Part Two of Nurse Claire’s war on the baby formula crisis, and she is dropping nukes: What the hell is going on, who is responsible, and why is this happening?


Part one of this series discussed the current baby formula shortage that emerged in November and how moms can prepare their own infant formula at home.  In this installment, I’ll  take a look at the current formula crisis affecting the United States & how we got here.

Currently, the U.S. is seeing its inventory of infant formula reduced by over 43%. The reasons for this are numerous, but make no mistake: this is by design. As with COVID and the intentional collapse of the healthcare system, there is a concerted effort here to collapse the food supply. Why? Well, when governments create a crisis, they can present a solution, and further line bureaucratic pockets and empower themselves. Exhibit A: Bill Gates has been waiting in the wings with his new “environmentally-friendly” infant formula, designed to be a greener alternative to conventional baby formula.

You know – because your newborn’s carbon footprint is just too intolerably large.  Clearly this crisis is about both power & money. American politicians and power-brokers have colluded to create a perfect storm which would stoke hysteria among parents of hungry babies and cause them to demand a solution.  

Since the “pandemic” first hit in 2020, consumers of nearly all products have seen shortages attributed to “supply chain issues”.  What exactly does this mean?  Well for starters, the mandatory quarantining of workers who test positive for the CoronaSniffles is a great strategy if you’re aiming to destroy an industry.  We saw this with healthcare:  staff who tested positive but were asymptomatic were being forced to stay home from work for a minimum of 14 days, creating a huge deficit of nurses and care providers.  We see the same in other industries: massive testing conveniently yields high false positivity, destroying the workforce via mandatory quarantine or the temporarily closure of factories due to “outbreaks”.  And in the U.S., there are only FOUR facilities that produce baby formula.  Talk about maintaining a “just-in-time” inventory!  If one plant goes down, the other three are incapable of ramping up productivity to meet demand.  So taking just one plant off-line is enough to leave a huge dent in the national supply of infant formula.  And this is exactly what happened when the largest formula factory, located in Michigan, was shut down by the FDA in February following an outbreak of bacterial infections among infants in several states.  Abbott Laboratories runs this facility, and further exacerbated the shortage by voluntarily recalling four of its most popular brands in the days following the outbreak.  However, despite the FDA’s investigation failing to link Abbott’s formula as the cause of the babies’ illnesses, the Michigan plant remains shuttered with no re-opening date in sight.  Why?  Well take a look at this Twitter thread from Abbott this past Friday, May 13:

If the FDA really cared about starving babies, why are they needlessly keeping this production facility closed?  

It appears other sources of formula are being closed off through various means; remember the suppression of ivermectin?  A Google search for “home made baby formula” turns up nothing but headline after headline, aiming to strike terror in the hearts of desperate moms by proclaiming how “dangerous” it can be to produce home made formula using natural ingredients. But the same search for “home made baby formula” on Duck Duck Go yields numerous recipes to nourish your baby without the reliance on highly-processed FrankenFood.  Yes, folks, the censorship is on.  But home made formula isn’t the only target.  

I briefly mentioned in part one that European baby formula is produced with nutrition standards that are much higher than those of the U.S (more on that in part 3).  While home made baby formula is being discouraged, a simultaneous smear campaign has been launched by mainstream media outlets and the FDA,  The message?  Avoid European formula products because they’re unsanitary and substandard.  These asinine claims are demonstrably false. Conveniently timed to this past August, the FDA told parents to throw out 80,000 units of European formula, after the formula was “voluntarily” recalled by the distributor, Able Groupe, for not meeting United States iron standards.  This recall involved 21 different formula products (only 8 of which had insufficient iron levels) because the FDA said they did “not bear mandatory labeling statements in English”.  Hmmmm. It’s also intriguing that the Biden Administration has done all it can to stymie importation of European baby formula, even in the face of this critical shortage.  Currently, the United States subjects formula imports to a 17.5% tariff as well as ridiculous non-tariff barriers, like specific labeling or ingredient requirements. But the dumbest regulation is a mandatory 90-day waiting period placed on retailers before they can market a new formula product.  This means that if any U.S. retailer wants to source formula from outside the U.S., they could not quickly offer relief to parents currently affected by the shortage.  Why aren’t Congress, the FDA, and the current administration working to repeal these tariffs and regulations?  And why aren’t the FDA’s regulatory barriers on imported formula based on necessity and science?  Again: hmmm

As always, the powers that be make sure you see what they’re doing.  There is absolutely zero effort to conceal that the Biden Administration is shipping literal pallets of scarce baby formula to the southern border.  The outrage porn is running on high in an effort to sow chaos….don’t take the bait.  Keep your emotions check and do what needs to be done:  source ingredients and provide for yourself.

