“The very fact we are even debating this 100 years into it all is the only proof you need”

Apart from the fact that it needs to be done by a valid pope, it really is this simple. Nine simple words. Which is why the 105 year failure is so glaringly obvious for anyone with eyes to see, along with the results of said failure. -NVP

How You Will Know When the Consecration Is Done Properly

By Father David Nix

Imagine you had a 12 year old son who punched your 10 year old daughter in the face.  Let’s say that son was very stubborn and you knew getting an apology out of him was going to be difficult.  You bring your son and crying daughter into the same room and make him apologize.  You know this will be difficult so you give him the exact words:  “Say to your sister, ‘I am sorry for punching you in the face.’”  You know you need to give him those nine exact words because of past subterfuge this stubborn son will play with word games.

Your son initially says to his sister who he punched, “I’m sorry… not!”  You stare him down because you know this is defiance when you have given him such easy words.  He softens a little bit and then he says, “Ok, I’m sorry…that you feel that way about our argument.”  Of course, you still do not let him off the hook since apologizing for another’s feelings does not constitute an actual apology.  The whole situation becomes a Mexican-standoff on who has the stronger will.  You have given your stubborn son only nine simple words to say:  I am sorry for punching you in the face.  However, he keeps adding words to it and so you have to wait there for hours on your disobedient son.

That is what Mary has been doing with the Popes of the Catholic Church in asking them to publicly consecrate Russia alone to her Immaculate Heart.  But the games and the stubbornness on changing her words continue not for hours but for over 100 years.  I mean, we are now seeing that extremely, extremely simply instructions can not be followed.  And that is our indication at a deeper level of doctrine and liturgy that everything is in a state of disobedience in the Catholic Church at this point.

Besides the fact I think what happened last week is a totally different ball of wax from the past 100 years (for reasons I can’t get into here)  I do want to write briefly on all the Popes of the past 100 years who had admittedly failed at the Fatima consecration by the very fact it keeps getting “re-done”:   Mary gave the Popes of the past 100 years just nine words to say to fulfill her exact request at Fatima:  I consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  (And maybe add on another simple sentence regarding reparation and first Saturdays.) When you hear those nine words, that is how you will know that the consecration is done properly.  Only then will we have peace.  Of course, war with Russia will not constitute world peace. The real consecration will certainly not come from someone who said Mary “wanted” to call the Angel Gabriel a “liar.”  (God forgive me for even hyperlinking such horrible blasphemy against Our Lady.)

But the very fact we are even debating this 100 years into it all is the only proof you need that heaven’s disobedient son is still “in the corner.”  Yes, you will know the consecration is done when there is no more games, no more subterfuge, no more legalistic loopholes on someone following these extremely, extremely simple rules.  Yes, I believe we will have relative world peace when a valid Pope of the Catholic Church orders all bishops of the world to be with him and says not 1104 words of washed-up old-hippy environmental-poetry, but nine simple words demanded by God Himself through the Holy Theotokos:

“I consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.” (And—again perhaps—a single sentence or two on reparation and/or first Saturdays.)


24 thoughts on ““The very fact we are even debating this 100 years into it all is the only proof you need””

  1. I have been studying moral theology. I think consecrations can only be done by the ordinary or extraordinary minister. Unless an antipope is somehow an extraordinary minister, it won’t work, even if you get the words right.
    Is my understanding of traditional Catholic moral theology wrong here?

  2. All biblical prophecy must be fulfilled before the end. The time foretold by the prophet Isaiah when men would pound their swords into ploughshares and learn the art of war no more has not happened yet. I think the consecration Our Lady is waiting for will mark the beginning of that time.

  3. Because God exists outside the fullness of time, I sometimes wonder if things have already happened and we’re living in the way-back machine? I know that sounds crazy, and maybe it is, but when you study the Book of the Apocalypse, Akita and other prophecies worthy of belief (not Medjugorge – hoax, Garabandal – satanic deception, and Bayside – crazy woman’s imagination) there’s a pattern of the past, present and future melting into one scenario.
    The notion that the consecration finally happened this past Friday is ludicrous. It really chaps my you know what that Trad priests and laypeople WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER are smoking hopium and sincerely believing that not only is pacamammy’s hag-fag the pope, but this blasphemous scoundrel somehow in his freemasonic, blabberous screed about “humanity” fulfilled Heaven’s wishes. Hello… he actually mentioned Ukraine first before Russia in case no one caught that one. The whole thing was a cheap political theatre stunt and a direct middle finger to God and Our Lady.
    Back to my theory about the way-back machine. Get ready for something truly apocalyptic to happen and that means fire falling from the sky and the living envying the dead. Get ready for nations to be annihilated and in all probability, that means the US doesn’t get to see the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. A true, legitimate, holy father WILL consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary but it will happen late, after these apocalyptic things foretold in the Book of the Apocalypse and again at Akita (and in all likelihood Fatima) are underway.
    What can we do? Stay confessed, get our souls in order and desire one thing – to die in a state of grace and go home to Heaven. This world has to be chastised and especially The West and double especially the United States. Seriously folks, the state of our society right now makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like a tame PG-13 movie.

