Uniparty gonna swamp, and stick you with the bill: $40B towards WWIII plus $5 gas and 10% inflation

They hate you so much. Never forget that. Just listen to this swamp creature:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House emphatically approved a fresh $40 billion Ukraine aid package Tuesday as lawmakers beefed up President Joe Biden’s initial request, signaling a magnified, bipartisan commitment to thwart Russian President Vladimir Putin… The measure sailed to passage by a lopsided 368-57 margin, providing $7 billion more than Biden’s request from April… The measure was backed by every voting Democrat and by nearly 3 out of 4 Republicans.


7 thoughts on “Uniparty gonna swamp, and stick you with the bill: $40B towards WWIII plus $5 gas and 10% inflation”

  1. Here is something to think about…
    If we wanted to, how would I reform our education system in the USA? I would first start by offering competitive pay to attract talent that would otherwise go to places like Facebook, Google, Boeing, Lockheed, Tesla and SpaceX.
    I would offer a $100,000 per year salary to teachers, no unionisation, just a good flat pay to do with as they wish. At that pay, how many people applying to those companies above would give teaching a serious look?
    At 40 Billion dollars, how many teaching positions could we fund for a year at that pay?
    400,000 teachers.
    That would be a small army of high-quality people who worked hard through math and science classes all going into teaching.
    Instead that money is going to a nation most people couldn’t find on a map two months ago.
    Forget teachers, how many pot holes across the country do you think that money could fill?
    China has spent the last 20 years investing in their own infrastructure, and it shows. Americans who say they want to do the same are shouted down and called all sorts of vile names.

  2. There is one political party in the United States and that is freemasonry. The whole democrat, republican, and to a lesser extent, libertarian parties, are political theater facades, designed to (successfully) fool the American people while the country succumbs to the satanic, globalist, new world order (freemasonic) agenda. This is a nation founded in freemasonry and it is going to die from the rotten fruits of freemasonry.
    Years ago, I was involved with a conservative organization and much of my volunteer time was spent researching bills, and lobbying Congressmen and Senators for/against them. Looking back on it, it was sadly a waste of my time. Nine times out of ten, the fix is in before the bills are even authored. The Speakers of the House and Senate know who they have in their pocket and who they can persuade/blackmail to join their pocket. Oh, now and then, they’ll allow some theatrical opposition (i.e. the Blue Dog Democrats) but once Pelosi, McConnell and before them, the despicable John Boehnner and Paul Ryan, have their votes already lined up, why should they care if a few voices of opposition get some air time. And no, your phone calls and letters are not effective. Your Congressmen and Senators don’t like you, you little people.
    So what about the “conservatives” who get sent to Washington to “drain the swamp.” I hope no one reading this is still smoking that batch of fentanyl-laced hopium. There’s something evil in the air in Washington DC. Seriously, that place changes people and for the worse. I truly think the whole town is cursed because, it’s the world’s first freemasonic city – right down to the street grids and that hideous architecture. MAGA candidates? Give me a break! If they are truly sincere (and most aren’t), do you really think we’ll have a fair election again considering what the freemasons got away with last time?
    As for that fake nation called Ukraine getting $40B without any resistance on the Hill, me thinks there’s a sinister money laundering scheme going on. The excellent RT website has an article today showing how the leaders of the democrat party (freemasonic party) have been partnering with big pharma and Gates/Soros foundations to set up bio labs in Ukraine for not only bioterror activities, but also to get around the testing that pharmaceuticals are supposed to go through before being released to the public. No surprise there but the article also shows how the profits from these dubious partnerships are flowing right back to the democrat/freemasonic Party. It’s the definition of corrupt money laundering one would expect from a banana republic.
    Here’s the article. Don’t expect the content here to be reported on your 6:30 evening news or on any mainstream American media outlet.

    1. I am with you. So tired of hearing how Trump is going to come back and save us and make America great “again”. Were we ever great, not sure about that. Our government has been warmongering throughout our history. Problem is, Americans don’t know real history, only the pumped up version of our superiority. We have never truly been one nation under God because our government is based on religious freedom, not on God’s commandments and Christ’s true church.

  3. I told Americans before but none of them paid any attention. They think I was making “sarcasm” or a “joke” at them. This country had been robbed right from the beginning when the Jews set their “Federal Reserve” in the USA in 1913 ever since you have been living in a slavery camp controlled by the Zionists, Globalists, Modernists, Satanists, Atheists, FaggotCabals, and the Masonic Freemasons/Luciferians of the New Jews World Disorder (NWO)…
    Nothing has changed for the better but for worse. All parties are working for one boss and carrying out the order to every stroke. Trump or Biden, nothing change, just the shouting of names at each other, and treasonous theater for the show to dupe you gullible into thinking that you still have a “sovereignty” country. No, you have nothing but yes ma’am and yes sir.
    I begged many priests and bishops to do the USA’s consecration publicly and solemnly and She will block their game. She will give some graces to the true righteous Catholic men and women to come out and take back the country… They don’t believe me. They said, “Protestants can do a fine job”… Look back and see for over 200 years, any Protestants “did a fine job” for the Americans? Or did they sell out the USA to Israel????????
    God’s way or NWO/Antichrist’s way???????????????? Find some true traditional bishops and ask them what I am saying here and do it immediately. You will see Our Lady’s power. Why do we have to “consecrate” this country to Her Immaculate Heart? She was violated and insulted by abortion law, gay marriage, divorce, contraception…etc. You name it. This country has no blessings and protections from Her. If you want it, you must DO THE CONSECRATION TO HER. SHE IS ONLY RESPONSIBLE TO PROTECT HER OWN CHILDREN, NOT THE SEEDS OF SATAN.
    Why Catholic bishops and Catholics are so cowardly and compromised? BECAUSE YOU HAVE LOST THE FAITH AND GOD HAD WITHDRAW THE GRACES.

    1. While they are distracting us they are signing an international treaty with the WHO handing over whatever sovereignty countries pretend to have.

  4. On Trudeau’s right is Chrystia Freeland, also a World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab controlled zombie. She is also Ukrainian descent, specifically Galician Banderite Nazis. Our country is outside controlled by Nazis and down under Americans for years. Few Canadians now know or want to know the truth. People do not care, they just want their goodies from the government. This country is lost, freedom has evaporated!

  5. The US was openly overthrown in 2020. We are being looted out and overrun with a private army of foreigners and America haters as all American institutions and customs are being destroyed to eliminate any idea of “America”. Very probably that extra 7 billion McConnell was so generous with is being kicked back to be divvied up in the Uniparty. There must be no one left truly patriotic or American in the ruling class that has asserted themselves when Trump was elected.

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