“We need you (in this war)!” Nancy invites Ukrainian puppet thug president to address Congress… like a movie within a movie

Video should be cued up to start at 14:45. “Protect our skies… Is a no-fly zone too much to ask?” Be sure not to miss the pre-produced docudrama he shows near the end, with moving soundtrack. Sniff.

Folks, we are on the very brink of war with Russia. Say your Rosary and make the Sacraments.

9 thoughts on ““We need you (in this war)!” Nancy invites Ukrainian puppet thug president to address Congress… like a movie within a movie”

  1. On the brink of war, and those calling for it have almost without exception never lifted a finger in defense themselves. Nor does anyone alive know what it’s like to experience occupation, defeat.
    Whenever you cross the line and go to war, you must be prepared to accept the consequences of such a decision. And that means the very real possibility, you might not win. Count the cost. What possible cost, victory?
    The effete war dogs calling for war have no idea what lies behind the door of that Pandora’s box. That’s not to say it must never be opened – there are things worth fighting and dying for, expending everything to the last drop of blood and treasure for. This think in Ukraine is not only not “it”, it is the opposite of “it”. I cannot even believe anyone thinks it is worth a black eye, much less possibly total war. The only explanation is that we are a nation of children who are used to getting everything we want without cost or sacrifice.
    In the past, we knew all possible diplomatic possibilities must be exhausted, and even then we should try to avoid war. Now … “look at the children, the suffering – someone has to do something! Launch the fighters! Just enforce a ‘no fly zone”. Yeah, simple. A no fly zone.
    My guess is that this will lead to a disaster exponentially worse than our insanely inept Afghanistan withdrawl. Except now, having declared war (which is what a no fly zone is), our opponent is within his rights to not just self defense but offense … against us.
    Victory in conflicts against great powers comes with a huge cost. I’d be interested to know who is personally willing to take up arms and die for the tragic images (not truth, just images) they see on their Telly.

    1. This article is an example of what I mean, when I refer to the unpredictable and violent outcomes of war that guarantee nothing more than change – quite possibly change we won’t like at all:
      The end of WW II went in our favor, due to the unbelievable courage and fortitude of our fighters … along with a few battles that turned in our favor only due to the providence of God. In the aftermath – the $ was king within international trade and commerce. We reaped prosperity as a result.
      What happens when a new alliance fights America not just with military but with combined economic attacks – in this case, the end of the dollar as the basis for all trade. THEN we see how empty our suit is. That will make the current inconvenient and worrisome economic harbingers seem like but a distant fond memory.

    2. Your comment about us being a nation of children who are used to getting everything we want without cost or sacrifice is spot on. Most of us grew up viewing war as a sporting event. We wake up every morning and flip the news on to see the “highlights” of the war that was taking place somewhere on the other side of the world, and then go about our day worrying if our basketball team will make it to the tournament. There have been and are wars going on all of the time somewhere on the globe and some in the not too distant past involved Russia. So, why all of a sudden is Ukraine the hill most everyone is seemingly choosing to plant the flag of war on? I have my suspicions on the intent of some people, but to see so many people who seem to want to get involved in something that could quickly become disastrous is mesmerizing to me.

      1. Jeff C: It reminds of this fellow –
        Pat Tillman
        Who turned into this fellow –
        He actually did practice what he preached – gave up his amazing football career and went to war for America after 9-11. I read much about his life, and consider him a real hero – someone to emulate. Anyway, just before he was killed (I won’t say how – it is tragic) this deep thinking man of conviction realized he, and America, had been duped. Something was seriously wrong. You quit a football career for just war … but this thing?! He knew. Tragic loss, this fearless deep thinker (fearless in thought as well as deed). A fascinating person, and a true American icon.
        Anyone who is beating the drum for war should read his tragic story. And this was just Afghanistan.

  2. God will always bring about a greater good even though we may not see it at the moment. All that we’ve been through the last few years has a definite purpose in His plan. As the leftist elites have created an alternate reality around the sleeping sheep, where good is evil and evil is good, God has assured his faithful by exposing this evil fraud.
    He continually exposes these so called loving, tolerant and peaceful people for their hypocrisy. How many times did I have to hear ‘my body my choice’ when arguing against abortion only to have the same people demand I let government inject poison into me. Liars. It always was about the demonic slaughter of babies and nothing else.
    Now these same people supposedly care about 100 dead kids in Ukraine while they just allowed many more than that to be maimed and slaughtered by their own government through vaccines? Not buying it anymore.
    At this point I’m not sure how much separating of the wheat there is left to do. You’re either awake or you willingly have chosen to ignore the reality God has presented and will remain asleep until the end.

  3. “Is a no-fly zone too much to ask?”
    – Yes actually, it is.
    1. This isn’t our fight.
    2. Russia was nice enough to leave us alone when we invaded Iraq, we should return the favor with their invasion of Ukraine.
    3. This isn’t our fight.
    4. This isn’t our fight.
    5. Want to know a dirty little secret about the military? No one actually wanted to go and fight in Iraq. They’d all much rather be at home playing video games with their friends rather than dodging IEDs on the side of an Iraqi road! People going to fight for Ukraine today are really stupid, and the Russians will show them no mercy, and they’ll be right to do so!
    6. This is NOT our fight (I really can’t emphasis that enough). Remember all the sanctions China and Russia put on US when we invaded Iraq…? Oh yeah, they were smart enough to say, “This is the American’s fight, let’s stay out of it.”

  4. This is not our fight. If a cause is not worth sending YOUR OWN SON to fight and likely die, it is not worth sending anyone. It’s not our fight. We need to shut up and remain neutral. The fact that some of the most despicable humans breathing today are in favor of war is proof that we need to avoid it.
    Where’s my copy of Smedley Butler’s writings…?

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