Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is in bed with Klaus Schwab, Trudeau, Soros, WEF, Great Reset, ALL OF IT

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By Jack Bingham

(LifeSiteNews) – Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has stated that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was one of the reasons he got into politics.

After leaving his career as a comedian and entertainer and becoming Ukraine’s president in April 2019, Zelenskyy hailed Trudeau as “one of those leaders who inspired” him “to join politics,” when he became Ukraine’s president in 2019.

While Zelenskyy has shot to stardom from relative obscurity from the perspective of the West since the Russo-Ukrainian conflict became international news last week, his admiration for Trudeau comes as less of a surprise when looking into his background.

Like Trudeau, Zelenskyy is an acolyte of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, the globalist organization behind the now-infamous “Great Reset” agenda, which tells the world that by the year 2030, “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.”

The ubiquitous support for Zelenskyy by the elite, including support from “defund the police” and Black Lives Matter leftist mega-donor George Soros, Trudeau, American President Joe Biden, and all sides of mainstream media, has led many to question the true motivation behind the West’s condemnation of Russia and a concern that a push for yet another foreign war involving the West is underfoot.

On Tuesday, for example, Ukrainian journalist Daria Kaleniuk made an emotional demand to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, asking him to instruct NATO to enter the war in Ukraine. After the event was praised in Western media, reports surfaced showing that Kaleniuk is not just a journalist, but a member of the WEF and runs initiatives backed by Soros throughout Eastern Europe.

While many are skeptical of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his former ties to the KGB, scrutiny of the other side of the conflict seems absent in mainstream outlets which has worried many considering the radical nature of the WEF and their Great Reset goals.

The Great Reset is a radical socialist plan designed by global elites to “reset” the world economy, and install a centralized, and heavily regulated totalitarian international system similar to that of China’s Social Credit System.

In fact, the WEF’s founder and chairman Klaus Schwab has consistently praised Chinese Communist President Xi Jinping, including a statement from this year in which he told the leader of China that his dictatorial regime has made “significant social and economic achievements” under his “inclusive” leadership…


34 thoughts on “Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is in bed with Klaus Schwab, Trudeau, Soros, WEF, Great Reset, ALL OF IT”

  1. May Our Lady of Vladimir wrap her mantle of protection over President Putin and the Russian nation. I stand with Russia.

    1. I stand with neither. This conflict is Kabuki theater at best, plan B since plan A , the ‘Rona didn’t quite pan out as well as expected. Both Russia and Ukraine are in bed with the oligarchs and are two of the top countries in terms of abortion numbers. Corrupted, greed and power are their gods.

      1. I reserve the right to be wrong but I personally think that Putin broke away from the globalists and that’s driving the hysteria against him and the Russian people. Putin has his personal flaws (don’t we all) and he is a schismatic Orthodox but under his leadership, abortion rates have been going down – considerably – while marriage rates and morals have been going up. I don’t see Putin trying to restore the Soviet Union but rather, restoring Czarist Russia (Ewww, said the freemasons. We can’t have a Christian monarchy, that’s SO 1916.)
        What’s happening now in that area HAS to happen. We were clearly told by Our Lady that if Russia wasn’t consecrated to her Immaculate Heart, Russia would be an instrument to chastise the world for its sins. And, when you look at it with all seriousness, Russia is moving closer to God while the West at this point is literally fornicating and having sodomy on a daily basis with satan.
        It’s going to get a lot worse but remember, this all ends with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

    2. If Putin is fighting the globalists, why was he in lock step with them on COVID? He could have blown the doors off the entire charade, but instead he played along. Lockdowns, PCR tests, inflated case and death numbers, every bit of it. Putin was Team Klaus for the whole wretched affair.
      And then the entire world just turns COVID off, all at once, like they flipped a global circuit breaker… just in time to give the Pray for Ukraine Show the world’s undivided attention.
      It’s all too impossibly convenient. And the sudden impact of this war is serving the goals of The Great Reset all too perfectly (We’re at $4.39 here in Phoenix today. Food shortages, job losses, and mortgage defaults are next.)
      I get the allure of pulling for Russia here, I really do. On the surface, they look like they’re completely justified in breaking up a belligerent American puppet regime in their own backyard, a regime put into power through a murderous color revolution with American fingerprints all over it (everyone should see Oliver Stone’s “Ukraine on Fire” if you haven’t already). But when you look at the actions of the Americans, from Biden’s war on domestic energy production (thus giving Putin his oil leverage), to Obama killing European missile defense systems (thus giving Putin is nuclear leverage), to the US State Department and CIA carrying out an in-your-face coup de tat on Russia’s border (thus giving Putin his casus belli for an invasion), it’s hard to see anything but a lot of utterly wicked people working together toward the same utterly wicked goal.

