Pachamama, Freemasonry, Bergoglio: On overcoming psychological blindness to see what is standing right in front of you

January 31, 2022 / Andrea Cionci’s blog (google translate from the Italian)

Denial is a well – known psychological defense mechanism – primitive and dangerous – which implies the refusal to accept reality, thus blocking awareness of external events.

If a situation is too difficult to handle, the person may refuse to perceive it, or deny it exists, to avoid dealing with painful feelings or areas of their life that they do not wish to admit.

Classic example, the husband who refuses to recognize the evident signs of his wife’s infidelity, because that “is his wife, she is holy, she is faithful and would never betray him”.

Something very similar is happening for the figure of the alleged “Pope Francis” whom the overwhelming majority of Catholics still persist, after eight years of crazy reversals, blasphemies and absurdities, to recognize not only as a legitimate pope, but also as a “Catholic “.

Now, a big emotional block prevents us from understanding the even elementary canonical question: as we have repeated and demonstrated ad nauseam, the Holy Father Benedict XVI has never abdicated, but forced by his enemies to get out of the way, without the cardinals ( faithful and infidels) were aware of this, he exiled himself in the seat impeded (canon 412), thus remaining the true “emeritus” pope, that is, the only one who “deserves” to be pope. Not having abdicated, the 2013 conclave was illegitimate: it was a meeting between cardinals, one of “their rituals “, as Benedict himself wrote in “Last Conversations” (2016), but it did not elect any real pope.

Therefore, since many find it difficult to understand that Bergoglio is not formally pontiff, even in the face of his most blatantly anti-Catholic pronouncements and gestures, they close to rational understanding and accept anything with the cry of: ” Yes, yes, that’s fine, but anyway he is the pope “. 

There is a comment to be made: not because you are anti-popes you are necessarily anti-Catholics. There were even two holy antipopes, Hippolytus and Felix II. But certainly, from the point of view of faith, due to the dogma of papal infallibility, an anti-Catholic pope cannot exist and, if so, can only be an anti-pope . Here we are?

Now – and we come to the bomb – a piece has finally been filled that allows us to understand the link between the Andean cult of Pachamama, Freemasonry and the magic of “Mary who unties knots”.

As you know, the enthronement in St. Peter’s of the pagan idol Pachamama , Mother Earth, was one of the most anti-Catholic acts of Bergoglio’s pseudo-pontificate. The Pachamama, to which animal and, once, probably, human sacrifices are offered, symbolically constitutes the perfect inversion of the figure of the Madonna , so much so that some priests claim that she is symbolically “pregnant with the Antichrist”. HERE . Freemasonry, on the other hand, as you will read HERE , constitutes the perfect “antimatter” compared to Catholicism and should intrigue what Luca Canapini and Costantino Manes write in “The ‘ferocious freedom’: South America between Freemasonry and Catholicism:”Think of the figure of the current Pope Francis , an Argentine and Jesuit, who has always been openly and ostentatiously progressive in the clear ANTITHESIS to the conservative and dogmatic reasons of Catholicism , and who proposes a reading of Christian ideals oriented to the PRINCIPLES OF RELATIVISM , to the OVERCOMING OF DOCTRINE OF SIN and the full acceptance of all religious and social differences. This is how the Church of Bergoglio aspires to become a privileged interlocutor of contemporaneity, MAKING ITS OWN A SIGNIFICANT PART OF THE MASONIC DOCTRINE “ .

Then there is the cult of the pseudo-Mary who unties the knots , to which we have dedicated a focus HERE . A pseudo-devotion inspired not by an evangelical episode, but by an obscure eighteenth-century ex voto, painted by the proto-Freemason Hyeronimus Langenmantel, kept in a German Jesuit church that Bergoglio – who certainly does not shine for “marianity” – has propagated in all over the world with obsessive and suspicious insistence. As we had identified, the adhesions between the magical rite of the Nine Knots and the Novena dedicated to Mary who unties the knotsthey are patent and disturbing. Warning: we do not express judgments of merit on Andean religions, on Freemasonry, on magic or esotericism, but we must highlight the unsolvable irreconcilability between these and Catholicism, which constitutes a scam to the detriment of one billion and 285 million people.

But what unites European Freemasonry, pre-Columbian religions and magic? The famous Neapolitan Freemason prince Raimondo Sangro di Sansevero (1710-1771) explains this in his work entitled ” Apologetic Letter”. Sansevero, a pupil of the Jesuits in the period in which, as the Grand Loggia of Italy writes ” the Society of Jesus elaborated daring syntheses between ancient wisdom and” revealed religion “ “, was also the first grand master of an Italian Masonic lodge. magician, esotericist, alchemist, occultist: a figure cloaked in genius and, of course, in sulphurous vapors who in his 1750 book dealt with the secret and mysterious language of the “QUIPU ‘”, the NODE-based notation system used by the INCAs in pre-Columbian Peru.

“Sansevero underlined the elitist character of knowledge in Inca society through a singular interpretation of that world very close to the reality of the South […] In fact, he spoke of the existence in Peru of the” feudatory patrician “, of the “cavalry”, but above all of the “Philosopher priests”, amauti (masters of knowledge ed), holders of the arcane secrets of the quipù seen in terms of a historical prefiguration and presented as a sort of INCAIC FREEMASONRY headed by Mancho Capac, the first of the Incas. At the center of their philosophy was the PACHACAMAC, the creator god of the universe in which the pantheistic image of the cosmos was epitomized “. Now, Pachacamac is none other than the husband of PACHAMAMA, the goddess of the earth.

