Substantial Error: God is so good, he shows us from the beginning of time how the biggest intellects make the biggest mistakes

“There are so many demons, that if they were capable of assuming a form as tiny as a grain of sand, they would block out the sun.”

Random thoughts:

A third of the angels fell. Now eternally banned from Heaven, filled with spite, jealousy, and rage, they have nothing else to do all day but come after fresh souls. They don’t bother with the souls already in their grasp, because they don’t need to. They go after pious souls. If you get attacked, you’re doing something right. But God never allows temptation beyond your capability to resist, cooperating with His grace. Keep this thought in front of you even when not under attack, and prepare daily with prayer. Without a serious prayer life, you don’t have a chance.

A third of the angels fell. That means the number of angels currently enjoying the Beatific Vision is TWICE the number of demons in Hell or on earth. The demons are flanked. Do not hesitate to pray for help from the angels, especially your Guardian Angel. He’s been waiting since the dawn of time to take care of you. St. Michael also, who casts demons back into Hell. A layman should never battle demons directly, one-on-one; you have no authority against them, and they know it. They will laugh at you and then make you pay.

A third of the angels fell. The most soaring of intellects are capable of the gravest of errors. Satan was/is the most intelligent creature ever created. He chose badly, born of pride and spite, making the biggest error in the history of the universe. He vowed to not serve his creator, because he felt snubbed. Billions of angels followed him. That error was made freely and in an instant, and yet it exists outside the construct of time: It’s perpetual. He/they will never cease to hate God, and sow poison in souls.

A third of the angels fell. If you don’t think smart people are capable of making big mistakes, think again. The most soaring of intellects are capable of the gravest of errors. Substantial error would be putting it mildly.

Make of that what you will.

14 thoughts on “Substantial Error: God is so good, he shows us from the beginning of time how the biggest intellects make the biggest mistakes”

  1. In a true religion, if the intellects make mistakes of denying the Foundation of the Faith, that’s called APOSTASY. The Vatican II fake popes, fake bishops, fake priests, and fake nuns… are sold out to Satan for the materialism of this lustful world. They are not making mistakes of ignorance. They are fully aware of their doing. They are 100% intentionally and deliberately changing the doctrines to fit their crimes and sins. That’s the gravest insult to God the Creator. They are as same as the fallen angels, their fathers.
    In the Catholic Church today, more than 1/3 of the clergymen and women are fallen down to the same level as their falling angels. Another 1/3 are being afraid and cowardly. The leftover is being persecuted and in hiding or retired due to sickness, and diseases that man-made inflicted on them…
    Well, don’t you remember this? “When I come back, do I find any faith?”
    The laypeople should wake up and run far away from those wolves. If you don’t, you will be eaten alive and must drink the cup of anger forever in Hell. All Marian’s apparitions have warned you over and over, again and again… But does anyone believe or listen? How many? A handful of self-promoted “saints of the NWO?”
    The Chastisement is coming because not enough people do their penance and repent. Even the priests and bishops, and laypeople of the so-called “traditional Catholics.” GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice companion piece with Ann’s post today. Easy enough for a lay-nothing like me to understand.
    Thanks again

  3. I was so sick of the demonic one day I said my 15 decades out loud so they would hear Mary’s name 153 times. They made me pay at Mass, so stressed and angry I almost skipped communion, wanted to leave before Mass over. Won’t do that again, if I’m understanding it correctly. Thanks for reminder.

    1. Susan, this was me the other day. Within 24 hrs was physically ill, angry and stressed, particularly during the rosary. Didn’t want to finish, was thoroughly annoyed even saying it. So strange. Took every ounce of my will to keep from biting my family’s head off. I’ll exercise more caution next time.

      1. Vada retro, Satana! Tell Satan to depart from you and ask the Blessed Mother to send him packing. It usually helps.

  4. What, please is Ann’s and your beef with Br Alexis Bugnolo.
    He has tried in charity, with restraint and wise words to engage with you both.
    Very easy to block comments, Mark, but not very constructive.

      1. Fr Matthew P Schneider, LC is responsible for the first page or so of articles produced by my search engine of choice, which isn’t Google.
        He pushes vaccines for all, even for moneyvirus, pushes Ukraine with a flag next to his name and ironically suffers from a condition whose rise is highly correlated with massive expansion of childhood vaccines.
        Not a very reliable source.
        Why not engage 1:1 with Br Alexis offline?

  5. I think that the opposite is also true. I knew an elderly man, who has since passed on. He worked as a crosswalk guard for a local school when he could still walk. He wasn’t an intellectual, he would sit quietly and smile if you talked about St. Thomas Aquinas because that was just way above his head. He was not smart at all.
    He was also the nicest guy on planet Earth. He would also start his mornings by laying down flat in front of the Blessed Sacrament at Adoration before Daily Mass. He would give you the shirt off his back in a snowstorm, and he would simply tell you: “Because Jesus says to help those in need, and you’re in need, so you’re Jesus, so you’re getting my help.”
    I kinda envied him. The whole “mess” in the Church didn’t exist for him. Bergoglio, pachamama, BiP, the whole thing might’ve well been on the other side of the Moon to him.

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