  2. Conservatives and anti-vax mandate patriots in general went from stopping the godless, corrupt, WEF stooge tyrant Trudeau as if our lives depended on it, and supporting thr brave and mighty truckers who sacrificed everything for the sake of freedom … to supporting the godless, corrupt, WEF stooge tyrant Zelensky, defeating his enemy Russia and ensuring Zelensky’s viability and survival and place as the leading source of One World Government funding of global tyranny – in the span of literally a day.
    Not only that – if you support anyone trying to remove the godless, corrupt, WEF stooge tyrant, his government and his global corruption schemes … then they take the additional step snd insist you must be a traitor and seditious to freedom unless you join them in their cause of sustaining the godless, corrupt, WEF stooge tyrant in power – take the side of the global government sodo-satanist supporting Zelensky who stands against the Orthodox Christian Vladimir Putin who offers to free us from the tyrant.
    This is insanity on a truly grand scale. The conservatives who hate mandates are willing to go to nuclear war in support of the tyrant who is the face and funding source of mandates.

    1. Aqua, what we’re seeing is the veil coming off. The whole democrat, republican and to a lesser extent, libertarian political party battles have been a ruse. All three are rotten fruits of freemasonry which is the one-party political system we in the US live under. The writing has been on the wall since the nation’s founding. Literally, “democrat,” “republican” and “libertarian” were descriptors used during the French Revolution of the people who rebelled against God, and His Church. Those very people martyred tens of thousands of faithful Catholics. Now, their spiritual descendants are at it again because a world leader (albeit personally flawed and a schismatic Orthodox) is saying no to the NWO and is bringing Christianity back to Russia. MSNBC and Fox News = same $&@#, different accents.

    2. “Conservatives and anti-vax mandate patriots… went… to supporting the godless, corrupt, WEF stooge tyrant Zelensky” – Perhaps you & I are looking at different datasets, because I don’t know any actual anti-vaxx-mandate patriots who now support Zelensky.
      There could be some, OK? But take Jack Posobiec. He delineates carefully that, while he is pro-peace and pro-ordinary people (e.g., pro-humanitarian aid for Ukraine’s people), he is by no means pro-Ukraine government, he wants NATO and the U.S. to stay well out of the conflict (i.e. to NOT help Ukraine), etc.
      I’m not saying you’re wholly wrong. Take Marco Rubio & Lindsay Graham. The world would call them “conservative” (I would not). And, clearly, they are Establishment war-mongers, pro-Zelensky rah rah, sickening.
      What I am saying, rather, is that your rhetoric is too florid, not supported by the full & complete dataset, too confirmation bias-y.

      1. Jeff,
        – quote –
        Headline: House passes resolution backing Ukraine; Three Republicans vote ‘no’
        “The resolution, which is nonbinding, states that the House “stands steadfastly, staunchly, proudly, and fervently behind the Ukrainian people in their fight against the authoritarian Putin regime.” It also calls for the U.S. and its allies “to deliver additional and immediate defensive security assistance to help Ukraine address the armored, airborne, and other threats Ukraine is currently facing from Russian forces.” The resolution further asserts that American lawmakers “will never recognize or support any illegitimate Russian-controlled leader or government installed through the use of force.”
        – end quote (The Hill) –
        426-3, final vote.
        That is three lonely, brave voices away from unanimous support for the first steps to war. That is one point in my dataset. Pretty big one, since Congress has the *sole authority to declare war* under the Constitution and is most closely connected to the American people by vote.
        All the major networks including Fox, all politicians (save a few), erstwhile conservative news aggregate news sites like Citizen Free Press, Populist Press etc are united behind Ukraine.
        I see almost total unanimity behind Ukraine – even Poso, who toned his initial anti-Russia rhetoric down, but has always been against Russia’s claims and military operations in support of those claims. Do you see something different?

