Do you really think the demon-worshiping Vicar of Pachamama wants to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

An antipope has no authority over the Petrine Office whatsoever. The thing will not be done, unless there is some miraculous intervention/participation by Pope Benedict, who is still busy imparting his Apostolic Blessing. But beyond simply not being done, isn’t it more likely that something demonic might take place, given that Bergoglio has demonstrated time and again his hatred of the Blessed Virgin? His hatred of the Rosary? His blasphemy, idolatry, Marxism, Freemasonry? His exhortation on the ultimate end of Man being perfect human fraternity?

You need to prepare for this.

5 thoughts on “Do you really think the demon-worshiping Vicar of Pachamama wants to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?”

  1. You don’t have to have a doctorate in theology to know that only someone who is Catholic can run the Catholic Church. You do have to know some theology to know that a pernicious heretic is not Catholic. You have to be awake to see that Francis is a pernicious heretic. Just being logically consistent forces the conclusion. If they justly declare he is pope and and give answers to a few questions, then fine, I accept the judgement of the Church. But I don’t think God requires someone to be irrational to be His disciple. I am to love truth with my whole mind.
    I will not violate the natural law because someone who I’n not certain is pope says so. In do not think taking this gene therapy is an act of love. When someone justly judges his election to be legit, we will see. Who will accuse me of having a schismatic mentality? Is what I am asking for unreasonable?

    1. I agree with you. We are called to judge the fruit, and Bergoglio’s fruit reeks. If seeing that and sayig that means I am in schism from Francischurch, I can live with that. This schism talk is deception, pure and simple. The Vatican 2 revolutionaries and their followers are in schism from the Faith, and openly denigrate it. Bergoglio is not the pope, so cannot do this consecration. It is a mockery.

  2. First, compare and contrast berogolio’s expression looking at pachamama and at the Eucharist.
    Second, a lot of Eastern Orthodox I’ve spoken to are using the same pachamama talking point, but to make the exact wrong argument(s) (in my opinion). If one wanted to put ecumenism with both the Eastern Schismatics and Protestant Heretics back centuries or more, what better way than to openly worship a demoness?
    Eastern Orthodox people have told me things like: “Everyone in your Church says Francis is Pope! I can walk into any Catholic Church office, and there’s a photo of Francis on the wall. I don’t think there’s more than 1,000 people who say otherwise in your Church, or even know there’s any question on the matter! Your Pope openly worships a demon! Bishops of your Church stand by and let that happen! Even the ONE Bishop you say is still the Pope just sits back and does NOTHING! He’s in his 90s, what has he got to lose by denouncing this madness? The chance for him to correct the world, and actually BE a Bishop has come and gone! Our Bishops would be leading mobs of angry people to depose someone who did that! How can you say that your Church is without grace and is the True Church with all that?”
    I’m sadly left without much to counter such arguments…
    This “consecration” is nothing more than a simple carrot bergoglio is offering to the few Trads left who call him pope, and he’s playing them all like a fiddle brilliantly. While I don’t know if there’s going to be anything major, such as a nuclear war, from this “consecration” I do suspect that with the Latin Mass in many places being shut down, there’s going to be a huge increase in interest the Eastern Catholic Divine Liturgies (until the modernists come after them…), along with the SSPX/FSSP, and maybe even the Anglican Ordinariates.

  3. For what it’s worth, there are swarms of orbs around “pope Francis” in those pictures and yes, I know orbs can be photographic artefacts under some conditions of dust, moisture, and sunlight, but many people see those things directly — they are almost certainly not good things.

  4. I think the Consecration offered by Arbp. Lefebvre and his newly consecrated bishops was more pleasing to Heaven than anything done previously by the popes. And I certainly can’t imagine Heaven being pleased with the publicly unrepentant “pacha-antipope”.

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