“The very same globalists who installed Biden through election fraud, burned our cities, staged the ongoing genocidal plandemic, and turned American school-children into “gays,” trannys and SJWs, also installed the Zelensky regime in Ukraine”

Human Shields and Swords in Ukraine and America

Posted on March 6, 2022 by Scott Lively

DO NOT BE DECEIVED: The very same globalists who installed Biden through election fraud, burned our cities, staged the ongoing genocidal plandemic, and turned American school-children into “gays,” trannys and SJWs, also installed the Zelensky regime in Ukraine

The use of human shields in warfare of any kind is a horrifying satanic tactic, and, ironically, it is most effective against people who are truly humane. The tactic uses our humanity against us, because we don’t want the innocent to be harmed.  

Human shields can be used both defensively and offensively. An example of the use of human shields by “defenders” is what Ukrainian Soros agent Zelensky is doing in Kiev. He forcibly conscripted all male civilians into the militia, equipped them with Molotov cocktails, and ordered them to face down Russian tanks (instead of simply agreeing to never put nukes on Russia’s border, which Putin offered as the solution on Day One). 

I do not disregard the heroism of those who chose voluntarily to fight for their homeland – which is honorable and virtuous regardless of the legitimacy of the political goals of the leaders of either side. However, those who did not volunteer for this are literal human shields for the Zelensky/Soros government, even if they reluctantly join battle under duress so as not to appear cowards, or in the hope they will have a better chance of survival.  

It’s hard to conquer an opponent who uses civilians as human shields. No matter how hard the other side tries to strike surgically against purely military and physical infrastructure, innocent people sometimes get hurt: e.g. Israel re the Palestinians and the US re ISIS and the Iraq wars. In such cases you can only tell which leaders are truly monsters based on whether the dead civilians were intentionally targeted or merely “collateral damage” in an attempt to strike surgically at military targets.   

The truly EVIL players in these games are the ones who WANT civilian carnage (ISIS is notorious for this) and will stage it or even orchestrate it for the propaganda value (such as the Palestinians do routinely). Zelensky’s bad intentions on this score are growing clearer, and, even worse, he now seems intent on triggering WWIII by coercing NATO (or the US) into striking Russia.  

In the fog of war, it can be very difficult to discern what is real and what is fake or which side actually harmed those who are truly victims. The Jussie Smollett mindset is common among the leftist political elites and the media. In fact, it is probably reasonable these days to believe the opposite of anything the American corporate media says is true, probably including the Ukraine war, but certainly on any culture war issue.  

The emotional power of war propaganda, and the media’s expertise in steering public opinion with it, cannot be overstated. And, of course, no-one is more manipulable by propaganda than politicians. Once the elites get the politicians to stampede, the public usually follows. That’s how they managed to turn the entire world into one giant concentration camp in the name of public health for the past two years. It was all done through fear-mongering culture-war propaganda that turned politicians (including, unfortunately, President Trump with Operation Warp Speed), into puppets – although many like Newsom and Cuomo were more-than-willing puppets.  

Another example of culture war propaganda to which President Trump has succumbed, and on which nearly all politicians and much of the public have been stampeded into “group think” (aka “political correctness”) relates to the LGBT agenda. But I’ll get to that – and some redemptive comments on President Donald Trump — in just a moment.  

Sometimes the “defenders” behind the human shields are actually the aggressors, such as the Muslim rocket squads in the Gaza Strip and West Bank who operate from schools, hospitals and apartment buildings. Or the “defenders” who retreat to a position behind civilians after offensive actions, kinetic or political, including war posturing (such as openly working to put nuclear weapons on your enemy’s borders). Either way, the civilians are human shields.

Perhaps most evil is the offensive deployment of human “shields” as “human swords.” Again, the Muslim world offers the best examples. Muslim warlords didn’t just use their own civilians as human shields, they created entire slave-armies of captured enemy soldiers and civilians and used them as human swords in the front ranks of all their battles, so that defenders would need to kill their own countrymen to defend themselves.

Even worse, they both stole boy children and demanded boys as a form of tribute, whom they cruelly broke psychologically through sodomy and torture, and then trained as willing slave-warriors. History’s most famous proof of this is the case of Vlad the Impaler (mythologized as “Count Dracula”) – given in tribute as a boy to the Ottoman Turks. Vlad witnessed their use of impalement torture, then escaped to later lead counter warfare against the Muslims in which he used the mass impalement of thousands of captured Muslim troops to demoralize and successfully turn back an invasion.

