“Many variants are coming…”

UPDATE from the combox: Once you understand this, you understand everything. This is the pharmaceutical equivalent of Three-card Monte. You have zero chance of winning; the dealer controls every scenario. If you think you see a way to win, you’re the mark.

WPVI — To help fend off another wave of Covid-19, people will need a fourth dose of vaccine, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said Sunday.

“Many variants are coming, and Omicron was the first one that was able to evade — in a skillful way — the immune protection that we’re giving,” Bourla told CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

Protection after three doses is “not that good against infections” and “doesn’t last very long” when faced with a variant like Omicron.

“It is necessary, a fourth (dose) for right now,” Bourla told CBS.

Bourla said Pfizer is also hoping to make a vaccine that will protect against Omicron and all other variants of SARS-CoV-2 — the virus that causes Covid-19.

The goal is to create “something that can protect for at least a year,” Bourla told CBS on Sunday.

“And if we are able to achieve that, then I think it is very easy to follow and remember so that we can go back to really the way (we) used to live,” he said.


13 thoughts on ““Many variants are coming…””

  1. Are the American people going to be stupid enough to fall for this embarrassing propaganda again? Or will we rise up with a defiant hell no?

  2. Apparently, Pfizer plans to continue to experiment on the population as the corporate state forces compliance. What they have poisoned people with has not killed/maimed enough.

  3. ” … so that we can go back to really the way (we) used to live”.
    That’s the hook.
    Mr. Reset Man pretends like we are ever “going back to really the way (we) used to live”.
    I don’t believe you, Señor Drug Man.

    1. He does think we’re stupid because by and large, most people have been stupid by submitting to the covidism narrative. What we’re seeing now and have been since 2020 is the equivalent to how a cat slowly tortures a mouse before finally killing it.

  4. So, they didn’t know if the first, second, or third dose would protect people, but they have the feeling the fourth might, otherwise they knowingly know that it won’t work and require a fifth so why bother.
    But they do know for sure there are no long term side effects.
    There are two ways to fool yourself: believing what it false; refusing to believe what is true.

    1. The pharmaceutical companies are in a win-win situation now. Why? Because now they can just keep making “vaccines” that no one has any expectations of working. Also, there’s an answer to every possible outcome: if you don’t get sick, the vaccine worked. If you get mildly sick, you would’ve gotten sicker without the vaccine. If you get really sick, you would have died without the vaccine. If you die, it must have been a new variant that they need to make a new vaccine for.

      1. These people are state sponsored drug pushers. I see little difference between Big Pharma and the Mexican Drug Cartel – including how their business model depends on creating the conditions and perceptions that encourage addiction among populations and expanding their business into new markets. “Solve all your problems with a quick hit; give yourself the juice to find your better self; save your marriage by enhancing your fun factor, your ability to perform. And … the new one … *get back the life you used to have*”.
        Big Pharma and their government monopoly sponsors (and their muscle) are evil.
        Found this on a web page (NewLife360*). It seemed relevant to the Big Pharma addiction machine techniques, *and* (importantly) the excuses addicts use for their life altering addictions:
        – quote –
        The top 7 reasons addicts first turn to drugs:
        1) Social Glorification – They believe others won’t accept them unless they have a drink in their hand or take a hit from a joint.
        2) Peer Pressure – The desire to “fit in” is human nature. People will do almost anything to impress others.
        3) Self-Medication – Depression, anxiety, trauma, and other mental health issues … many people end up turning to drugs or alcohol as a way to dull the pain.
        4) Grieving After Loss – Loss is a natural part of life and something everyone will experience at some point. That fact doesn’t make coping any easier … Grief may cause sudden bouts of depression. It can also manifest as physical pain. And some people experiment with drugs as a way to find relief.
        5) Reducing Stress – But just because stress is widespread doesn’t mean people know healthy ways to handle it. Stress physically affects the body. It creates a fight-or-flight response.
        6) Thrill Seeking – using drugs provides a powerful dopamine rush. These thrill-seekers feel invincible and euphoric until the high fades.
        7) Boredom – Boredom is a leading reason people turn to drugs, and it’s also why so many recovering addicts relapse. Boredom doesn’t only occur when you have nothing to do. It also sneaks up when you feel isolated or trapped.
        – end quote –

  5. When ‘omicron’ came out, I saw a timetable for ALL of them. Stretched out into 2025 (and beyond, IIRC). There were specific dates that they would be ‘discovered’. Sure can’t find that info now. Buried in the internet’s memory-hole.

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