“I took my camera with me on a quick beer run to a small local supermarket in Saint Petersburg, Russia. How do the prices and shelf stock compare to where you live?”

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11 thoughts on ““I took my camera with me on a quick beer run to a small local supermarket in Saint Petersburg, Russia. How do the prices and shelf stock compare to where you live?””

  1. If I could convince my family to do so, would seriously consider moving there. It seems like a sane place.

  2. Solzhenitsyn himself said no one ever starved to death in Russia. He was right about that. I’m not following very closely, but I’ve heard they’ve decoupled from SWIFT. There was also a recording out of China recently indicating the CCP are preparing for war this year:
    Frankly, I don’t know much anymore. When are we being lied to, and when are we being told the truth? When is the truth being mixed with lies? I sometimes read the poetry of Anna Ahkmatova and allow myself to just feel sad.

    1. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/18906/heres-the-six-super-weapons-putin-unveiled-during-fiery-address
      This is aimed at us. Pray for the Consecration of Russia and her conversion to the Catholic faith. We all know we deserve this. God desires to save us all. All of us. He can’t be a fool, so He must be Goodness and Love to a degree that we are not capable of coming close to understanding.
      Please pray for me. I deleted all my social media accounts that connected me to other Catholics over a year ago and am feeling isolated. I’m under a two-pronged attack right now.

      1. Don’t look back Canadian lady. Social media breeds anger, narcissism and stupidity. You and your soul are better off without Zuckerberg and company.

  3. For the life of me, I can never understand anti-Russian sentiments in some people. The media is very good at brainwashing people, especially since this Ukraine-mess, because they’re legit angry at a nation they know NOTHING about.
    If the Russian Orthodox Church wasn’t so anti-Catholic, I’d be interested in someday going to Russia.

  4. It looks well supplied but a lot of that must be imported…. They surely are not making Similac there themselves? So they must be getting it from somewhere else. A lot of the other products also were English language products. I don’t really understand this.

  5. The most likely scenario, as far as I’m concerned, is that Putin, China, the WEF, and criminal US regime are all working together to take down the United States once and for all. You can throw Zelensky in there as well, but he’s just an insignificant puppet on a string. The “War in Ukraine” is nothing but a cover story for the economic destruction of America.

  6. Don’t know the average age of my fellow readers here, but Pampers and other disposable nappies are bad for babies, environment (due to synthetic fibre linings, chemical dessicants and plastic outer layers and sealers) and, as was glaringly obvious from the video, for your wallet.
    We switched rapidly to reusable woolen nappies with pop stud fasteners. Sound yucky for “number twos”, but in fact one uses a small disposable paper lining, not unlike a disposable coffee filter, to collect that mess and dispose of in WC / flush toilet.
    Our baby was happier after switching – no more nappy rashes. So wife was happier – even with extra washing requirement (actually negligible with two adults’ clothes), because less time spent soothing baby’s bottom and calming crying. And I was happier seeing them happier and more money left for more important things! Found some old ones from ~17 years ago just recently, still in perfectly usable condition.
    Sorry if this seems trivial, irrelevant or eccentric to most readers here. I hope some with babies or soon to have babies may benefit.

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