  4. I have this idea that has come to my mind that I cannot shake. I think the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate heart of Mary has been done by Pope Benedict while sequestered in the Vatican. Why do I think this? When President Trump came on the scene, a notable characteristic of his term was the lack of global conflict. Even North Korea was brought to heel. Treaties were signed and even China and Russia had respectful relationships with the US. People felt a sense of stability and relief. The second big tell was how people were noting Putin becoming more religious and sensitive to the importance of the family. Did not Mary also say that the final battle will be over the family? It is possible that Benedict sent out a letter to the Bishops to join him on that day as he is still the Vicar of Christ and this will be the test of loyalty to Christ, His mother and to His Vicar. This would be a sorting out of sheep and goats as a great apostasy comes in the end. The period of promised peace was not promised to go on forever but a chance to wise up, repent and choose whom you will serve. We are now looking at a reverse of every paradigm. The west is up to the eyeballs in corruption of every unspeakable kind and Russia seems to be an agent of exposure of the crimes while Putin just recently condemned Russia’s past history of Satanism which manifests as communism. If the Consecration has been done we should expect a change of heart of the object. Putin supposedly ask Francis To consecrate Russia to the Immaculate heart and Francis refused. I hear lots of condemnation of Putin but who are we to be cynical about a possible conversion of heart. I guess Saint Paul also faced scepticism. Yes, he was KGB but please point out any paragon of virtue in this global mess in which we find ourselves. This idea may be fantastical but so one could say is the situation of having two men in the Vatican wearing white.

  5. The consecration keeps getting “re-done” because the proper words were not used and no participation by the bishops. The word “alone” as in “Russia alone must be consecrated” were not in the instructions given by Our Lady. The recent consecration by Pope Francis and bishops used the “nine words.” The consecration was done QED. All other objections as to motives and intentions and lack of form are irrelevant.

      1. Neither is it irrelevant that he’s a Heretic, Apostate, Idolater…….& a Cryptic Jew, supportive of NWO comprised of similar anti-Christ/Christian haters, which has been very well documented by Gladstone2 @ cognitive.gateway.worldpress.com/2021/4/13/coverup-bergoglios-jewish-roots.

      2. Well that’s what you say. But let us stipulate that he is the pope. Then you have to agree that the consecration was done I would think. Also, just taking an “Occams razor” approach, and looking for the simplest explanation would cause us just to accept things at face value. A man, dressed up like the pope, said the nine words, altogether with bishops. Therefore it was done.

      3. John M: The Pope is required for this Marian consecration in the same way that a Priest is required for the Eucharistic consecration. It is not optional, because the source of our religion is God. We obey, we do not create. For instance …
        The man on the Altar saying the words of consecration must be a Priest. It has to start there. If he is not a Priest, then it doesn’t matter whether he gets the words or consecration right or not – the miracle of Transubstantiation does not occur. In a similar way, the words must be said precisely according to the formula of Holy Mother Church. There can be nothing added or taken away from the liturgical words of consecration written in the book. And in line with what I said below – the next thing that is required for an *efficacious communion* is the heart of the Communicant … is he in a state of grace and properly disposed to receive Our Lord?
        The words of consecration buried in a much longer homily which have been altered to include other nations and the prayer for other blessings than the precise instructions is presumptuous and doomed.
        Mark’s point: why can’t any Pope in union with all Bishops under obedience to him in 100 years simply say 9 words?
        “Close enough” and “good enough” is not possible in Holy Mother Church.
        Along those lines, I found this interesting link – posting the difference between The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and New Mass:
        You can see from this the total disconnect between Sacred Tradition and New. It points to the problem*s* (plural) of the false consecration. Liberties are taken everywhere.

    1. @Aqua: A consecration is not a sacrament. The pope actually has a lot of leeway in how he can perform it. By any reasonable requirement for validity, the consecration was done. And for those who say that Francis is an antipope, I would say that your position is not infallible. I would suggest taking a break from those bloggers who constantly talk about this–you know who they are–and perhaps get a better view of the forest for the trees. Actually one of the best arguments for Francis being an actual pope is that he performed the consecration so perfectly.

