7 thoughts on “Thanks be to God that in His infinite goodness He provides abundantly in this internet age… VISIBILITY.”

  1. I have no words.I saw your email after trying to sort out a Bree Dail post about the thespian who portrayed Our Lord in a blasphemous gong-show series, Chosen, which actor at some point was pals with James Martin, SJ (or was deceived into being pals?) and which thespian is called by Bree Dail a good friend but the actor (who is a good friend) just announced his next role will be as a soddish preacher with a mission….I may take a month off and just read old MAD magazine cartoons since TradWorld, of which Bree was a promoter until she decided trads are as big a problem as the Left blahblahblah… has gone off the rails, at least on FB.Great Googly Moogly… 🥸🙃Sent from my Galaxy

  2. Is it wrong that I had a good belly laugh watching the clip? This cannot be a Catholic liturgy—it’s too absurd.

  3. This ridiculousness deepens my gratitude for being led by Our Blessed Lord to the true Mass. Thank you for posting it.

  4. Imagine in the future, in some space habitat in the outer solar system, there’s a classroom of students. The nice young teacher in front of the class announces,
    “The Catholic Church had over a billion people in it at the start of the 21st century. It was much smaller than it is today. There are trillions of people in it today. Back in the 20th century, the Church was almost entirely the Roman Rite.”
    “What is the Roman Rite?” A student asks.
    “That’s the Rite now occupied by just the Pope in Rome back on Earth. This clip I’m about to show you is why the Roman Rite is no longer with us, and the Byzantine Catholic Church is spread across the solar system.”
    And then the teacher shows them that clip from the early 21st century.

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