This sure looks and smells like a manufactured crisis:  contrived staffing shortages to impact “supply chain”, shutting the largest formula manufacturing facility in the country, excessive taxation, and weaponizing the FDA’s baseless standards to recall & suppress imports.  All creating that perfect storm to limit accessibility to a life-sustaining product.   The only real solution is a traditional one:  self-reliance.  In part 3, we will talk about why making your own baby formula not only reduces your reliance on Target/CVS/Walmart inventory, but is the healthier option for your little one.

11 thoughts on “Part Two of Nurse Claire’s war on the baby formula crisis, and she is dropping nukes: What the hell is going on, who is responsible, and why is this happening?”

  1. I’ve read a possible link to liver problems with babies who are nursed from jabbed moms. Perhaps the shortage is to encourage these moms to nurse?

    1. I think you are pretty close to reality there. But that would mean our government is ran by evil psychopaths hell bent on killing as many as possible. Hey. Wait a minute……….

  2. “They hate you, and want you dead.”
    That’s the simplest explanation. They call the bulk of people “useless eaters.” What do you do with “useless” stuff? You get rid of it and throw it out.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some legit-evil elements in the US Government.
    Someone who was a private in the US Army in WW2, and saw firsthand the holocaust, and instead of thinking, “Oh my God! This is some horrible!” Walked around that evil and thought, “I bet I could get away with doing this.” And they proceeded to get a lifelong career in the US Government.

  3. It upsets me that the powers that be are actively trying to starve my baby. I’ve hesitated to publicly state what we should be doing right now.
    Locating the supplies for homemade formula is intimidating, due to the big list. But I imagine it will all seem easy after the first batch.
    It’s funny, when I go to a big store to acquire the brands we’ve used in the past, there’s still a big supply of Gerber product on the shelf that no one wants.

  4. In Part I, there were various recipes for homemade formula. Yummy!
    The first ingredients (in order) listed for “Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease” …
    1: Corn Syrup Solids
    2: Vegetable Oil
    3: Partially Hydrogenized Nonfat Milk
    (Note) Partially Hydrogenated Def: Hydrogenated oil comes in two forms: partially or fully hydrogenated. One use of hydrogenated oil is to preserve the shelf life of food. Partially hydrogenated oil contains trans fat that can raise cholesterol and result in health complications.
    4: Whey
    5: Mortierella Alpina Oil
    (Note) “Please check ingredients lists for formula WITHOUT Mortierella alpina oil and Crypthecodinium cohnii oil (sometimes listed as M. alpina oil and C. cohnii oil). These oils are extracted from fermented fungus and algae with a neurotoxic chemical solvent, and some infants experience serious adverse reactions to these additives.” (Cornucopia Institute)
    6: Schizochytrium Sp. Oil
    (Note) “However, since it is unknown to which species the strain Schizochytrium sp. belongs, the concern that this strain has the potential to produce other toxins remains … the Panel considers that those toxicological studies cannot be used to establish the safety of the oil produced by the strain … Therefore, based on the information provided by the applicant, the Panel concludes that the safety has not been established.” (European Food Safety Authority)
    These are the main ingredients of this “Baby Formula”, produced by Mead Johnson Corp.
    Corn syrup is the top ingredient.

    1. Not yummy.
      I don’t like the recipe for Enfamil.
      Another positive post-CovidScam outcome: checking more closely the labels of what my family and I am consuming.

  5. As the oldest of 5 children, I watched my mom whip up batches of formula 55+ years ago. Seems she made homemade infant formula using condensed milk and Karo syrup. Carefully measured milk, water and syrup and then poured into bottles, sealed with lids with rubber gasket and put in a boiling bath. Babies got a daily multivitamin too. No exotic ingredients. All my younger sibs are highly intelligent people in the 99th %ile for verbal ability, all good in math, the sciences, etc.

  6. Breast is best. But on the Pet Milk/Karo Syrup diet, all my siblings thrived. And NONE are obese—lifelong svelte bodies.
    Obesity is a huge problem in our society. One of the best things a parent can do to prevent childhood obesity is take that TV out of your child’s bedroom. No Catholic household should have a TV in the bedroom.

  7. As I said somewhere else, I couldn’t handle formula as an infant (guess I knew way back then the jig was up…🤭) and the pediatrician put me on cow’s milk. I love milk and dairy to this day and tolerate it well. Oh, and I follow Ann and Mark and know I must be Catholic… I’m not a total fool.

    1. I was born underdeveloped In the late sixties, and my 5’9″ mother only weighed 120 pounds at the heaviest point of her pregnancy. Back in those days women were discouraged from nursing, so the doctor insisted I be fed soy formula. Then as now I had zero tolerance for soy and threw it up instantly every time. She switched me to a homemade formula using goat milk (her parents ran a farm). Of course I don’t remember it, but I remember her telling me about it numerous times, usually with the moral of the story being that doctors don’t know everything.

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