What if I were to tell you they ran the monkeypox war game in March 2021?

h/t Fred Martinez

Launch date for monkeypox outbreak in the war game? May 15, 2022.

Oh, and it was a bio-weapon… a genetic variant engineered by terrorists in a lab.

Link to full PDF at the bottom.


Executive Summary

“In March 2021, the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) partnered with the Munich Security Conference (MSC) to conduct a tabletop exercise on reducing high-consequence biological threats. Conducted virtually, the exercise examined gaps in national and international biosecurity and pandemic preparedness architectures and explored opportunities to improve capabilities to prevent and respond to high-consequence biological events. Participants included 19 senior leaders and experts from across Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe with decades of combined experience in public health, biotechnology industry, international security, and philanthropy.

The exercise scenario portrayed a deadly, global pandemic involving an unusual strain of monkeypox virus that emerged in the fictional nation of Brinia and spread globally over 18 months. Ultimately, the exercise scenario revealed that the initial outbreak was caused by a terrorist attack using a pathogen engineered in a laboratory with inadequate biosafety and biosecurity provisions and weak oversight. By the end of the exercise, the fictional pandemic resulted in more than three billion cases and 270 million fatalities worldwide.”


6 thoughts on “What if I were to tell you they ran the monkeypox war game in March 2021?”

  1. Yup, exactly like they ran the ‘Event 201’ scenario in October 2019. These ‘drills’ are going live, just like Sandy Hook and 9/11.

  2. That ‘study’ says: without a mega lock down there will be some 1000000 deaths in a fictional country. With mega lock down there will only die some 10000.
    So maybe they will kill those who do not obey, they will call it their duty?
    It’s demonic.

  3. this is a good read….
    We are in a hot war….it’s time we started acting like it. Are there NO retired special forces guys, or decent men left in the military, who are as pissed off as am I???….who can gather and coordinate, with the help and backing of the few rich patriots remaining, and take care of things?
    These psychopathic demons-walking have seriously got to be stopped.

  4. Another Gates Foundation scamdemic. NTI is an arm of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Just in time for the November election cycle, for those who still believe that voting will change things.

  5. Didn’t wear a mask then. Not wearing one now. Didn’t bow to fear then. Not bowing to it now. Come make me do these things.

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