SSPX all-in on the faux “Consecration” after all… keep your powder dry, folks.

Folks, stay confessed. This is really, really not going to end well. The text of the “Consecration” document is a Freemasonic, Marxist, ecological, pacifist, brotherhood of human fraternity nightmare. The fact that it was read out (or “prayed”) by bishops, priests, and millions of laity is horrific, on a number of levels. More on this later. That it is being nearly universally celebrated as “the” Consecration Our Lady asked for, well just know this: We are going to find out in short order what really took place here, one way or the other. Stay Frosty. -NVP

Pope Francis Has Consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary


As he himself announced on March 15, 2022, the Pope consecrated Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary during a penitential ceremony which took place on March 25, on the feast of the Annunciation of Our Lady.

This act, which was not really publicized by the press, on the other hand was very much followed in Catholic circles. The pope had in fact asked the bishops of the whole world to unite with him in doing it and having their priests as well as the faithful participate.

In Rome, nearly 3,500 faithful were present in St. Peter’s Basilica, and around 2,000 other people were able to follow the retransmission of this act on screens placed in St. Peter’s Square.

The ceremony began at 5:00 p.m. After the homily which focused on the feast of the day and on the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary which he was soon to pronounce, the Pope himself went to confession, then, as he is accustomed to do, settled into a confessional to hear confessions.

Around 6:35 p.m., Francis stood in front of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, which had been moved from the sanctuary dedicated to her in San Vittorino, located in the diocese of Tivoli, which is about 30 km from the center of Rome.

He then pronounced the text of the consecration which had been sent to all the bishops on March 22. The actual formula of consecration was as follows:

“Mother of God and our Mother, to your Immaculate Heart we solemnly entrust and consecrate ourselves, the Church and all humanity, especially Russia and Ukraine. Accept this act that we carry out with confidence and love. Grant that war may end and peace spread throughout the world.”

“The ‘Fiat’ that arose from your heart opened the doors of history to the Prince of Peace. We trust that, through your heart, peace will dawn once more. To you we consecrate the future of the whole human family, the needs and expectations of every people, the anxieties and hopes of the world.”

There is an apparent mystery about the text – which does not concern the formula of consecration just quoted. Indeed, by reading the complete document on the Vatican news site in various languages, it is easy to realize that the English version differs in several points from the other versions. For example, where English says “Queen of Heaven,” other languages ​​say “earth of Heaven.”

However, the explanation is given by an article on the same site: “The expression ‘earth of Heaven’ is taken from a Byzantine-Slavic monastic hymn, and poetically signifies the union of heaven and earth that we can contemplate in Mary ascended into heaven with her body.”

It seems that many bishops joined the Pope in this act. In Switzerland, for example, the bishops, who were gathered together to conduct their business, acted collectively. In France, Jeanne Smits toured the dioceses and noted widespread participation.

Moreover, several episcopates had announced their participation, even before it was asked of them. It is therefore possible to affirm that the world episcopate associated itself with the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which was one of the conditions requested by Heaven.

(Sources : Vatican news/leblogdejeannesmits/ – FSSPX.Actualités)

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  1. it is hard to take you seriously when you put FreeMasons with the others. I realize you believe those with out the Church are condemned in spite of the numerous transgression with in the church but this is absurb

  2. I started going a bit to the SSPX during the pandemic lock downs of my local Church and I was thankful they were there, there are some GREAT priests there on the local level and VERY KIND people that I’ve met at their masses, I was speechless however when their HQ however went all in on the death vax.
    I also had a couple of minor bad experiences with them, one priest who got angry and apparently decided to make an example out of me at communion because the lady in front of me jumped to the other line at the last second requiring me to hurry up and lose my composure a bit as I rushed to kneel down for the waiting priest, he then obnoxiously pressed the sacred host on my tongue which I thought was really an odd way to treat our Lord. Whatever, no big deal, I shook the dust off and didn’t return.
    I also sent them $ for masses for my deceased sister (ironically killed likely as a side effect of the death vax), I never received any notice of when the masses were, nor any confirmation at all, perhaps it was lost in the mail, who knows, the devil does like to play tricks like that, I hope she got her masses. At any rate, those odd experiences I’m fairly sure were God telling me my place was not there with them.
    Archbishop Lefebvre from Heaven I believe had a role in my exit from the novus Ordo to tradition and the TLM and of course I’ve listened to Bishop Williamson for years and learned so much from him. But the SSPX currently is not for me.