The subtle humor, we could say “divine” from the point of view of faith, of the whole story is that the passage quoted is taken from the volume “The Prophets of the Enlightenment” by the historian Vincenzo Ferrone , opponent of Pope Benedict XVI , so much so that he dedicated the book “Ratzinger’s Strange Enlightenment”, published a few days before his alleged “resignation”. We owe to prof. Martino Mora the discovery of this real “gem”. Even more amusing is the fact that, the final censor of Sansevero was Pope BENEDICT XIV, a great pontiff, very cultured, enlightened, promoter of science who, however, in 1751, renewed the condemnation of Freemasonry with the bull  Providas romanorum pontificum.In short, Pope Lambertini (known for his frank language) seemed to say: one thing is sacred science, research and philosophy, and another thing is to go into the meadows following esoteric and demonic occultism.

Thus, the Pachamama family acts as a catalyst for a new, botched pseudo-ecological religion, pantheist, syncretist, Masonic, esoteric, feignedly good-natured, but destructive, which draws inspiration from a society like the Inca one, which was governed with a handful of iron from a single man, (a god-One, like the one mentioned by the Mason Grand Master Giuliano Di Bernardo WHO ), to whom a class of Freemason knights and priest-magicians were hierarchically subjected, or rather an elite of presumed enlightened ones. At this point, only a blind man does not grasp the overlap of this pseudo-religion with the most shamelessly declared objectives of leftist-Masonic globalist globalism,summarized with that expression that is so ” gomblotto ” and which was also used by Bergoglio himself in his interview with La Print of 13 March 2021: “We must not waste the crisis, but use it for a NEW WORLD ORDER”.

But be careful: the one prefigured in this ideological-esoteric soup is an authoritarian and fiercely hyper-controlled society, with a man annihilated in his vital force, without identity, tradition, culture, language, sexuality, economic autonomy, governed by a caste of very powerful people, custodians of absolute power and even of a mysterious pseudo-knowledge.

This process is already underway: hypercontrol is not even worth talking about, but only in this context can we grasp the follies about the family, immigration, the destruction of the productive middle class, gender propaganda, Europeanism. fraud, the flirtations with China, the disarmament of the population, the income-donation of citizenship, the abolition of cash, the massive digitization and the attack on private property made explicit by Archbishop Bergoglio himself, testimonial and sponsor – together with the Rockefellers – of the so-called ” inclusive capitalism”, which is likely to “include” your assets.

Shielded by his hypnotic, demagogic do-goodist-pauperist mystifications, the antipope Francis is therefore genetically modifying Catholicism exactly to lead it to be the container of this new world religion. Like a saboteur gnome in the box of Big Ben, the “bishop dressed in white” is unregulating some of the gears of the mechanism, so that in some time, the great logical clock of Catholicism will strike the opposite time. It does so imperceptibly for the great mass of Catholics, who, now doctrinally devastated by 60 years of sugary post-conciliar nonsense, could also accept without batting an eyelid a consecrated Eucharist with Coca Cola and pizza Margherita.

In aid of the victims of the psychological process of denial, we could recall how Bergoglio has already changed the Catechism (art.2267), bringing it into contradiction with the previous tradition, how he wears a symbol of the Rosicrucians around his neck, HERE how he inserted the RUGIADA , which is the NECTAR OF ROSECROCES (WHO ) and  how he overturned the meaning of the Our Father, changing the phrase “Lead us not into temptation”, philologically and theologically very correct (God tests), with the abusive ” abandon to temptation”, An expression that presupposes the fact that God, just like the Great Architect of the Masonic Universe – who takes no interest in his creatures – can abandon men to themselves.

However, a precise recomposition of Bergoglio’s religion still remains to be defined. We appeal to all scholars in the sector (write to so that they can help us (even in form) to find out which confidential traditions the pseudo-pope draws on and how this new creed of his di lui could be configured.

Always if it has an internal coherence. Articolo_blog/blog/andrea-cionci/30305055/il-principe-di-sansevero-sul-legame-tra-pachamama-nodi-e-massoneria-il-culto-di-bergoglio- alias-papa-francesco-.html

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  1. I am a 4th generation FreeMason and have no idea what you are discussing. Masonry provides an umbrella for all those who believe in God to unite under the common good

    1. DuckDuckGo some Altiyan Childs. Watch his 5 hour expose on Freemasonry. Are you sure you’re not in a Satanic cult preparing the way for the reign of Antichrist?

    2. My grandfather was a freemason. He absolutely wrecked the Christian faith within his side of the family.
      He died a broken man after having sinned terribly against his female relatives, divorcing three times, and so on.
      Demonic manifestations were common in his immediate family. I could go into great detail but I suspect they would not surprise you.
      The price of bowing down to a mere creature rather than to Christ Jesus alone is a cost that many freemasons do not count until it is too late.

  2. Presently, I cannot tell if this wildly rambling, unhinged and unreadable pile of verbose glop is just a joke or an admission by the author of his own madness?I know AB cites “non veni” with enthusiasm and that just cooled my trust in her editorial judgment as well.As an aside, examples like this recomfirm why I find so little to recommend – apart from canonized Saints’ own works – to serious Catholics for their self-edification.Sent from my Galaxy

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