The Uvalde Massacre – More To This Than Meets The Eye

Below is a partial cross-post from our friend Janet at Restore DC Catholicism, who has many questions about the many facts that don’t add up. I will add just one thing: Standing protocol in an active shooter situation is that first arriving responders immediately engage the target, even if it is a single responder against multiple shooters. Said protocol has been universal for the past 23 years, implemented in the wake of Columbine. Every LEO in this country knows this. There is no such thing as a tactical commander issuing a stand down order on site. It’s not a done thing, and certainly not for over an hour, as they listened to dozens of gunshots. Something stinks.

The Uvalde Massacre – More To This Than Meets The Eye

So here is the chronology of the situation, as far as I can tell.  First, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos lived with his mother who was, probably still is, a drug addict.  There is absolutely no mention of his father, or any other man who might have been a father-figure to him.  Right there we have a breeding ground for disaster.

He was frequently bullied in school for his economic status and had only a few temporary friendships.  He acted out, causing him to have scuffles with the police.  That is to say that the police were quite familiar with him.   After his relationship with his mother further deteriorated, he lived with his grandmother.

His behavior, which he posted on social media, became increasingly dark, with him dressing all in black and voicing an interest in guns.  His financial status was still poor, with his job at Wendy’s helping only a little.

Then, somehow, he managed to get a hold of two AR-15 rifles and ammunition, all costing about $5,000.00.  How did that happen?  First, why would he not have immediately failed background checks, owing to previous scuffles with the law?  Second, how could this impoverished kid afford it?  I’d ask who gave him the money, but again he would have failed the necessary screening.  Did someone give him the firearms?  If so, why?

On May 24 Tuesday, he shot his grandmother (who survived), then drove towards the school.  Somehow his truck wound up in a ditch.  He got out of the truck and went towards the school, firing his gun at various people along the way.  He walked into an unattended entrance, a door propped open, and eventually barricaded himself into a classroom and there shot and murdered the majority of his victims.  Here’s a million-dollar question: did that open door lead to a classroom?  Is it the same classroom in which Ramos barricaded himself with his victims?

Meanwhile, local police arrived on the scene.  They stood outside the school and did absolutely nothing.  Parents were screaming at the police to do something.  Several of the parents received police ire for their protest.  Now who gave the police orders to essentially stand down and do absolutely nothing while Ramos proceeded to slaughter children?  They could hear the gunfire, and still they sucked thumb and bullied parents.  After an hour or so, it was a lone Border Control agent who finally took Ramos out.  Tucker Carlson asks many of the questions that were posed by Erickson above. 

Carlson appears to believe that these police were incompetent and were trying to save face.  I am not at all certain that it was mere incompetence, especially when one considers the almost magical ease with which a money-strapped kid obtained very expensive firearms.  Who gave Ramos those firearms?  Is there any connection between that and the order to the police to stand down?  Why was the school’s main entrance unattended?  Why were no school police officers present?  Why was that door on the west side propped open?  Remember – this is a school that locked down quite a few times that year owing to human trafficking chases (being on a border town) so it’s not like they didn’t know safety practices.

Earning the most outrage was the behavior of the Uvalde police department.  At one point, they did enter the building, but then exited.  They then waited outside for an hour, while they could hear Ramos firing his gun.  Parents pleaded with them to go in, to no avail.  Some parents tried to take action, only to be put in handcuffs, pepper-sprayed, tackled to the ground.  One mother was arrested but was released.  She broke away from the cops, darted into the building and removed her children.  One off-duty Border Patrol agent, whose wife and daughter were in the school, received a text from his wife while at his barber’s.  He borrowed the barber’s shotgun, hurried to the school and evacuated his family and others from the building.

We are approaching an election cycle.  Certain Democrats would very much appreciate a crisis like this to take the public’s eyes away from the utter mess that Biden et al are making of the country.  Saul Alinsky, in his book “Rules for Radicals”, said “never let a crisis go to waste”.  The Democrats are excellent students of Alinsky, and they would chomp at the bit to exploit such a crisis like Uvalde, perhaps even to the point of contriving one.

