Ukraine continues to be the hottest vacation destination for Swamp Creatures

If you can’t see the theater, the sweeping cinematography, the long walk toward the blessed and eternal Zelensky, the perfectly placed flags… if you can’t see it, I can’t help you.

5 thoughts on “Ukraine continues to be the hottest vacation destination for Swamp Creatures”

  1. What’s needed here is a priest giving a last minute chance at confession and then post execution photos of these people in the gallows for the whole world to see.

  2. The love of our leaders for this corrupt, perverted man who leads the mother of all corrupt nations on earth, whose government is infested with Nazis, whose government is supported by the International Fascist movement also known as One World Government, subset within the World Ec

  3. Oops, fat finger hit “post” by mistake …
    Economic Forum is a sight to see. I have never seen in my sixty years such unanimity within our government for anything, much less a foreign power and war for the sake of that power.
    And I have to ask why? What is it about Zelensky and his government that inspires such bi-partisan love and devotion? I’ve thought about it, and for me the answer lies in the Easter Donbas region and in the hidden bank accounts of the strangely and immensely wealthy politicians that lead us.

  4. Maybe once the Russian bogeyman doesn’t strike terror anymore, ISIL will turn up? Without the Soviet Union providing reasons to go to war, it was getting too quiet.

  5. Maybe this isn’t the place for this question, but why are some Catholics who don’t usually fall for globalist propaganda falling for it in this situation? I think of a certain brother blogging from Rome (who also doesn’t question Church Militant’s animus for the SSPX). But he’s far from alone. I have relatives that didn’t buy corona-mania but have bitten on Ukraine-mania. I’m wondering what’s going on here. And I want to avoid ever being a victim of globalist propaganda, myself.

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