“A usurper… he has assaulted, in a very deliberate way, the Deposit of Faith.” Patrick Coffin explains the Bergoglian Antipapacy to John-Henry at LifeSiteNews

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  1. In a deliberate way…
    It is clear to me but I’m old and. Just a pewsitter. This is not the religion I was taught by the obedient, self-sacrificing good sisters who taught me in 50s-60s, and my strong-against-the-world pastor. The difference between him and the young priests who followed was glaring.

  2. I think Ann Barnhardt’s recent posts solve the very real dilemma discussed towards the end of this interview in reference to how could Pope Benedict allow the confusion and possible loss of souls by mental reservation at best. She mentioned maybe Pope Benedict thought he really could “expand “ the Petrine office, in which case he wasn’t using mental reservation or even “setting a trap” as Patrick Coffin theorized (and I greatly appreciate all the work Patrick Coffin and others are doing on this, but kudos to Ann Barnhardt (and you, Mark) for being a tip of the spear). Miss Barnhardt’s recent post pointing out this “expansion “ theory goes back decades in German thought is intriguing. Truly astonishing times we are living through.

  3. Susan2: I converted to the RCC because I found its claims to Sacred Tradition (which you reference here) within the Deposit of Faith (given as a seed by revelation from Jesus Christ Himself) compelling.
    In a world where everyone is making stuff up to suit themselves; where everyone is their own pope; everyone is casting anathemas in those outside their personal interprations of (their) truth, I went the other way. I joined the RCC in submission to Divine Authority. My Catholic faith is based on that: What is true today was always true in exactly the same way before and will be true still, long after I am gone, when my hiers are living the Faith I passed on to them (by the grace of God).
    And so my conscience antenna are finely tuned to deviations from Sacred Tradition. I know as little as the next Catholic about the details, but I know how to read, research and ask the right questions – all focused on keeping me on the “tracks”. Rather than chasing the latest whim, the RCC promised to keep me on the “tracks”, like every over Catholic who ever lived or will live; tracks that I didn’t build, but someone much greater than I who allowed me to smoothly ride the rail and which promised to direct me back of I ever left the tracks for my own silly, selfish reasons – https://playingintheworldgame.files.wordpress.com/2021/03/tootle.jpg
    The RCC is true only if its claims to the Sacred Deposit of Faith are true. It has a lineage with roots in Christ, which claim is unique in all recorded history. And so … those who are presently “making stuff up” to fit the tenor of the times … well, my “spidey sense” is going off in a very big way. I have no interest in it. I carefully investigated the RCC before conversion and am convinced of its claims to the Apostolic Line and the Truth that doesn’t ever change, nor can it change.
    And that is why I reject the parallel NewChurch®️root and branch. I have no use for it – because it cannot be shown to align with the straight and narrow line that leads to Jesus Christ my Lord, populated by all the Saints who have ever lived in time, and who ever will live.

  4. I honestly think we need to be cautious and even suspicious of Patrick Coffin’s sudden enlightenment. Just a gut feeling…Benedict is NOT playing 4 dimensional chess and neither is Trump…They have error in their hearts and minds. I think we need to watch how the Benedict is still pope movement will be coopted by freemasons.

    1. RenD: My personal view is that I don’t care whether Pope Benedict is or is not playing 4D chess; I don’t care why he did what he did – reasons, tactics and strategic aims are not relevant.
      The only question I care about: who is the Pope; and who is the other fellow who looks like a Pope and is pretending to be a Pope?
      Once I answer that question, I render the fake Pope into oblivion with scorn and I render all proper obedience and veneration to the true Pope.
      The reasons are not meant for peons like me. I have my duties before God. The Pope has his. My duty is to follow the true Pope into all Truth, whose duty is to protect, defend and pass on the Sacred Deposit of Faith, intact and whole to peons like me and all those who follow on.
      As such, the Freemasons have nothing to say, no part to play because we Catholics can see and know and obey the objective Laws of the Church. Granted, this is rendered easier in good times more than times of Divine judgement and punishments, but … it is what it is and God never tests us beyond that which we can bear (I Cor 10:13).

    2. If Francis is pope, then the gates of hell overcame, or for 2000 years before Francis the Catholic Church played a long deception, never contradicting itself even with Borgia popes, which is quite a feat, including popes who took drugs. Morally, some were scoundrels, but never did a pope contradict Catholic theology with such pertinacity.
      After Francis showed up the sham ended.
      Speaking hypothetically, of course, Jesus will never abandon the Church,

  5. If you haven’t yet read Barnhardt’s latest on the Munus/Ministerium of the Papacy, you really should since it completely lays bare the field of battle over the cornerstone of Holy Mother Church.
    She explains that the decision to fundamentally transform the Papacy has been discussed at the highest levels of the Church for decades, in the context of possibly also abolishing it altogether as a plan B. She explains that Cardinal Ratzinger was part of this internal debate. And the debate hinged on the terms Munus and Ministerium. This is not incomprehensible, nor is it a deep mystery. As with all infernal lies, God compels the devil to lay hard his plans so that no one can claim ignorance. What they did to the Papacy was no accident, nor a mistaken choice of words. It was precisely controlled moment at the end of much discussion and strategic planning.
    That is why we see two Popes. That is why we now have Pope *Emeritus* in our Lexicon, never seen before or sourced in Sacred Tradition. That is why God has obviously, quantifiably left the Seat of Peter Divinely UNprotected and the Church led by wolves.
    Reading this explanation of hers corresponds precisely with what I see with my eyes and know with my reason and sense with my conscience. This is what has happened. This is why it happened. This is what they intend to do with Holy Mother Church, the mystical Body of Jesus Christ our Lord. The enemy is within. The enemy has been sapping beneath the walls and they are in the Throne Room now.
    I have no interest in this NewChurch. Catholics must see the threat, acknowledge the danger, proclaim the heresy and act in defense of Christ. I reject the false Pope and the NewParallelChurch®️ that is the ape of all that is holy and good – the form is the same but everything is twisted, inverted, a joke and limited to this side of the atmospheric wall, this side of eternity. No thanks.
    Big recommend on the link above. Worth some serious, careful attention imo.

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