Does the Third Secret of Fatima Mention Kiev?

“Russian Roulette” pt. 2

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Edmund J. Mazza, PhD March 11, 2022

On March 25th, 1984, Pope St. John Paul II held a ceremony to perform a consecration to Mary’s Immaculate Heart, but at the last moment, decided not to name Russia, after all…

To know what happened next, one must be old enough to have lived through this era, or one must finish reading this article.

In Part One, I asserted that the immediate cause of the war in Ukraine was Zelensky’s government’s decision to institute a policy to take back the Crimean Peninsula from Russia, one year ago, in February/March 2021. This is precisely when a new administration took power in Washington offering its blessing, as reported by The Jamestown Foundation, (a source which has been considered to be neo-con and subsequently hostile to Russia):

The United States government became the first to endorse the Crimea Platform initiative and proselytize for it, without awaiting the outcome of the… administration’s Ukraine policy review. Addressing the United Nations Security Council’s February 11 session, dedicated to Ukraine… the US mission’s political coordinator, Rodney Hunter, stated, ‘We welcome Ukraine’s Crimea Platform initiative and hope that like-minded partners will consider joining it’ (Ukrinform, February 11).

This Western misstep, along with the NATO advance east as previously stated in Part One, among others, has finally come home to roost—or shall we say, Rus?

Perhaps it will come as news to most that Russians and Ukrainians were once one people: the Kievan Rus. Historians have characterized them as “Slavic-Viking barbarians.” Indeed, their first appearance on the stage of history is when they sent a mighty fleet across the Black Sea to conquer the capital of Eastern Christendom, Constantinople. In June AD 860, they robbed, raped, and ravaged while the imperial armies were hundreds of miles away engaging the armies of Islam. How the city was saved is a tale involving a miraculous icon of Mary and a purported garment she once wore. Here’s the story from the chronicler of Rus…

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7 thoughts on “Does the Third Secret of Fatima Mention Kiev?”

  1. This is just one guy’s opinion here…
    I think I’m an outlier in Traditional Catholics in that I really don’t care about Fatima. In fact I’d go so far as to say there is too much emphasis on Fatima (and other Marian apparitions) in Traditionalist circles to the detriment of individual’s faiths’. Just like how too many Novus Ordo people are attached to 1965, and the “spirit of vatican 2” nonsense, certain Traditionalist are attached to 1917 and Fatima.
    I’ve come across very devout lay Catholics who knew all these details of things from Fatima or Guadalupe, but can’t sit down and read the Catechism (any copy, Trent, Baltimore, or the 1990s one…) because they don’t even own one! I’ve had Traditionalists Catholics try and explain how Eastern Rite Catholics weren’t “real” Catholics. One said to the effect “It’s too new and modern…” That the Church I was talking about came into Communion with Rome in 1642, or telling them that celibate priests are only a discipline in the Church, and that the Church has had married priests with children that predates celibate priests by centuries, didn’t “register” with them.
    I do think that with Fatima people are treading into the realm of Gnosticism with these “secrets.” I don’t think any sort of “true reveal of the third secret” will ever happen. 1. The Church has said it has revealed it. 2. Your salvation is not dependent on this third secret, or Fatima or any other private revelation. 3. There are a lot of real secrets that should be uncovered, and I think traditionalists should be first in line clamoring for them to be revealed. And an overemphasis on Fatima is a distraction from things like: An Archbishop in Argentina was just sentenced to prison for sex abuse… What sort of “secrets” do you think bergoglio (who defended him!!) knows about all that, that he is keeping secret?

    1. Virtue lies in the mean, of course, and it would be true to say that devotion to Fatima at the expense of knowing the catechism would not be good. That’s not my experience at all, by the way. Saying that you “really don’t care about Fatima” reeks of pride. God sent His mother to perform the greatest miracle since biblical times and to deliver a message, for us. The message has been largely ignored, by laity, priests, bishops, popes. And so here we find ourselves 100 years later, living out the consequences of ignoring the message. As for the Third Secret, no it has not been truthfully revealed, and Ratzinger himself admitted they lied about it.