Each oddity about this situation, by itself, might raise an eyebrow and not much more.  But when so many oddities are apparent, their combination is much too coincidental:

  • That a cash-strapped kid obtained two rifles, ammunition, body armor, etc
  • That no school police officer was present that day
  • That a door was propped open for Ramos’s entry
  • The strange stand-down behavior by local police
  • The refusal to allow parents near the school

The whole thing stinks…


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  1. Given the escalation of violence, it seems that all police officers should wear body armor and all the police vehicles carry the tactical gear and weapons needed for such emergencies.

    1. Madame,
      Police are armed to the hilt, clad in bullet proof gear and drive armored SWAT vehicles loaded with surveillance . Do not be naive, not all police officers are Andy and Barney. Unfortunately, many officers now serve as the brown shirts for the oligarchs of the world to keep the citizenry in line. I fear that we will see a time ( soon?) when they come to disarm the populace that attempts to resist governmental commands to disarm. Prepared is forearmed.

    2. The police claimed that they only had handguns and no protective gear and were waiting for the SWAT team to come and enter the school. This was their first reason given for not entering the school immediately. Later they said that the reason for waiting was that the shooter was barricaded and had stopped shooting .At some point the border control officer intervened after being called to the scene by his wife who worked at the school and was inside with their child or children. The border control officer used a rifle or shotgun which he brought with him to the school.

      1. Having taught in public schools for the past 35 years, I can tell you that Post Columbine every school system has an active shooter plan. Administrators and teachers are trained in what to do with the children, practice drills are held multiple times annually, with various different scenarios offered. The districts have direct contact with the local police representatives, sheriffs and governmental entities in the event of any incident for immediate dispatch. School employees are not allowed to discuss details of the plans in case they might be revealed to family or friends.
        Therefore, in my humble opinion, something was fishy in Uvalde, protocols not followed.

  2. From this article…
    “He was frequently bullied in school for his economic status and had only a few temporary friendships. “
    I saw an interview with one is Ramos’ classmates. He said that Ramos was not bullied. He WAS the bully. And he liked to hurt animals.
    From the interview…
    “Those who knew Salvador Ramos say that he was plagued with violent tendencies and carried evil with him wherever he went.
    “Let me tell you about Salvador,” says Jamie Arellano, who attended Uvalde High School with Ramos. “He would go to the park and try to pick on people and he loved hurting animals.”
    The pattern of violence goes back as far as almost anyone can remember.
    Arellano says that Ramos wasn’t bullied at all–the truth was that Ramos himself was the bully.
    “He would try and call people names and start fights,” said Arellano. “I remember there was one time we saw him beating a little dog senseless.”

    1. Children who are cruel to animals usually grow up to be evil and mean. It’s the biggest red flag there is for future problems with violence. But if a student is a member of a minority group it makes no difference: teachers are NEVER allowed to criticize oddball or mean or belligerent behaviors for fear of being called the r-word and hence losing everything. This is an evil generation. And there is something weird about the way the LEOs stood around. The whole thing is as suspicious as the recent scamdemic(s) and everything else.

      1. It’s Uvalde, 60 miles from the border. He was not a member of a minority group.
        Juvenile records are sealed, which is why he could pass a background check after age 18.
        He may have been working for the cartels, or saved his money from his job, which is what some acquaintances said he did.
        My point is there are area-specific considerations that should be taken into account when discussing this.
        I don’t think this is an op, but a combination of crazy teen and LEO mistakes/malfeasance.

  3. It’s obvious the cops are told to stand down to either maximize deaths (worsen the “gun violence”) OR give actual shooters time to shoot, stage a scene, and set up the patsy/shoot the patsy/suicide the patsy. Men in camo were seen in the woods after Columbine, where cops also did nothing, even assist kids climbing out of windows/bleeding kids. There is a pattern.

