“The COVID-19 era has been a pandemic of misinformation in which the people who run influential institutions like the CDC and the WHO repeatedly promulgated deadly fictions.”

(Just Facts) – Near the top of its home page, the New York Times has published an essay by three professors about a “highly effective” technology to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in “high-risk environments” like nursing homes and places prone to “superspreader events.”

Based on more than 500 hours of research, the institute Just Facts already identified the same technology in September 2021 and promoted it to scholars, public officials, journalists, and commentators. However, most of them deliberately ignored the research while Big Tech even suppressed it, thus costing countless lives.

The technology, called ultraviolet air disinfection, has been proven to stop the spread of contagious respiratory diseases in settings like schools and hospitals for more than 80 years. It is so effective that when it was used in a wing of a California VA hospital during the Asian influenza epidemic of 1958—not a single patient caught the disease. In contrast, the epidemic struck the other wing of the same hospital “with explosive force,” producing a “severe, prostrating illness” among 19% of the patients.

The professors who wrote the Times essay were well-qualified to analyze this issue, as they specialize in “environmental health and how to prevent the airborne transmission of diseases like Covid.” They include:

  • Donald K. Milton, a professor of environmental and occupational health at the University of Maryland School of Public Health.
  • Edward A. Nardell, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.
  • David Michaels, a professor of environmental and occupational health at George Washington University, and a former OSHA official.

The scholars emphasize that ultraviolet air disinfection “can end large superspreader events and make public events and dining safer for everyone” and then finish their essay by asking, “What are we waiting for?”

The answer to that rhetorical question is appalling and contains broad lessons that can prevent an enormous amount of harm from COVID-19 and other scourges going forward.

How it workshttps://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/scientists-media-finally-promote-new-covid-killing-technology-after-months-of-censorship/

10 thoughts on ““The COVID-19 era has been a pandemic of misinformation in which the people who run influential institutions like the CDC and the WHO repeatedly promulgated deadly fictions.””

  1. You’re not supposed to think about this!
    Seriously: Over 2 years ago when covid started, my first thought was “It sounds like an overblown cold” and my second thought was “but at least UV air scrubbers will be installed everywhere now.” And then…. somehow…. UV air disinfection just never came up in the public discussion… to the point where even I nearly forgot it.
    Occasionally I’ll still wonder “Did businesses ever get around to installing UV air?” I guess the answer is no.

  2. That’s why the only way God can do is to wipe them off in His 3 Days of Darkness. No other way sets out of this wicked world. All top positions and wealth are in the hands of Satan’s seeds. The NWO/Antichrists have invaded and infiltrated the whole system of West as same as East… including the Catholic Church. When a “pope” promoted “sodomite/pedophilia; pandemic and lockdown; abortion; and breaking the laws…” You know you are at the end time. God will not put up with this planet any longer.

  3. “What are we waiting for?” The answer to that rhetorical question is appalling …”
    The Covidian scam depends on everyone thinking that those responsible deeply care about us, about our health, our lives. It depends on us thinking they are responsible and wise and benevolent looking for the clear path out of the dark forest.
    No. Those responsible for the Covid scam are not like us and their behavior is not explainable by the lenses we are used to using in understanding the world around us. These people and their ideology are completely foreign to simple, normal, rational Americans. We try to explain their decisions in ways that make sense. They will *never* makes sense – until we understand they hate us and the civilization that produced us. They want it, and us, gone; something new, foreign, godless, pagan, dangerous in its place.
    Why do “they” ignore all the good ideas? Why don’t they just put UV lights (like many homes already have) in critical care; prescribe ivermectin etc? Because the good ideas are solutions. Why would they want that, when they created the problem in the first place? This problem was not random, but planned. They want the problem to grow, nor resolve. There is opportunity in crisis, you see. The great reset, the end of an epoch (Christian based) and the beginning of a new epoch (godless) depends on crisis management and total control by the elites.
    How do you bring America to its knees and beg for new fascist masters to take it all – our nation and or selves? Fear. Confusion.
    Communication is the key to seeing through the smoke of fear-mongering which is why we now have a shiny new Ministry Of Truth led by a raving lunatic.

    1. And right on cue, Samantha Powers acts according to the NWO reset script:
      “Never let a crisis go to waste,” U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Chief Samantha Power told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on “This Week.” Speaking of the global consequences of Russia’s war with Ukraine, the Biden official said that fertilizer shortages would provide farmers the opportunity to “hasten” their “transition” from fertilizer to more “natural” resources.”
      War with Russia serves many purposes, not least of which is the destruction of America’s small farmers.
      You’d think our leaders are trying to avoid war and find peaceful solutions; trying to stop the “pandemic” and find healthful solutions – peace, vitality, prosperity the main driving force. No. The old ways must die (and many people) during the Great Reset. Many eggs must be cracked in the making of our leftist omelette.
      They actually mean what they say. We just can’t bring ourselves to believe them.

      1. Another good comment.
        As a farmer here in Nebraska, I’m watching diesel prices soar in the last few days, Union Pacific railroad said last week that they are throttling back shipments of fertilizer across the country, and Biden is writing billion dollar checks to Ukraine. One of the few things we can still produce here in the USA is food, and they don’t seem to be too interested in protecting this industry in this time of chaos.

      2. Jeff C:
        The author of a blog I respect, https://theconservativetreehouse.com/ had this to say about that …
        “Ultimately, they don’t just want less oil, gas, fertilizer, wheat, corn, meat or even CO2. They want less people.”
        The first step in winning a war is to realize that you are in a war and to identify the enemy – its aims and ambitions. America is much more awake to this threat now than it was. For this I am grateful. But still, I don’t think most people fully grasp the full gravity of the malign intent of those who try to pass themselves off as normal. They look like us, dress like us, work like us, dine and play like us …. but they are not like us.
        ” … they want less people”.
        It is not just that they are stupid and are screwing up well-intentioned policy solutions. They are smart enough, in the ways that matter … but their intelligence is directed toward a goal we find inconceivable, we – who don’t yet recognize the undeclared socio-spiritual war raging around us as civilizational territory is lost to these leftist ideologues.

      3. Jeff C:
        BTW, I have a soft spot for Nebraska farmers, as I am of a family that emigrated to the West Coast from Lincoln area farms after the Depression. Still have family there. I have great memories of reunions there many years ago.
        I made my way back to the general area, plotting out a tiny little spot of red clay in Texas for chickens and whatever I can get to grow under the Oak trees.

    2. Good comment!
      Part of the problem is that there has become a so called “expert” in every field out there. So we, normal, rational, logical thinking people always figure there is someone smarter than we are on every subject. We are also a docile society for the most part that doesn’t like confrontation. So when a problem arises and the so called experts say that 2+2=5, whether out of nefariousness or stupidity, or both, we sit back and scratch our heads and try to figure out their rationale instead of calling them crooks or idiots and just dismissing them…

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