Half the country thinks J6 was an attempted coup where the bad actors forgot their firearms, okay?

Do these people also believe Joe Biden really did get 81 million votes? Serious question.

Not a single MAGA hat, Oath Keeper, Proud Boy, or suburban boomer grandma on the grounds of the Capitol that day had a firearm. Liz Chaney and her Smart Glasses want you to think this was an organized insurrection to overthrow the U.S. government, and that the plan was to do it without arms. Got that?

The true intention of the J6 crowd was to have Mike Pence return the electors to the states in those with contested elections, for further investigation, instead of certifying them on the floor that day. No one was asking Pence to overturn the election, quite obviously. He lied about that. Liz Chaney lied last night when she said what was being asked of Pence that day was illegal. Not only would it have been legal, it is literally the procedure called for in the certification process.

But you also need to know this: Trump had the power himself to do something about all this, long before J6, and he didn’t do it. He was the sitting President, and he didn’t do it. All he did was have his legal team pursue state lawsuits, most of which never saw the light of day. It all smells badly of theater.

By the way, whatever happened to the Kraken?

10 thoughts on “Half the country thinks J6 was an attempted coup where the bad actors forgot their firearms, okay?”

  1. We now know that there was a lot of malfeasance in a lot of big cities. But not a word about the Kraken. So was Sidney a player, or played?
    Hard to get excited about elections in November.
    The elections were the most safe and effective in American history. We have the utmost confidence in the security and integrity of Covid vaccines.

  2. I for one will never cast another ballot in this country ever again. I haven’t missed an election since I turned 18 and could vote.
    The outright lying about the results after the election, and the fraud out in the open from the 2020 election sealed the deal for me.
    I don’t even care if DeSantis runs. I don’t care if me not voting is what the left want from me. I’m not going to offer my support to a system that I think is broken beyond repair.

      1. Me too. Death to freemasonry and it’s rotten fruits of democracy and socialism. I hope I (and all of you) make it to that Great Monarchy in Heaven, our true country.

  3. From March 2020 on, Donald Trump’s presidency was one calamitous misstep after another. There were so many, I can’t even to begin to count them all from memory. Through every step of the COVID fraud, the riots, the election, Stop the Steal, January 6th… the man couldn’t get a single thing right… NOT. ONE. SINGLE. THING.
    It was the most disastrous year in office any American president had in the history of the country. It was so spectacularly, thoroughly, perfectly awful, it’s mathematically impossible that it was anything but totally by design.
    We got played. Trump was the bridge between Obama’s 2nd and 3rd terms. Nothing more.

  4. Sydney Powell and Lin Wood I think were just fraudsters. The Texas suit that the Roberts court threw out should have been heard: it charged that in those states that stopped counting and then re-counted, those 7 key states, their elections were unconstitutional because during Covid they passed election law (like hiring dominion voting systems and establishing mail in ballots) by administrative means not by the legislature- which is in the US Constitution.
    It was thrown out because John Roberts is most likely a highly compromised pedophile who knows that doing the right thing would expose him.

  5. The George Carlin quote about half of them are stupider than that comes to mind.
    Having any faith in Uniparty RAT Pence or the Grand Old Politburo is a symptom.
    Simps get pimped by Uniparty hustlers.

  6. Yes, of course demons don’t care about truth or consistency or adhering to our set of values or playing fair.
    I’ve been on the fence about voting in future elections because I’m certain the system is rigged on a macro level. Currently, I’m thinking I’ll still cast a vote because abstaining would hand all local school board, sheriff, county executive etc elections to the leftists. That stuff matters.

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