Barnhardt Podcast #166: Wargaming the Antipapal Dirt Nap… combox is open!

You best start preparing yourself mentally, spiritually, physically, for the earthy passing of antipope Bergoglio, and what might happen next. You also should be prepping for the death of Pope Benedict, and what might happen next. We don’t wish death on either of them, and may they both die in the state of grace with true contrition. But time is getting short, and good folks need to know what’s what. If Bergoglio dies first, and a conclave is convoked, we will end up with two antipopes in a row, and it wouldn’t be the first time. If Pope Benedict dies first, and no one calls a conclave, the See will be vacant until some one does, which might not be until Bergoglio dies… but since the real pope had passed first, that conclave would be valid. It’s really not hard. Regarding the latest troubles for Trads, and the rumors of impending doom come Ash Wednesday (March 2nd), we discuss the moral obligation of disobedience toward illegitimate authority, as well as the moral obligation of disobedience toward unjust laws, even if they be from legitimate authority. Everyone needs to brush up on these things before SHTF. Enjoy!

Barnhardt Podcast #166: Wargaming the Antipapal Dirt Nap

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In this episode, Ann and NonVeni Mark (because Ann and Supernerd are fighting… AGAIN) walk through the contingencies and scenarios of both the death of Antipope Bergoglio, and the death of the Holy Father Pope Benedict Ratzinger. Given either contingency, what should the Remnant Church Militant do? In keeping with the Feast of the Presentation, we make a deep dive into the concepts of Obedience and Recognition of Authority, specifically how rendering obedience and/or recognizing illegitimate authority essentially attacks both legitimate authority and the virtue of obedience at their roots. (Just for the record, Ann and Supernerd have never exchanged so much as a cross word, ever. But we’ll promptly let you know if that changes.)

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9 thoughts on “Barnhardt Podcast #166: Wargaming the Antipapal Dirt Nap… combox is open!”

  1. Listening to it, I think that my sad prediction that the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church will be all but extinct in 100 years will come true. Sad to say it, but that’s the direction things are going. (If not sooner, the guitar-playing Baby boomers are about to die-off, Gen-X is almost a lost cause, millennials like myself go to the TLM, zoomers are face mask-wearing pagans, and the next generation will be calling the rest of us “pedophobes” for thinking sickos can’t marry children while the muhammedans go on a killing-spree.)
    I think Pope Benedict XVI’s prediction that the Church will become smaller will come true. I don’t think he thought that it would be his illegitimate successor causing the Latin Rite to go on the Endangered Species List…

  2. This situation reminds me of the “12 Monkeys” where Bruce Willis had the vision from childhood of the guy getting shot but didn’t realize until the end that it was him. Maybe Pope Benedict’s knowledge of the Third Secret drove his decision in an attempt to avoid being the “bishop dressed in white” but didn’t realize the La Sallete part about “two worm ridden popes”(per Father Hess) as well and Anne Katherine Emmerich’s vision of “two popes”. It’s like Pope Benedict unintentionally is making it come true.

  3. Loved this podcast…don’t sell yourself short though Mark. You and Ann also gel well.
    Matthew 16:18. As someone who regularly talks with prots it’s good to know chapter and verse, especially the very Catholic verses 😊

  4. NINGÚN “cónclave” en el que participen los “cardenales” designados por Bergoglio puede ser válido, aunque Benedicto haya muerto cuando un tal “cónclave” sea convocado.

  5. Great podcast. As usual. I did catch the part of speaking of Protestants “advanced in age “ now becoming open to Catholicism. I feel attacked. LOLZ!! Great work guys as always. You and Ann jibe pretty well together.

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