toys is full of rainbow stuffed animals and weird things like cats with unicorn horns. They beat you over the head with it.

  2. They forgot the pink and light blue one. I’m sure it was a harmless oversight and not a sign of non-inclusiveness. After all, tranny freakazoids are the most precious creatures walking the earth today.

  3. Let’s see, we have a daisy chain, the rainbow flag and some pole dancing going on. Pick your perversion., you’re all welcome in the nouveau one world church.

    1. Sorry about that comment, it was inappropriate and unworthy of a Christian. Forgive me 😔

  4. All right, I am putting on my tinfoil mantilla for this…the four color humanoids are exactly what you would get if you took the Microsoft logo (since 1992), cut apart each of the flowing rectangles, folded them diagonally and wrapped them into a curve. Bill Gates…one world religion…Georgia Guide stones are also made of four rectangular parts. Just spit balling here. But the thing we must remember is that nothing the woke/left/Vatican occupiers do that seems casual or off the cuff (or in this case amateurish and crude) is unplanned. Lulling us into thinking they are feckless incompetents is part of their plan.

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