  6. This is a wonderful analogy, used by Fr. Nix (Padre Peregrino).
    It reminds me of my son who says he is sorry when he is not sorry … not at all. “I’m sorry” when delivered in a heart of anger and hate can be a verbal attack, not an apology (I’m sorry, ok!? I said I was sorry, what do you want from me?!”).
    I have seen that same son come to me in tears and not say a word, and I know how sorry he is already – I can feel it in his embrace when he comes to me for forgiveness. He will tell me what he did wrong in some detail, and the words “I’m sorry”, when they come, mean something entirely different. And after they are said, the best part, *he is changed*.
    As I read Fr. Nix’s article, that example came to mind.
    The consecration must be from the Pope (the actual Pope) and it must be in union with all the Bishops, called to the consecration by direct order of the Holy Father in a heart of love for God, love for Our Lady and her Immaculate Heart, love for Russia, immense desire for conversion of Russia to God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It must have the heart of the Pope and the Apostolic Line of Bishops in union with him, and the beating heart of the Faithful is in union with our Shepherds.
    It is an unseen spiritual thing that *precedes* the consecration that leads to the Pope saying the 9 words with the Bishops in the precise way directed in an efficacious way pleasing and acceptable to God. Caine and Abel were directed to offer sacrifice. They both brought sacrifice. One was pleasing and accepted. One was not pleasing and was rejected. God sees the heart. God judges the heart. It is the heart where faith like a mustard seed can move mountains (convert Russia).

    1. Aqua, that is an excellent point. Bergoglio does not come across as penitential. I can’t judge his heart, but I definitely can analyze his words. All naturalistic hippy-talk about peace, love, and the poor/roving immigrants. He never mentions the Holy Name of Jesus in any of his thousand plus words.
      However, all of this is beside the point. Bergoglio is not the pope.

  7. “Bergoglio is not the Pope” goes hand in hand with everything else you said above. It is the source for all faithful Catholics’ discomfort and disquiet about what is happening to us. We need the Vicar of Christ (singular) in his Holy Office in the fullness of his Divine relationship to our God. He mediates God to the visible Church. This is the first and most important stone that Christ laid in his building of Holy Mother Church. Something dreadfully wrong has happened there, and the evidence (mercifully) is clear and profuse (like a wound that must be healed).
    So, I would say it is not beside the point but all the same – connected.

  8. Francis’ Consecration of Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart – The Glazov Gang with Jamie Glazov interviews Fr. Paul Kramer, published 27 March 2022
    “there will soon be a movement in the Church that will by stages seek to abolish the celebration of the Mass, and that a day will come when the valid celebration of the Mass will be abolished.” “It will be very difficult for people to find a valid Mass, and as a result of the loss of the graces that are received through the celebration of the Mass – catastrophic events would take place; chastisements of the world.”
    – Fr. Lawrence Emmett Hughes, Thanksgiving Day, 28 November 1957

  9. NEW DETAILS on THIRD SECRET at 36:50 “there will soon be a movement in the Church that will by stages seek to abolish the celebration of the Mass, and that a day will come when the valid celebration of the Mass will be abolished.” “It will be very difficult for people to find a valid Mass, and as a result of the loss of the graces that are received through the celebration of the Mass – catastrophic events would take place; chastisements of the world.” – Fr. Lawrence Emmett Hughes, Thanksgiving Day, 28 November 1957 |
    The Glazov Gang with Jamie Glazov interviews Fr. Paul Kramer, recorded 24 March 2022, published 27 March 2022
    Francis’ Consecration of Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart

    1. Pity, those who joined an antipope in a false consecration.
      There are consequences for accepting, supporting, obeying and following an antipope.

  10. Wish all the twitter trads gushing about the “consecration finally being done!” understood that what Bergoglio couldn’t even possibly do marks the countdown to the “OR”. What is the “OR” ?
    At Rianjo, Spain in August 1931, Our Lord communicated to Sister Lucy His dissatisfaction with the Pope’s and the Catholic bishops’ failure to obey His command to consecrate Russia. He said:
    “Make it known to My ministers, given that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My requests, they will follow him into misfortune. It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary.”
    How did it end for Louis XVI? That’s what priests, bishops, clerics and religious in Italy especially (several Catholic prophecies tell us) have to look forward to.
    Heads will roll, literally.
    So tell us again tradinc twittersphere how excited you are with the consecration having finally been done?

    1. Amen, John!
      I would add my thought that *most* Bishops, Priests, Clerics and Religious (twitteetrads/tradsinc.) will not suffer persecution. They will, instead, join the crowd with the pitchforks and torches surrounding Madame Guillotine calling with equal or greater volume than their fellows for the “just” punishment of those who caused such religious and social upset by failing to join the “revolution” – the advances called for equally by both “Pope” and One World Government leaders alike, in unity … all except those hateful few who refuse to join
      Most Bishops, Priests, Clerics, Religious, Trads will, imo, willingly call for the persecution of the few Bishops, Priests (etc) who refuse to join them in their cause of “unity”. OWG is expressing itself in a satanic system of pagan Church and State whose hatred and intended violence towards its only enemy Jesus Christ and those who follow Him to Calvary IS the heart of the coming conflict foretold by Our Lord.
      The warning is for the Church … not anti-church.

      1. In Italy the prophecy says something like four priests in the entire country will escape with their earthly life. Four.

  11. Check this out Mark, Chechens give the ukrainazis one day to surrender. Supposedly there are some Brit soldiers in there they keep trying unsuccessfully to evacuate by helicopterhttps://www.bitchute.com/video/Sp1K5C1wbX9y/

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