  3. Actually, what’s interesting about Zelensky is his ties to Igor Kolomoisky, a Ukraine oligarch extraordinaire, a patron of the “Azov Battalion” (Ukriane’s neo-Nazi army), so toxic that Biden had to ban him from the U.S., despite Kolomoisky’s being a financial patron of the Biden$ them$elves via their intertwined ties to Burisma.
    P.S. Glad that you & LifeSite didn’t try to go with a “gay angle” on Zelensky. Ann B’s thing on it, last week, took Zelensky’s performance out of context, failing to mention that he was a hip young comedian doing a parody. I don’t read Ukrainian but a simple Google Translate showed the word “parody” all over that video she linked. Surely she can do better. You did.

      1. The Zelensky dance group video is still up on Ann B’s website.
        When Ann first posted it, I started to watch it and had to stop. It was evil.
        I thank God He gives me nearly always the Grace to immediately know when something is evil and I shouldn’t look at it. That dance routine was evil.

      2. Katie: It is interesting to compare your reaction to “Jeff’s” reaction to the same video.
        Katie: “It was evil. I thank God He gives me nearly always the Grace to immediately know when something is evil and I shouldn’t look at it. That dance routine was evil.”
        Jeff (stickler for details): he did “sexy dancing in a parody video … most kids do nowadays”.
        Your intrinsic reaction: evil, turn it off.
        Jeff’s intrinsic reaction: sexy, most kids do it.
        My reaction, like yours, was instant – revulsion. It was as if I were viewing four demons straight out of the pit of hell – and I mean that quite literally. Which is why my label for the little song and dance number is “tribute” (to evil).
        Jeff’s label for it is “parody” (making fun of evil, just a little sexy joke … right).

    1. Zelensky doesn’t get away with your assertion “parody … just a joke” thing. He did what he did and he was really good at it. He obviously had practice. And he put it out there and let it stay out there.
      Did you know what he was singing and dancing about?
      – quote (ladywaranon – gab) – “The name of this song and dance routine that Zelensky performed in latex and high heels is “Cossacks, Let’s Become Gay.” It shows Zelensky and others ripping off traditional Cossack dress and revealing their gay outfits underneath, all the while singing about how Cossacks should be gay and how much fun that will be.
      – end quote –
      Ha Ha
      What harmless fun.
      Meanwhile … in Russia ..l they are blessing their troops in the Orthodox Christian Russian Army Cathedral

      1. “[Zelensky] did what he did [sexy dancing in a parody video] and he was really good at it.” – Most kids do, nowadays. Do you like Project Veritas? Have you ever seen James O’Keefe’s greatly-admiring Michael Jackson impressions & dancing? Now that you know, are you going to start suspecting that Project Veritas is a secret pedo group?
        “Did you know what he was singing and dancing about…” – he was PARODYING something overly-crass that appeared in Ukrainian popular culture, some years earlier. PARODY. He was doing a PARODY of it. Enough said….. the more so, because I don’t defend him or support him; I’m only a stickler for truth-in-details. Fair enough?
        “All the major networks including Fox… are united behind Ukraine.” – Ask me how I know you never heard of Tucker Carlson.
        When it comes to the Ukraine-Russia conflict, Fox is actually a mixed bag – I believe you could cite Hannity as a Ukraine-Zelensky supporter.
        Again: let’s be factual.

      2. Jeff. You call it a parody. I call it a tribute.
        A parody is a joke.
        A tribute renders respect, admiration.
        In the end, it doesn’t really matter, does it? It is a marker – like the Russian Army Cathedral, rebuilt at great expense by the post-Soviet Russians over 30 years is also a marker. It indicates something in the national soul.
        The regime Zelensky leads is evil, and is an engine of money-laundering corruption to the US and other WEF allied regimes across the West. This video is but one minor little “dataset”. The US DOD funded bio labs across the Eastern Ukraine-Russia border are a more important “dataset”. The Azov and similar Ukrainian popular Nazi movements, another.
        Your defense of all this, or, mere acceptance in the face of the already known and mounting additional evidence? A common position, taken by many, and precisely what I’m talking about.