  4. Who else believes that 100% of the “mass shootings” since Columbine have been false flags? The progressive mindset holds the ends above the means. Killing people is acceptable, even preferred, to the progressive, when it accomplishes the Goal. That’s what Columbine, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Sandy Hook, Denver, Las Vegas, etc. were.
    When the goal is disarming the population, then to the progressive, it doesn’t matter how many lives are lost, just that the population is disarmed. Then the killing can commence anew.

  5. Does anyone really believe that a society that celebrates and legalizes the killing of unborn babies wouldn’t think twice about finding some mentally disturbed basket case on social media, arm him, and enable him to shoot up a school for a greater, political cause?
    What about a society that uses the power of the media, backed up by obedient and subservient state and local governments to imprison their population, wreck their livelihoods and then, coerce then into injecting lethal poison into their bodies for a greater goal of reducing the worlds population? Do you think such a society would think twice about orchestrating a school shooting to whip up support for gun control?
    What about a society that abruptly surrenders to a savage, islamofascist band of inbred goat humpers, leaving its citizens behind in that dangerous hell hole while importing thousands of the goat humpers to its own populace? Do you think such a society cares about several dead school children so long as their deaths lead to a greater goal of distracting attention away from their inept, destructive way of government.
    What about a society that has almost totally censored God from its government and culture? What do you think such a society is capable of?

  6. As to the gun purchases……the kid was working full-time at a fast food joint. If he’s being paid $12/hour, that’s about $400/week CLEAR after taxes. He was not paying rent. He MAY have had a payment on that truck. So in 50 weeks he cleared $20,000.00 or so; in 2 years he cleared $40 grand. Not hard to spend $8K from that.
    There may have been something hinky here; all I’m trying to show is that he had a lot of cash available.

    1. Fair point, but it would take massive malice aforethought for him to SAVE all that money over all those months for purpose of owning Daniel Defense for ten days, just to murder kids and suicide by cop.

      1. The DD makes no sense to me. With such limited funds, why save what amounts to an extra month of paychecks to buy a high end rifle, when he could do the exact same damage with a $600 Ruger.
        And it’s highly unlikely that a just-turned-18 year old kid with a fast food job and no credit history is getting approved for a loan on an expensive late-model pickup.
        Still, if those things happened, investigators already know it. They have his bank records, they know where his money came from and where it went. If he was selling drugs, they know that too now. All they have to do is answer the questions.
        They’re not doing that. And that’s why the questions persist.

    2. Also, I’ve seen no indication that he held that job for two, or even one full year. In all of the reporting, they make a point to say he performed poorly at this job, regularly screwed up orders, received numerous complaints from customers, and creeped out follow employees. It’s hard to imagine them keeping him around for a year or more.

  7. “First, why would he not have immediately failed background checks, owing to previous scuffles with the law?”
    Unless he was convicted of a felony or domestic violence run ins with the law don’t prohibit you from buying a firearm. Habitual drug or alcohol abuse, usually considered 2 or more arrests within 5 years, will prohibit you from buying a firearm until the time period has rolled over.
    Treatment for mental health only becomes disqualifying if is is ordered by a judge, there are a couple of other ways but they are fairly rare. A 72 hour observation hold is not disqualifying. Neither is voluntary treatment. You have to be ordered for involuntary treatment by a court.
    As for his job, the account I read said he worked about 30 hours a week for a couple of months.

  8. This strongly reminds me of the school shooting in Dunblane, Scotland, in 1996, which ultimately resulted in a gun ban across the UK. The inquiry afterwards was a whitewash, especially given that the perpetrator Thomas Hamilton should never have been allowed a gun licence either. He was also a known creep who had photos and films of young boys, whom he also abused physically. Yet people in the police (which is riddled with freemasons in Scotland) and the government protected Hamilton. “Dunblane Unburied” by Sandra Uttley looks into it more, but the poor woman has been harassed ever since she released it.

  9. Maybe they should start following the gun laws already on the books, and start with Hunter Biden and Dick Cheney.

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