    2. I agree to an extent with what you’ve posted. A lot of people get so wrapped up in apparitions that it literally consumes them, and their lives revolve around messages at the expense of deepening their Catholic Faith (paying attention at Mass, the Bible, the Catechism). That said, Fatima is declared worthy of belief because it does not contradict, nor does it add anything new to the Revelations which ended with the death of the Apostles. Sr. Lucia in fact was asked once about the Third Secret and she indicated that its in the Book of the Apocalypse (which should send all serious, faithful Catholics to confession every week until they don’t have access to the Sacrament anymore). True apparitions of Our Lord (Sacred Heart), Our Lady (Fatima, Lourdes, La Salette, Guadelupe) and the angels (Monte St. Angelo) are gifts from Heaven. God in His Mercy is sending His Son, Mother and His Angelic Messengers to remind us of what we so easily forget and warn us of the consequences of not adhering to His Commandments and the Teachings of His Holy, Catholics and Apostolic Church.
      Now, for what may to some be an unpopular opinion… Folks, stay the HELL away from Garabandal, Medjugorje and their spin-offs which at this point are in the hundreds. Both of these have been repeatedly condemned by the Church and are dangerous to your Catholic Faith. A “warning” before the end of the world as taught by Garabandal? Yeah, on that note we should also believe in the protestant rapture. “All religions are equal,” as taught by the “gospa” of Medjugorge? That’s freemasonry. I’m noticing quite a lot of people in Trad circles now talking seriously about “the warning” and other spiritually dangerous things that came out of the satanic possession and deception that was the Garabandal apparitions. The late Rick Salbato did an incredible job of analyzing Garabandal and for those who are interested, you can read it at:

      1. “Fatima is declared worthy of belief because it does not contradict, nor does it add anything new to the Revelations which ended with the death of the Apostles.”
        That’s it.

    3. Pissed-off Pureblood: I love it when someone makes a really good countercultural argument – against the grain. Something that makes one stop and think, reconsider past assumptions and preconditions. Yours is one of those that, at first reading, has the ring of truth to me. It just struck me that way.
      Fatima is not De Fidei. I think we should start with that. When the Blessed Mother appears, and I believe she has and does, as with the gift of the Rosary to St. Dominic, we should pay close attention. That being said – Fatima is not *the* Faith. “… treading into the realm of Gnosticism”. Yes, to that.
      Your three listed points are spot on.
      And your reference to the “distraction from things like …”, I tend to agree with that.
      One thing that has bothered me about Fatima is the closed nature of its “secrets”. What does #3 actually say? So many opinions. So little truth. We don’t know … it’s secret!
      What is the second secret? I’ve seen many renditions that don’t even mention “in union with Bishops, much less “all the world’s” Bishops. If “all the world’s” was required – what does that mean? 100% or it is invalid? Not specified.
      Bottom line: as you say – Catechism, Dogma, fidelity and living our faith in a spirit of humility and sanctification into all Charity, in obedience to Christ in every minute of our waking day is the essence of the Gospel. Nothing should distract us from that.
      Anyway, I appreciate your interesting opinion. I am going to consider that further.
      P.S: as to Russia … something unusual is happening there, as represented in these two short videos. Some say this is Propaganda and Russia remains godless communists. I don’t think so. I think something unique, special, has happened in Russia in the past 30 years, for which Christendom can rejoice:
      Meanwhile in Ukraine, led by this deprived fellow:
      I notice the descent into depravity in our nation; and this seeming revival/return to Christian roots in Russia. And I find your topic, above, relevant.

      1. Sorry about the advertisements in link 2.
        Perversity warning in link 3 (previously discussed elsewhere in Mark’s Non Veni Pacem blog)

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