6 thoughts on “Imagine signing off on injecting infants with a poison banned in several European countries for its harmful effects on children”

  1. Evil spawn, to okay this for children. Inject the babies and children, the teens and young people, and drive them crazy with LGBT madness too. If they can’t get them by abortion it’s this stuff. Now people can’t even feed the babies with formula. In case anyone thinks it’s not a problem, get another formula, our niece switched formulas for her 8 week old baby. The baby projectile vomited and went from being a relentlessly happy baby to crying and crying. What we are seeing is an attack on children and families. Parents, do your job and protect your children. Babies and children don’t get sick from Covid unless they have serious underlying medical issues. Dear God, help babies.

  2. More of the “final battle” occurring, as prophesized, (sp?) as the attack on the family, the very foundation of society, continues. Any woman (well anyone for that matter) who despises children and wants them dead by any means necessary is evil. You don’t have to have marriage as a vocation or even particularly like to be around them, but the outright HATRED of children that is seen so prevalently is stomach turning. Kids can be a lot of work, I get it. Not every woman has to fall in love and make kissy faces at every baby they see. But my goodness, stop hating kids for simply existing.
    No jab for my littles. Anyone thinking it’s okay to inject a healthy infant or child with this is delusional. I’ll be lucky to survive just one jab with all I’ve recently learned about its effects. Maybe I bought myself another year or six months by stopping at one. Who knows. But any parent ok with this is most likely going to have regrets about it when their child is one of many with heart problems and permanent disability. Or loss of life from it.

    1. no they won’t…not one regret. They’ll either say they are SOOOO thankful for the jab, because it WOULD have been SOOOOO much worse with out it; or they will blame it entirely on the unjabbed, conservatives, Christians,Trump, global warming, 2A, Elon Musk, or any other person, place, or thing that doesn’t back the leftist glogalist agenda. Then they’ll go into a bloody, demonic fit of rage and activism, targeting all of the above for violent destruction, and never face a single repercussion for their vile actions.
      not. one. regret. Malignant narcissists never have them.

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