9 thoughts on “Top Gun III: Naval warfighters train for next-level combat ops (video)”

  1. My husband and both of his parents are Navy veterans. I wonder how they were able to get through without knowing all of this. I also wonder how my liberal (by 1980’s standards) English professors who used to bash prescriptive grammarians would view this. It’s not just prescriptive, it is authoritarian!
    Let’s just be glad English does not have many grammatically gendered nouns & adjectives the way German (m, f, n), Latin (m, f, n), or Spanish (m, f) does. Can you even imagine how weird all of this could get? Because this right here is not weird enough.

    1. I was in France and Luxembourg recently and unlike here, never saw any tranny propaganda. I wonder if it’s because in French, pretty much all nouns are either masculine or feminine and therefore, the tranny demands simply don’t translate?

  2. My name is spelled Jeff, but I pronounce it awe-some. But instead of people calling me awe-some, they keep calling me Jeff, and it really offends me…

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