Roe: We still have a long way to go

I’m pasting below what Nurse Claire wrote on Ann’s site. It’s not to be viewed as pessimism, at all. It’s a reality check. Roe was the first step, and despite it taking 49 years, it was by far the easiest in terms of logic colliding with bad legal reasoning. The Roe opinion was garbage. Even RBG knew it, and knew it would eventually fall, hence why she begged for years for Congress to codify it.

Now what?

Fetal-pain laws, heartbeat laws, 15 week bans… all well and good, better than nothing, but none of them grounded in reality. A unique human being is created at conception. This is science, not religion. At the very instant of the sperm merging with the oocyte, the creation of a human zygote, that single-cell creature is fully human: A wholly distinct individual with its own 46 chromesomes packed with the unique DNA of the new human being, which then self-directs its own development. Note well that words are important. Calling it a “fertilized egg” is incorrect, and leads to charges like, “You think an egg is a human…” and “You think and egg has more rights than a woman…” etc. Mammals don’t have eggs, they have gametes, male and female. Reptiles have eggs.

But Team Unreality doesn’t believe in male nor female, and neither could they define what a woman was, barely five days ago.

Lastly, you can say what you will about Donald Trump, but this wasn’t possible without him. In the matter of nominating judges, he did what he said he would do. One of the few promises he kept, TBH. To all the tweed lined professional Catholics who turned up their noses, and publicly admonished other Catholics to not vote for Trump, to all the RINO never-Trumpers, you owe a lot of us an apology. Or just shut up and get over yourselves would be fine too.

The commentary after the Tucker clip is all Nurse Claire:


I have a few problems with this clip that recently aired on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”.

First, the suggestion that a fetus feels pain from 15-20 weeks is demonstrably false. In 1984, former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson, then a pro-life convert, sought to show the world the brutality of abortion by airing actual video footage of a 12-week, ultrasound-guided abortion. In the video (which can be viewed here), the unborn child is clearly seen opening its mouth to scream, and recoiling from the abortionist’s instruments. My graduate school training in anesthesia taught that pain pathways as well as EEG brain waves were present in children as early as 9 weeks’ gestation, and probably sooner. So I take issue with the physician on Carlson’s show – his technical info isn’t exactly accurate.

And second: what is the point of this interview? Is the point to assert that murder is okay as long as it’s painless for the victim? Because if that’s the argument being made here, then I assure you the pro-aborts will push back with early-term “pain free” abortions using things like RU486, otherwise known as the abortion pill. And there are already abortionists out there touting their digoxin abortion methods, which involve injecting an unborn child with high-dose digoxin to stop the heart. The baby dies before the dismembering begins. These are sold to mothers as “painless”.

Out of charity, I will assume Tucker is airing this interview to offer some perspective on the brutality of abortion and the humanity of the unborn, who have been so thoroughly dehumanized for the last several decades. Most militant pro-abortionists do not care about the pain felt by unborn children. But, I do think there is a younger generation out there who truly are so intellectually lazy that they haven’t realized exactly what an abortion entails. Or they think of the fetus as some magical sleeping baby that neither perceives nor feels anything until it takes its first breath. So I’ll give Tucker credit for trying to start that conversation.

However, as pro-lifers, we must be vigilant not to fall into these arguments. Arbitrary conditions on abortion, such as “is the fetus feeling pain” or “is there a heartbeat” are logical fallacies – avoid these traps. In a conversation I had with Dr. Beep earlier today, he pointed out that sedating people to death is also “painless”, just like two-to-the-back-of-the-head of your political enemy. These atrocities are still murder regardless of how pain-free they may be for the victims.

And as for the heartbeat argument: life begins at conception. Full stop. The heartbeat laws enacted in several states are nice, but they do not acknowledge nor do they prevent the earliest abortions that are happening every day: abortifacient contraceptive pills, IUDs, and the “morning after” pill.

Let us celebrate the overturning of Roe while still being mindful that a tremendous uphill battle faces us. Our culture is a thoroughly pagan one, so we must articulate carefully that abortion is always wrong no matter the method or circumstances.

Nurse Claire

4 thoughts on “Roe: We still have a long way to go”

  1. 100% agree. Now the real work begins. Right now it just leaves it up to the states, and progress is made but as you said, life begins at conception. Period. Abortion need not exist. It’s called man/women up, sex is designed for making more humans. If you don’t want kids, don’t have sex or get married. But alas, we have many pagans that want to get married with 0 intention of reproducing.
    There’s a lot of deception around Roe v wade making ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage related infection all but deadly. Neither of those are the same as a voluntary abortion. The same stupid excuses and falsehood. High risk pregnancy is another huge one I read about as an excuse. What about cancer? What about this? Nope. No excuse. But hey, sin makes you stupid and believe what is untrue.
    Ban abortion. Ban contraception. And Lord have mercy on our souls, the U.S has so much blood on it’s hands….

  2. “One of the few promises he kept” – Oh, Trump kept a lot more promises than that. The world’s Establishment just didn’t want him to.
    For instance, his ops against the drug cartels – actual kinetic war ops against the illegals, and price-cutting ops against the legals a.k.a. Big Pharma – are a big Untold story and a part of why “he had to go” (from their point of view).
    “Is the point to assert that murder is okay as long as it’s painless for the victim?” – The point is that making people (grownups, us) think about the pain is persuasive. When people learn what’s involved in abortion – such as the baby being ripped up limb from limb – they’re disgusted, and the emotion is what turns them. I wish people responded to Reason but they don’t.

  3. There needs to be a nationwide ban.
    Right now things are shaping up so that abortion is illegal in one state and perfectly legal in another. That will last as well as having slavery in one state vs no slavery in another state.
    I’m stuck in a demonic blue state at the moment, but I hope that prosecutors go after “doctors” who perform such procedures. If a “doctor” goes on a vacation out of state? Even a mere stopover on a flight? Arrest them.
    Just because murder is legal in your home state, doesn’t make it legal in another state.

  4. And what about the heartbeat clauses in states where abortion becomes illegal only after a viable heartbeat is recorded? So the baby automatically is a person , but before was not? As ridiculous as it may seem, It needs to be established and codified that life begins at conception. I am horrified that we live in a country where that fact is disputed. God mercy on the souls of our nation.

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