  3. The antichurch most likely has something to blackmail the SSPX. Our shepherds (SSPX, Diocesan FSSP, ICK, etc.) need prayers. Many, many, many prayers.

  4. I came across an interesting study from SSPX on the specifics of Our Lady’s request for the Consecretion of Russia. I duly note that it is from 2017. I have begun to pay attention to writings from SSPX – current compared to past … there may be problems. This study clearly indicates the wide gap of understanding from only four years ago, with today – why are specifics so important? … can we cut corners? … close enough is good enough? … Fr. Karl Stehlin sides with precision / Fr. Pagliarani sides with good enough.
    I know it’s long … I excerpted the complete article down to the essentials. For those who want the Cliff Notes summary:
    1: Consecration means something specific and of the heart toward the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
    2: It has to be Russia. It has to be the Pope, the real Pope, the Bishops must be in union with.the.real.Pope. 3: The consecration is *NOT*, I repeat NOT meant to bring peace but conversion; not just any old conversion but the conversion of Russia *which is special in the eyes of God and Our Lady*, due to its historical reverence for her immaculate heart.
    And in case you don’t make it to the end … precision matters; intent matters; perfection matters … it came from the Throne of God to Mary to the Church through a child and it must be done precisely, precisely, according to her words and intent. Oh, how we need the precision and courage of earlier SSPX now.
    My faith has taken a beating, no doubt, but I will not give up, will never give up the fight. I will remember my bretheren in the Faith such as this man I quote now …
    – Fr. Stehlin quote –
    One of the essential elements of devotion to Our Lady’s Immac¬
    ulate Heart is consecration. Consecration to Our Lady consists of
    an act of will — a decision — through which a human person takes
    a step outside of himself, towards Mary. He gives himself completely
    to Mary as his Mother and Queen, in order to discover and possess
    Christ. Through such an act of consecration, he does nothing other
    than imitate Christ Himself, Who gave Himself completely and en¬
    tirely to Mary.
    The only request of Our Lady at Tuy is the consecration of Russia
    to her Immaculate Heart. There are two reasons why she asked for the
    consecration of that nation and not another one:
    The first reason is, that since its conversion to Christianity, Russia
    has had a special devotion to Our Lady. Pope Pius XII himself men¬
    tioned this fact in his Act of the Consecration of the World to the Im¬
    maculate Heart of Mary: “…The innumerable icons, monasteries and
    shrines all over Eastern Europe are proof of the religious fervour of these
    people, fervour which they owe to the ‘All Holy, Virgin and Mother of
    “Although Russia followed the Eastern schism, it was certainly not
    the people themselves who chose to be separated from the Catholic
    Church; they were misled by the political and religious rulers, so it is
    understandable that Our Lady would have a certain predilection for
    these people and desire to have them brought back to the unity of the
    Roman Catholic Church.
    “Since the October Revolution in 1917, however, Russia has become
    the main vehicle and instrument of anti-Christian forces, a stronghold
    of Marxist atheistic ideology. The apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima
    are a response from Heaven to the Russian revolution. The two events
    are so close in time that Our Lady seems to be rallying the forces of the
    Church militant against this new threat: Fatima is her battle standard
    in opposition to the Communist revolution in Moscow. This is the sec¬
    ond reason for the special importance of Russia: never before in histo¬
    ry had an entire nation become such an instrument in the hands of Sa¬
    tan. As a result. Our Lady chose to make Russia the central battlefield
    in her spiritual warfare. The main thrust of her forces is through an
    extraordinary counter-attack. We would expect an appeal for special
    prayers, penances, sacrifices, and other ordinary means of conversion.
    She does not ask for these things, but rather asks for something much
    greater: the consecration of Russia. ”
    Our Lady requested not only the consecration of a particular na¬
    tion bound by the power of the apocalyptic beast, but also that this
    consecration be offered by a particular person for it to be efficacious.
    Any person can consecrate himself, and, in the sense explained
    above, he can consecrate others as well. At Fatima, however, Our Lady