In the American culture war, the Marxist left has taken a page from the “steal the children” Muslim playbook. They have exploited and abused their control of the “captive audience” of American schoolchildren to create a slave-army of Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) which they now deploy as human swords. Case in point is the group of school children and Woke adult handlers who last week chanted “F*** DeSantis” in the rotunda of the Florida State House in protest of a parental rights bill to ban “gay” propaganda to schoolchildren below the 4th grade.  

If President Trump had survived the election coup in 2020 we would have no Ukraine war (because he respects Russia’s legitimate security interests and wants to disband NATO) and a much stronger position against all forms of Wokism in general here at home. Despite his (temporary?) compromises on so-called “gay rights” and the “vaccine” Donald Trump is the most powerful anti-globalist in the world. Vladimir Putin is second. Globalism would be quickly crushed if American and Russia agreed to cooperate on that goal as candidate Trump implied in 2015-16. That is the forbidden truth behind the campaign to “cancel” the Russian nation.

The very same globalists who installed Biden through election fraud, burned our cities, staged the ongoing genocidal plandemic, and turned American school-children into “gays,” trannys and SJWs, also installed the Zelensky regime in Ukraine. They WANT WWIII to destroy the old world order so they can bring in the new one through their “great reset.” And they’re trying to manipulate YOU into demanding war against Russia, while pretending to resist the “will of the people.”  

My fellow patriots, in the name of God I implore you not to be deceived by the oldest war-propaganda tricks in the book. Look carefully behind the human shields and swords in Ukraine and America. In both places you will see the ugly, satanically-contorted faces of George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the whole globalist cabal sneering back at you.


8 thoughts on ““The very same globalists who installed Biden through election fraud, burned our cities, staged the ongoing genocidal plandemic, and turned American school-children into “gays,” trannys and SJWs, also installed the Zelensky regime in Ukraine””

  1. It’s very sad to see some Catholics (cf. Rorate Caeli) trying to expel from respectable society anyone who questions the “Putin is pure evil and that’s the only reason he invaded Ukraine” globalist narrative. Are they thinking that the globalist/transhumanist crocodile won’t eat them if they denounce their more forthright allies as “conspiracy theorists?” So much emoting, so little time.

  2. Father of Lies&Murder, Inc. Passing out AK 47’S is the equivalent of the U.N. passing out a million machetes to insure Tutsi v. Hutu annihilation. NO FATIMA NO PEACE! FATIMA sabotage is via fake Sr. Lucy2 who had huge brow ridge like tranny man. See: Transvestigation at Bitchute. http://sisterlucytruth.org
    Free encrypted email Protonmail.
    Genealogy of the genocidal royal inbred Phoenician VENETIAN CITY OF LONDON banksters. Pax Christi+

  3. People are so brainwashed. I try to tell them but they think I am an insane Putin lover. I cannot believe how delusional people are. What is wrong with them. It is driving me almost insane. Because I am venting to her and she says that I am letting the evil get to me. But it is the people that cannot or won’t see the reality.

  4. “Maybe we should stay completely out of this fight just like Russia stayed completely out of our fight in Iraq.” – Saying that makes me worse than Hitler in some circles now.
    This is a lot more complicated than the evil meanie Putin invading the innocent and pure Ukraine.
    Being Schismatics, and Caesaropapists aside, I think the Russian Orthodox Church, and Russia in general, is at least trying to “do the right thing” with regards to the satanic LGBTQ B.S.. They’ve done more over the last 10 years than the Catholic Church has done over the last 50.
    TPTB can’t have Russia standing against them like that…

  5. Great article! Great points about human shields! And thank you for speaking truth about Vlad…most people don’t know that story. The only thing I disagree with is that Trump is an antiglobalist. He is a scottish rite freemason. He was chosen to play the role of the antiglobalist thereby ushering in more globalism through “warp speed” and the lockdowns. He and Biden are two sides of the same masonic coin as are Russia and the Ukraine. We have to be careful not to let ourselves be caught up in these paradigm traps..right vs left…Biden vs Trump…Ukraine vs Russia. These are masonic traps.

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