11 thoughts on “Happy Easter from the Fairfield OCDs!”

  1. Mark, I support the Sisters with pray and monthly donations. Is there a possibility that they could lose their monastery? I pray not.

      1. I’ve been wondering about this too….I fear that just when they are finished with the big stuff, bergoglio sweeps in and takes it all. I can’t imagine they would win in court….”the Church” owns it all.

    1. There’s no need for them to lose their monastery. Bergoglio isn’t the pope so his directive against them, and Cor Orans itself are null and void. The good sisters I hope and pray will carry on and ignore whatever the antichurch throws at them.

      1. you guys…wake up to reality. The court will recognize bergoglio as the pope…the diocese as having ownership. They are going to lose the property. Period. Now…can they huddle together in a little catecomb and worship God in Tuth while being persecuted by the fake authorities that have the secular power and ‘rights’ of the property? YES!…and I pray that they do, but, they WILL lose the property….it’s a fait accomli, and I can’t believe you guys, of all people, are pretending otherwise.
        I sent them $1,500 as an act of faith and love, with this thought swimming in my mind, but I’m having a really hard time justifying sending more for the completion of a structure that I KNOW will house bergolian pagans in the not too distant future.

      2. Have faith Susan. The Carmelites own that property, not the diocese (it’s a good diocese btw), not that nasty federation that harassed the Philly Carmelites, and not the antichurch in Rome. The ball is in the court of the Carmelites themselves.

      3. awww James…I do have Faith; almost all I’ve got left at this point, but are they not under someone’s jurisdiction?…I can’t imagine that one group of Carmelites is an entity all to themselves…Catholic orders don’t work that way. If not the diocese, then whoever is their superior will be given an ultimatum by bergoglio, and quite frankly I have NO faith that anyone’s gonna stand up to the monster and say “no”. The best of our best (which isn’t much) like ++Burke, +Schneider, even +Strickland are all towing the line and have been for 9 stinkin’, fettid, rotten years now. There is NO way that beautiful order is going to be ‘allowed’ to keep their beautiful home if they don’t accept the pagan boot on their necks….makes me wanna cry, but it’s just the hellish reality we’re living in now.

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