Fr. Paul Kramer: “Two churches, one true and one false, each with its own pope, one true and one false…”

Father Kramer, late of the Fatima Center and foremost expert on the topic, has been nuking the site from orbit for several years now. His upcoming book, “On the True and the False Pope” can be pre-ordered here:

Father Kramer cites the Gradualism with which the Modernists have transformed the institutional Church into the anti-church, with Antipope Bergoglio now mashing the throttle. He knew Malachi Martin, and likely knows the full content of the Third Secret. He believes that the ultimate cleaving will be Bergoglio issuing liturgical orders which will invalidate the Holy Sacrifice of the Novus Ordo, while at the same time issuing a total ban on the Traditional Latin Mass. If you haven’t prepared yourself for this, you don’t have much time left. Have you noticed all the renewed talk of newness? God of surprises? No firm truth, no fixed positions? You don’t know Jesus, only I know Jesus, okay?

Here is a link to Fr. Kramer’s sermon from last Sunday, h/t Tony La Rosa. He takes a little time to build up, the first ten minutes or so, but stick with it. The last 20 minutes are pure gold. Click the menu to change the playback speed:

And I will leave you with this:

Two Churches Each with Its Own Pope – Fr. Paul Kramer

January 28, 2022 by Tony La Rosa

Dear Catholic Resistance, please get out of your material schism.  Accept Benedict XVI as the true pope because that he is.

The above is a comment from Fr. Paul Kramer dated January 28, 2022 on this post:

11 thoughts on “Fr. Paul Kramer: “Two churches, one true and one false, each with its own pope, one true and one false…””

  1. Quite plausible and very timely. Ukrainians persecuting ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine — I doubt that I will get agreement on that point if I mention it at my Ukrainian parish this morning. Is Fr. Kramer correct? Maybe. God knows, I don’t.

      1. We have been pushing NATO into Putin’s living room. He would like a little sphere of influence, and I can’t blame him. The Cuban Missile Crisis was the US wanting Russia off out doorstep in Cuba. Russia relented and moved its missiles out; but we quietly moved out missiles out of Turkey,
        In addition, NATO and the US and the European Union spout the same Antichrist jargon, and Putin, whether sincere or not, wants no part of it.
        One more point about Fr. Kramer: what is this talk about Francis’s (I don’t say “Pope”) making the New Mass invalid? Where does Fr. Kramer get that? I wouldn’t put it beyond Francis, but I would like some evidence.

        1. The prophecy from Daniel 12 where the continual sacrifice will be taken away, plus whatever he knows foretold in the Third Secret. I certainly wouldn’t bet against it at this point.

  2. I don’t concern myself too much playing the who is pope game. In all seriousness I feel this is too far above my pay grade, this is God’s territory, and I don’t have angst over it. Maybe I should, I don’t know, but I’ve got plenty of other things to worry about, just not this. I assume God has it under control and things will work out as He intends. What I do concern myself with is what church do I belong to. There are clearly two. One is evil, one is flawed but good. I’ll take that one. For our part we attend a diocesan TLM. We could not go back to the Novus Ordo, even a faithful and reverent one. There are some of those. The TLM is the proper worship of God and the vehicle for our hoped for ultimate salvation. It is an hour of respite from this mad world each week. Friends, if you are faithful, find the TLM in your area and go. If you have to drive a bit then go as often as you can, alternate. The one thing we know for sure, Bergoglio is a monster, a cruel and vindictive globalist who hates the church, hates Catholicism, hates those who practice it.
    He is anathema to us, as are his companions in the demon-infested church they run.

  3. And if the diocesan TLM goes away. We will go SSPX or whatever Latin Rite we can find.
    And if that goes away we will go Orthodox.
    And if that goes away we will go to private Masses out behind hedgerows or in cafeterias or basements.
    And if that goes away we will sit home and read the Missal and the ancient prayers of the church, offering it all up to God, until He intervenes or calls us home.

  4. Who is The Pope MATTERS. I looked at a former employer’s religion exemption form(s) for the shot. Guess who they quoted for Catholics, saying getting the shot was “an act of love” for those who would claim religious exemption being a Catholic? None other than Bergoglio. (Benedict XVI as far as I can tell has been pretty quiet with regards to the shot)
    Hate to say it, but I think the best thing that can happen is for the whole thing to collapse.
    I believe that people in Catholic pews today would 100% go along with a “invalidate the Holy Sacrifice of the Novus Ordo” some of them would actively participate in it, I know of several older women in my local Parish who would love to sign up as “deaconesses”, or worse, saying “We’ve been EMHC for so long, we’re ready for this next step!”
    I also wish more Eastern Rite Catholics would wake up and smell the coffee. All the things in their Liturgy that they hold dear, we who love the TLM also held dear, look at where we’re at now. Before you know it, Bergoglio (or one of his vile underlings, or successors) will soon start cracking down on the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.
    This future “Synod on Synodality” is complete joke. Looking at the wiki page for it, the suggested questions include:
    To whom does our particular church ‘need to listen to'” and “how are the laity, especially young people and women, listened to? (Not those TLM young people, yuck!)
    How do we integrate the contribution of consecrated men and women? (What do you mean that the TLM is the source of the overwhelming majority of consecrated men and women?!?!)
    What space is there for the voice of minorities, the discarded, and the excluded? (The TLM attendees fit all those descriptors.)
    Do we identify prejudices and stereotypes that hinder our listening? (Aside from calling Catholics who actually want to be Catholic “rigid”)
    How do we listen to the social and cultural context in which we live? (I don’t want to listen to that! I want to shout it down and make it bend to the Church.)

    1. Religious freedom law does not speak to what the religious leader or “pope” says. In fact the law is usually very precise that religious exemptions do not stand or fall on your religious leaders dogma, thoughts, or feelings. It seems that many, many people completely misunderstand how law for religious freedom works. I am NOT an attorney, but I had to research this when I was writing my own letter, which, as it turns out, was a moot point and I needn’t have bothered, once I told my employer it was actually against the law to demand any letter be signed by a religious leader. The law only demands it be your personal belief that taking a medical intervention is contrary to your personal belief system. The law is very clear that asking for a leader’s signature as if to vouch for your beliefs is contrary to religious freedom. You and I don’t have to prove anything to anybody, and no one else can vouch for OUR religious beliefs except US.
      Here’s an important point. Even asking for a signature is to violate the law. It is to give PREFERENCE to organized religion, when this is contrary to law! The law does not demand we be part of a church, temple, or mosque in order to have religious liberty. That is OURS regardless. People have largely fallen into this trap and gone out seeking a signature they don’t need. Hey, whatever works, the regime will pull. You have to know your rights. How did I find this? I looked up religious exemptions and law, religious freedom and law, etc. I went to organizations that explain these concepts, like the organizations who defend people when their religious rights are violated. Look on You Tube. There are great explanations on there. I revised my letter way down once I heard it. Coincidentally or not, my organization stopped asking for it once I told them. You shouldn’t explain your personal beliefs except for a few rather vague sentences. Who the hell are these people that we should be explaining our personal belief system to them and asking their permission to not take a medical intervention we don’t want in great an in-depth terms.

  5. There seems to be no line, either here, or at Fr. Kramer’s site. Advice….? Thanks. And thanks for the :38 minute video!

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