This is how wars get started

What he’s trying to say is this: “We have the superior ideology, which outweighs your laws and legal structures, which we will change or abolish, to achieve the ends of our superior ideology.”

Let’s have the war, then.

12 thoughts on “This is how wars get started”

  1. Buy guns and ammo now, and then buy more guns and more ammo. Don’t delay. If you don’t think we could wake up tomorrow to a country without the second amendment, let me remind you that the whole country bent over and took it when we were told that covid had suddenly appeared and spread around the world in a mere 72 hours.

  2. Our country is being run by jackasses. Big mouth jackasses, who don’t understand history, law, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or any other thing except power and their bank account. Flaming idiot. I’m so sick of people yammering about fascism or how bad they were treated, then turning around and being far more hateful and power mad than the people of history they claim to care about. The people of New York are altogether gone, to put up with this wingnut. A little bit of power corrupts imbeciles who quickly turn into braying jackasses.

    1. I agree, except that I would say that they do understand history, the Constitution , the Bill of Rights,, they simply don’t care about anything except power and money. If they didn’t understand what they were doing, it would be forgivable, but they do understand, they have made conscious decisions to persecute “ we the people” and to eventually kill as many of us as possible.

      1. Obama-Soetoro is a constitutional scholar. These people know history and law like satan knows scripture.
        At least the ones who actually move the chess pieces do.

  3. SOooo, this bozo hates the law and the Constitution, and vows to ignore/destroy it. And he’s allowed to hold a government office? Why is that? How is disarming law abiding people going to stop blacks from shooting each other in Chicago? If Americans give up their guns, they do not stand a chance.

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