Russia: “We have found your biological weapons, which you always accuse other countries of having, yet here you are producing them in a country you share no border with. We have the receipts! Explain yourselves!”

7 thoughts on “Russia: “We have found your biological weapons, which you always accuse other countries of having, yet here you are producing them in a country you share no border with. We have the receipts! Explain yourselves!””

  1. Zelenskys nazi’s had a stable identifiable Russian gene pool to potentially establish a gene target for a population wide illness. Why wouldn’t Russia be concerned.

  2. I remember GWBs Sec of State Colin Powell solemnly speaking to the United Nations, holding up a vial (of something), assuring the assembly that US intelligence had confirmed Iraq had stockpiled weapons of biological mass destruction. Because they had committed this grave crime against humanity, US was within its rights to travel 6,000 miles across the ocean and bomb the living fire out of their cities, occupy their streets and topple their government.
    We invaded Iraq in 2003. Evidently, we began cooperation the next year (2004) with Ukraine to construct a long series of our own criminal facilities for research into the same weapons of mass biological destruction along the border with our primary strategic enemy. The pretext for our war against dangerous war criminals was also the context for our own (alleged) military crimes.
    Here we are – 20 years later … trying to deny the clear purpose behind DOD funded bio-weapons research and development labs – CLEARLY against numerous international conventions dating from WW I to 1972.
    How Did This Happen?!
    And the perps want us to go to war against the nation bordering these hideous facilities? That will be a hard pass from me, all you warrior couch cowboys that have never lifted a finger in defense and don’t have clue what bloodbath you are proposing we get into and for what stupid, malign, unjust purpose.

    1. Evidently it is game on, tomorrow, as the Russians have requested a convening of the UN Security Council, invoking Article 6 of the Biological Weapons Convention. “Any State Party to this convention which finds that any other state party is acting in breach of obligations … Such a complaint should include all possible evidence confirming its validity”
      No nation has ever invoked Article 6 against another nation – ever. Until now. U.S. stands accused of bio-weapons crimes against humanity … by Russia. What an amazing time to be alive!

  3. U.S. funded illegal bio-weapon research labs with the most corrupt government on earth, populated by people like this.
    The thing about people like this is that, while many share their evil ideology and deep-seated hatreds … not very many are willing to organize with others like them and act as an ideological force of nature. We allied with people like this. We developed weapons of mass biological destruction with people like this. Perhaps Covid 19 was developed, not in Wuhan, but with people exactly like this, in Ukraine, governed by people like this.
    None of this will be reported. Fox won’t. No one will. So there is no advance warning of what is coming. These Nazis, literal live action figure Nazis have been heavily armed and funded by …. ourselves.
    Russia is speaking right now at the UN Security Council, reporting on their findings in our bio-weapons lab network. I predict it will not be reported anywhere. And these people, these violent evil people, continue to sap the Western Civ wall.
    I suppose we deserve it. Our spiritual house is a wreck. Our spiritual beating heart, the Catholic Church, willingly accepts a deformed Papacy and its anti-Pope and follows him into all error. We all know chastisement is coming. These men, above, are it.

  4. I wonder about the great quake that is spoken of in revelation. A quake such as was not seen before. Is it a physical quake, OR perhaps a political quake? Imagine the shake up that would happen if it were to be proven that we are the baddies ( and we are just as dirty as any other nation), so that the world just bands together at the UN, and literally proclaims the U. S. dead and having zero right to exist any longer? Who could stop that or challenge it? Can you imagine THAT quake? Such as was never seen before? Literally destroy the old world order by declaring it dead. Can’t say I could argue against them doing that either. Food for thought.

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