Never forget that the battle with Satan comes down to battling unreality… the battle over creation itself.

I’m told the overwhelming percentage of mental “trans” illness is in females. God save us.

9 thoughts on “Never forget that the battle with Satan comes down to battling unreality… the battle over creation itself.”

  1. The nukes can’t fly fast enough. Though I realize God does His thing slowly because He allows us time to repent. Consider the grace in that act alone. But this world can’t continue this way for much longer. I say that as a man who has lived in much sin in my life. Not proud of it, just saying that if even a man like me can see it, what excuse do any of us have to not repent? Things like this here article I imagine are only the tip of the iceberg as to how sinful we truly are. We as humanity I mean. We deserve nukes, asteroids,and more. Yet, here is Father giving us time. Some days I look at it all and feel really small (humbled really). Just needed to vent I suppose. God bless you all. In Christ’s name.

    1. And yet, why SHOULDN’T we be forced to live with this madness? We’ve allowed it and brought it on ourselves. Why shouldn’t we have drink the dregs of this madness and feel its full effects? Maybe God’s justice demands that He not put us out of our self-imposed misery.

  2. Remember that this started with, “They just want to get married.”
    I fear it’s going to end in bloodshed and fire.
    I wish our side would go on the offensive more. There is a congressman (who is a Baptist) from TN right now getting flack online because of the age difference between him and his wife, and mother of his two children. Given the choice between that and drag queen story hours, I know which side I’m on.

  3. I couldn’t finish watching this. If we were a sane nation, this would be prosecuted as obscenity and tranny surgery would be prosecuted as a crime against nature.

  4. Everyone is falling in love with the biggest con man of them all, Elon Musk, because he is talking a big game about ‘free speech’. Dude is one of the earliest trans-humanists. He thinks he is a god.

    1. He made a brain chip. Gonna be marketed as a way to help disabled people.
      Whenever these scum kill and harm people it’s marketed as for a good cause like feeding the poor or liberating women or poor immigrants. How does giving Africa vaccines save lives? They need sanitation, which will save more lives. And don’t they openly say there are too many people? The most troubling thing is how phony their virtue signalling is, yet normies don’t see it.

  5. Most of the world lives in a state of mortal sin. Being in a state of mortal sin dims the intellect. In other words, sin makes you stupid. (Wisdom is one of the seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost.) My point is that sinfulness utterly blinds most of the world to the screaming evil in all of this. Our Lord’s mercy in not striking us all down is immense.

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