    required that this act be accomplished by the highest authority on
    earth, the Pope. And not only the Pope, but the Pope together with all
    the bishops of the world, i.e., Peter and the college of apostles, repre¬
    sented by the bishops.
    There is only one situation in the history and life of the Church in
    which the pope acts visibly with the bishops on earth: it is a universal
    council, when the head of the Church calls all the bishops of the world
    together for an extraordinary act of the highest authority in the Church
    (extraordinary magisterium) regarding the most important matters in
    the life of the Church. There have only been twenty-one councils in
    the entire history of the Church.
    It is clear, then, that Our Lady has tied this act of consecration
    to the highest extraordinary authority in the Church. What does this
    mean? Why has she done this?
    The first, most obvious reason would be to show the whole world
    the overwhelming importance of her message at Fatima as the “last
    means of salvation” at the time of the world’s final conflict. The more
    important the action, the more it depends on a higher authority for its
    execution. Because Our Lady requests the consecration of Russia by
    the Pope and all the bishops, she indicates that her request is extreme¬
    ly important. Such a weighty request cannot be taken lightly.
    Secondly, her request is bound up with the exercise of the high¬
    est magisterial authority of the Church, the authority which is used
    to solemnly proclaim certain doctrines as articles of the Faith, drawn
    from revelation and apostolic tradition. Proclamations thus made “ex
    cathedra” are called dogmas. The last dogma to be proclaimed by the
    Church was the Assumption of Our Lady, body and soul into heaven.
    Since then, we have waited for another doctrine concerning the Bless¬
    ed Virgin to be proclaimed as a dogma: that Our Lady is Mediatrix of
    all graces, meaning that she is the repository of all graces of conversion
    and sanctification, and that it is her role to distribute these graces to
    souls. The Second Vatican Council should have been the occasion to
    proclaim this doctrine a dogma of the faith, as a great number of bish¬
    ops and fathers of the Council were requesting it, but the Modernist
    bishops at the Council prevented it from happening. All the appari-
    tions of Fatima fully demonstrate the fact that the Immaculate Heart
    of Mary is the channel for all graces of conversion and sanctification
    of mankind, both individually and socially. Her promise of the con¬
    version of Russia is nothing but the supreme exercise of her power as
    Mediatrix. The might other power is strikingly unveiled in the miracle
    of the sun, but her conversion of an entire nation separated from the
    Church and at enmity with God would be even more striking. How
    fitting it would be if the Pope, together with all the bishops of the
    world, proclaimed the dogma of Our Lady Mediatrix at the same time
    as fulfilling her request for Russia’s consecration, stating: “We believe
    that Our Lady is the Mediatrix of all graces. Since she promises to give
    these graces of conversion to the poorest and most abused nation on
    earth, we want to fulfill her desire to consecrate it to her in homage of
    our firm belief in the efficacy of the dogma we have just proclaimed”.
    Thirdly, Our Lady’s request for Russia’s consecration demon¬
    strates that Fatima is an extraordinary and universal event of the Catho¬
    lic Church, in the Catholic Church, and for the Catholic Church. She
    will not circumvent the order established by her Divine Son: whatever
    comes from heaven must pass through the established hierarchy of the
    Church. There is no exception to this rule, as if there were two sets of
    parallel authorities in the Church, with the ordinary care of the Church
    belonging to the hierarchy, and extraordinary intervention belonging
    to Our Lady for those who benefit from her apparitions. Clearly she
    wants the message of Fatima to be counted among the most important
    manifestations in the universal Church, and this has to be recognized
    from its supreme authority, “the Pope together with all the bishops”.
    Throughout the first volume we have considered how the apparitions
    of Fatima are solemn reminders of various doctrines of the Church,
    especially the truths which are the most neglected and condemned in
    our contemporary world, even among Catholics. Submission of the
    highest authority of the Church to the requests of Our Lady would
    renew these forgotten and despised teachings of the Church.”
    – end Fr. Redline quote –
    Link to source:

  5. SSPX has some weird theological beliefs. Although their orders are valid, they don’t have jurisdiction. But that doesn’t seem to be a problem. The fact that Bergoglio doesn’t care about sacramental theology means they can now say they’re in union with the pope.
    They’re okay with claiming the pope is a heretic, whereas dogmatic theology calls this a heresy.
    They always call the men in Rome “Holy Father” but don’t feel compelled to obey him.
    They do offer the TLM but seem theologically schizophrenic. As long as they can say that the man in Rome supports them, they’ll call anyone who questions his legitimacy a schismatic, they even supported the vaccine agenda.

    1. Schizophrenia: a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.
      (in general use) a mentality or approach characterized by inconsistent or contradictory elements.
      I’m not attaching this diagnosis to SSPX, merely that certain positions are consistent with the malady. It can be recognized within our own lives – I have recognized it in my own faith at many points in the past, which were the driving force behind movement away from schizophrenic inconsistencies toward a position more aligned with reason and Tradition (Non-Denom Proddie to New Order to FSSP to SSPX).
      In the same way, I think it is important that these “inconsistencies and contradictions” be resolved within the Society, not tolerated and accepted. They must be explained and reasoned through to the Faithful, or the conflict must remain for the sake of spiritual health. The truth is, their “breakdowns” are my (our) breakdowns, and conflict, not peace, is naturally what follows.

      1. And by this I am referring specifically to their acceptance of Emeritus Pope/Francis; acceptance of “Papal” heresy without consequence; their *de facto* alliance with vaccine mandates (by accepting the logic); acceptance and promotion of the false, non-conforming Fatima Consecration.

  6. Leadership of the SSPX has definitely fallen in with the NewChurch since 2012 but there are many good priests that work tirelessly to bring the Sacraments and Tradition to those in their churches and mission chapels, one of which I attend. We have had better and worse priests but all throughout the plandemic our current pastor traveled weekly to us, even driving 12 hours one week when air travel was impossible. It is unfortunate that the current bishops have weakened their stance on the errors of VII and cooperate with Rome, but until the restoration of the one holy, Catholic and apostolic church, the SSPX provides the traditional sacraments to us, and for that I am grateful.

    1. Life is a constant struggle for the souls of men … and apostolates. Nothing is stable and permanent in this life. Good must be fought for by every generation, every soul. The Jesuits of 1540 are not the Jesuits of today. And so we must pray for our Priests, because even as we can fall individually each and every day, so too can SSPX Priests and their Society as a whole. Old Priests die and follow Archbishop LeFebvre to the judgement, and new Priests take their place – the drama of this life, as we make our choices for Christ and build each other up in the holy Roman Catholic Faith of Sacred Tradition … or don’t.

  7. This “Good Enough” Consecration has replaced the original Consecration that came from the Throne of heaven itself – from God, through Our Lady, the Queen of Heaven and Earth. As the study I linked to above makes clear – this is extremely rare, extremely sacred and must be accepted verbatim.
    It reminds me of this analogy:
    Consecration of the Host, which has not changed since the first Mass in the Upper Room:
    – quote –
    “P: Who, the day before He suffered, took bread into His holy and venerable hands, and having lifted up His eyes to heaven, to Thee, God, His almighty Father, giving thanks to Thee, blessed it (✠), broke it, and gave it to His disciples, saying:
    P: On the day before he was to suffer, [He takes the bread and, holding it slightly raised above the altar, continues:] he took bread in his holy and venerable hands, raises his eyes.] and with eyes raised to heaven to you, O God, his almighty Father, giving you thanks, he said the blessing, broke the bread and gave it to his disciples, saying:
    [He bows slightly.]
    Take ye and eat ye all of this: [The priest bends over the Host and says:]
    Take this, all of you and eat of it:
    – end quote –
    The “Good Enough” Consecration of the Host:
    – I say this as analogy only, with reverence to God, to emphasize the crucial, existential importance to do certain things perfectly, every time, no ad libs are permissible.
    – analogy –
    “Who the day before Jesus was persecuted by worldly men, took a loaf of bread into his merciful hands, lifted his eyes up to heaven on behalf of all the suffering and oppressed, and crying out to God for the sake of the suffering earth and those in the earth who lack the means of living a full life, he broke the bread, gave it to his disciples and said:
    Take ye and eat ye all of this: [The Priest bends over the Host and says:]
    Take this, all of you and eat of it:
    Do this in memory of me and all who suffer hunger and want, spiritual and temporal.”
    – end –
    These are holy words that come directly from God. If they do, they cannot be changed or altered, down to the punctuation marks.

    1. I missed specifying my main point of analogy: In both Consecrations (Fatima and Holy Eucharist), they are either identical to the directed words given to Man by direct revelation from God … or they *CONTAIN* the identical words, but the SURROUNDING “liturgy” is profoundly altered and additional words are added to the crucial core (Ukraine added; conversion replaced with peace etc).
      That is the “good enough” to which we either accept (SSPX with all the rest) or don’t. I don’t personally see how you can. And I don’t see how you can walk away and say “good enough, we’ll just have to wait and see whether it worked”.

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