  4. In the last week, up here, people have been discussing deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland’s association with Stepan Bandera and these Nazi Ukrainian nationalists we keep hearing about. I was ignoring it at first because people such as myself (old stock Canadians) are called Nazis and Confederates (sigh..) with such frequency that the words cease to have meaning. Upon looking into it further, I was very dismayed to see Catholic bloggers in Canada with ties to Poland (even if it is only a grandparent), screaming vitriol against Ukrainian nationalists to the degree that I started feeling angry myself. Evelyn Waugh saw both sides as being evil in WWII, and perhaps they were, and maybe that is why have we ended up in this mess so quickly. We need to keep the words of Sister Lucy carefully in mind, especially if we have blood ties to Eastern Europe and can get fired up about past wrongs: “From now on, we must choose sides. Either we are for God or we are for the devil. There is no other possibility.”

  5. One thing I’ve learned is when the face mask people start chanting in unison and pick a side, it’s a safe bet to assume the opposite.

    1. Yeah I want to know what’s up with the labs. Sure smells like smoke to me. Gots to be fire somewhere.

  6. Isn’t easier just to assume the whole world is ran by WEF scumbags at this point? Every time I turn around, there’s another WEF scum telling us what’s what and running our lives. Trying to anyway. It all really makes me want to drink. Or vomit. Probably both.

  7. I think the whole war thing is like professional wrestling, except soldiers and citizens really die. I think it is to break the world into sides, and have all opposing sides at each other’s throats. The parasite class now has a motive to claim that Russia hacked the internet. I’m waiting for China to attack Taiwan and Israel to Iran.

    1. Just wait until things really get bad with energy prices and food shortages etc., and the left starts claiming this is all a plot by Putin to get Trump reelected.

  8. Can we agree that both are unjust? Putin started a pre-emptive war, which is unjust. But it doesn’t the side just just because Putin started warring unjustly. The NATO kept violating its agreements and kept expanding eastward. Also in 2014, I think, they pulled off a coup in the Ukraine to favor Anti Russian separatists.
    Ukrainians have rights to defend their country but outsiders should not get involved. War propaganda is such that every side presents itself as the side of good and the opposing side as evil. Fact is, every side is evil, except the few people fighting to defend their life from invaders.
    Fact of the matter is people use agents to provoke conflict. For example, in a protest that the government wants to crush, they’ll send in some police agents carrying Nazi flags and then the TV talks about how white supremacists are fighting the government to justify police violence. The same sort of nonsense happens in war propaganda. The fact is none of the states are just.

    1. T: I actually don’t agree that both sides are unjust. One is, the other is not.
      Putin has taken a reasonable response to an immediate threat to his nation, clearly communicated over years to the alliance that explicitly threatens them. He doesn’t want NATO and all the armaments and defense agreements that go with them … on his border. Putin doesn’t want US DOD funded military bio-weapons labs all along his border. Etc. He has been very clear about the threats posed to his nation by NATO in alliance and occupying Ukraine on his Western border. That is his red line and I find it a reasonable one.
      Consider a similar Sino-Chinese Pact with Mexico that placed Chinese and North Korean forces, missiles, possibly nuclear, or the equivalent bio-weapons lab research that was conducted in Wuhan before, but now in thriving defense industry all along our own southern border in Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana. Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? That line the Soviets could not cross either and we defended it to nuclear extremity.
      An unjust war would be US flying 10,000 miles across the world and dropping bombs on a city because of false (fake) intel (oops, our bad). An unjust military op assasinates someone like Qaddafi in Lybia and decaptitates a nation’s government – just because. We occupied those nations on the other side of the world … because … we are America – but Russia can’t defend against a threat on its own border?
      So Russia has reasons. Good reasons. Reasonable reasons. Existential reasons. I don’t want to enter war on their side. Neither do I want to take the side of Ukraine. It’s their deal, not ours. Between the two, however, I hope Russia beats the snot out of the corrupt Ukrainian government and it’s despicable leadership. Russia’s cause is just, and in accord with international law, to an extent far more than our own military adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan.
      If Russia has no business in Ukraine, then what business do we have to be in Ukraine?

  9. Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post! It’s the little changes that produce the most important changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  10. I think that Ukraine is the Satanist’s playground and I hope it is exposed and crushed. As for Putin, he has the right to defend Russia against these Satanists. Is it kafabe? He was kicked out of the WEF but they left a backdoor to return. So whose side is he on? I have seen pictures of him with members of Chabad. Look them up on Henry Makow’s site. His association with them does not bode well. As for me, I am on Christ’s side. Remember the scripture: do not put your trust in Princes.

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