Twice-jabbed Canadians to no longer be considered “vaccinated” by the Marxist government. It’s three or go home. Experts agree and the science is clear, dammit!

9 thoughts on “Twice-jabbed Canadians to no longer be considered “vaccinated” by the Marxist government. It’s three or go home. Experts agree and the science is clear, dammit!”

  1. Same rule at the Catholic nursing home where a friend works. As of now you need three jabs to be fully vaccinated. But that won’t last long. Why not just insert a permanent IV?

  2. I bought the vaxx narrative in the beginning, until Divine Providence stepped in. After I got the first Moderna Jab I found out I was pregnant with our youngest. A healthy baby, thanks be to God. Never went back for that second one. Got some pressure to vaxx while pregnant and occasionally now but I knew immediately this was a message from our Lord that one was probably too much. Lots of friends and family on…what booster number are we at? 3, 4? And it’ll continue year after year. It’ll never end.

    1. Everyone here, as “traditional” or at least serious Catholics, must answer the question, at what point did you learn the Covid Quackcine (all of them, either in development or testing) was derived from aborted children?, no matter how remote the fetal organ for cell propagation was removed. BTW, Many were developed from a Dutch fetal girl’s liver from the 1970s. This information is available on the internet and has been written about on Catholic sites over the past 2 years. Some groups have even named the anonymous child!
      It’s not a matter of “buying the narrative” as to whether the vaccines are effective or not, it’s a matter of does an evil means justify a favorable outcome? Basic Catholic moral theology says Catholics should not take even the effective vaccines if they were derived from aborted children.

      1. Indeed you are correct. It is certainly something I will have to explain at my particular judgment. I’m a bit late in joining the realm of Traditionalism. Mostly Novus Ordo in my circle. Not every Traditionalist was raised as such. But again, debt will be paid in this life, and the next.

      2. Over the years I had learned of many “conspiracy theories”. When they started lockdowns I realize there really is a new world order. The “experts” purposely crashed the economy in the name of fighting a cold based on a completely wrong model. If they were experts indeed they would have factored in the cost of being wrong. So either they are not experts at all or they are pretending to be stupid.
        A famine, economic collapse and war is just what they need to bring in a one world government.

    2. Randomtrad: I sat down for my nightly news update, stopped by Mark’s NonVeniPacem, which is always interesting, and found your little testimony here … made me pause and thank God for all the good hearted people in our Church (such as yourself) seeking Our Lady and Our Lord; doing the best they can with the “talents” (Matt 25:14-30) they’ve been given.
      Thanks be to God! for your healthy baby! I hope you find all the help you need to persevere.

      1. The time for boosters coincided with the trucker protest. 50% of the vaxed didn’t get them. It is one thing to throw the 10% of us unjabbed under the bus, but they are really going to have to become very aggressive to get people boosted.

      2. Ditto that, Aqua. We all must navigate the moral treachery of modern society. I come from a medical background and by the grace of God am now retired and have not had to take the serum or push it on others.
        I attend an SSPX mission parish and despite the official word that the Faithful may, in good conscience , take the Clotshot, many parishioners did not. I was heartbroken that the Society came down in favor of the jab. What, indeed, we’re they thinking?
        A sweet Protestant woman I know sort of laughed me off when I told her why I wouldn’t take the jab, saying that she will have to answer for many sins of omission and commission at her judgement but she went on to get all her boosters. Are we being too scrupulous? It all makes my head hurt at times. Have mercy on us Jesus. Help us stay strong!

  3. Hahahaha, coward-19 aka turdeau can pound sand and has this 19 bug again. These covid zombies should be put on ventilators and remdesiver as they mandate for the peons. Grandma and I will not comply ever! Ukrainian refugees come into Canada un-jabbed, and come and go as they please. Not us non Bio-Weaponized these privileges’. So we re prisoners in our own country.
    From the largest open air prison on the planet.

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