Biden Reich House Arms Ukrainian Nazis

Susan Matthiesen with continued spot-on analysis at

Ideologue liberals live a misty fog-brained existence where nothing makes coherent sense to those of us living in the real world with the ability to see the evil plans ideologues have concocted for us. It would all be hilarious if the ideologues weren’t the same people in control of our government, schools, universities, health care systems – and the Catholic Church – and therefore our lives in general. Plus there’s the Lucifer Factor – that being the obvious evil embedded within ideologue minds whipping up confusion among the populace to form mob thought control.

One must carve through thick walls of lies and half truths, propaganda and distortions, deceptions, deceit and dishonesty in everything today in order to emerge on the other side able to see at least a resemblance of truth somewhere. Just mention the word Ukraine or Russia and see the visceral vitriol cast one’s way when merely hinting that quite likely the media is leading the West down the path of error exactly as they did with their Covid-hype and see anger and confusion on people’s faces…

So my question is then, if US Democrats think that Nazis are such subhuman elements of mankind, why are those same Democrats sending billions of dollars in money and weapons to arm Nazis in the Ukraine – those Ukrainian Russian-hating, Jew-hating, LGBT-hating, Black-hating, Vietnamese-hating, Romany-hating Nazis in the Ukrainian government, military and the western Ukrainian population in general? 

Ukrainian Nazism is all so hush-hush that there’s no mention of even the word “Nazi” on Ukraine‘s Wikipedia page. One would have to be a complete ideologue to believe the wiki portion on Ukrainian current events which oddly has no mention of (Z)Elensky but just a picture of him as Ukraine’s current president. Naturally, cocaine addicted Z has his own wiki page, but one must be completely foolish with no solid thought process barriers to halt misinformation from crossing the boundary and entering into the territory of one’s own personal information space (our mind, our brain) to believe the rubbish there.

Russia’s two original objectives for going into eastern Ukraine 60 days ago were to demilitarize  (because of Ukraine’s slaughter of 15,000 – 20,000 ethnic Russian Ukrainians in the Donbas over the past 8 years and the Ukraine military’s advancement on that territory two months ago) and de-Nazify Ukraine. Meanwhile the Biden Reich House and the Collective West’s objectives are to support Ukrainian Nazism and weaponize Ukraine by sending billions of dollars and what amounts to old weapons and ammunition, depleting our supply in order to make the Deep State oligarchs even more rich from government contracts for the manufacture of new weapons in the future.

The Collective West (EU countries, Biden Reich House, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) supports Nazis. The West supports killing of Russian women and children. The West supports their cocaine-addicted Zelensky-puppet. These are the same politicians who cried that MAGA patriots were fascists, nationalists, and Nazis who must be punished. Their hypocrisy is more than stunning. It’s depraved and evil.

There are videos on the Internet of captured Ukrainian soldiers being shown videos by the Russians of the horrifying genocide of 20,000 ethnic Russian Ukrainian civilians in the Donbas over the past 8 years by Ukrainian Nazis. The Ukrainian solders are shocked to see what their side did to innocent civilians, a secret kept from them by Zelensky and his puppet Reich House Western-backed regime…

It’s obvious to all but the Left’s psychotic ideologues, those sitting in the power of the Reich House, the sodomite psychos in the State Department and the EU that ousting Trump was one thing, but trying to oust President Putin – largely popular in Russia, holding the Russian economy on an even keel, winning the war against Ukrainian Nazis, and always one step ahead of the Collective West’s inhaling of the vapor of ideology then exhaling frightening “solid principles upon which to build the future” statements (like Biden’s statement last week in Seattle that “by 2035 all US military vehicles will be green”. Green energy tanks having to charge their batteries in the battlefield is a sure way to literally die on the hill of psychotic ideological dreams) – is another thing altogether.

3 thoughts on “Biden Reich House Arms Ukrainian Nazis”

  1. Wow! That is just bad ass!!! Very well done!! Sharing to everyone I can. Hopefully it will irritate some people to the point of breaking the spell they’re under.

  2. Thanks for sharing truth. I am surrounded by people blind to reality. Sometimes I visit this blog just to double check that someone else out there gets it.
    Side note…my ancestors were Alsatian Germans who lived on the Black Sea for a couple of generations (invited by Catherine the Great, herself German), until the Ukrainians/Russians drove them out in an ethnic cleansing in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Was it for retaining German customs and language or for being Catholic? My Oma always said it was for being Katholische. She also claimed the Germans unable to get out were penned up and starved, but I have not seen that in history books, just in family stories, so there’s that. Point being it may be easier for me to see through the whitewash. Anyway, two sides to this coin and we are all being starved for truth, that certain.

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