Senate testimony on covid truth, banned treatments, vaccine injury, and death… distilled down to 38 minutes of video which I even timestamped for aggressive sharing with the blue pilled

This video has it all. The truth about ivermectin, the urgency of early treatment, the importance of heavy steroids, doctors cancelled for success rates, hundreds of thousands of needless deaths, hospitals withholding treatment as patients die, vaxx injured patients with PCPs who won’t see them because that would be admitting there are vaxx injuries. It’s all here, folks. May God bless Senator Johnson.

Works great at 1.5x speed, so 25 minute investment. Ignore the gushing over mAbs.. those have thankfully been canceled for now, and their use of fetal parts in production is horrific. More on that later.

0:05 Sen Ron Johnson (R-WI) introductions

1:02 How may in this room have experienced professional repercussions? (every hand goes up)

2:11 My obese brother was headed to the ER, I told him to go to pharmacy instead, I called in the meds which shall not be named, he improved in less than six hours.

3:55 Dr Kory: I just want to point out that all of these failed disastrous policies were literally written by the pharmaceutical companies. Ivermectin has been shown to solve the pandemic around the world.

5:05 Dr Urser: I have treated over 1600 patients who were languishing at home because the PCP would not treat them. It’s absolutely absurd.

5:55 My dad died on Friday because we took him to the hospital and they would not administer any treatment, not even steroids to help his lungs. We had gotten his oxygen from 86 back up to 96, but no treatments!

6:55 Dr unkown: I’ve kept 2000 people out of the hospital with basic treatments.

8:45 “The question is, why have safe and effective treatments been withheld that could have saved possibly 500,000 lives?”

9:05 We have ignored foundational principles of medical ethics.

14:20 We know for a fact that natural immunity from having had covid is the only sterilizing immunity. There is not one case of a person with natural immunity passing on the virus. This isn’t true for the vaccinated who get infected. Why won’t the CDC admit this? Why is natural immunity being smeared?

15:05 Vaccinated carry a much larger viral load… the mandates are madness.

16:30 I’ve treated over 150,000 patients via with a 99.99% survival rate. Early treatment works. Period.

19:45 Dr McCullough: Early treatment can’t be stressed enough. The only patients that I’ve had any serious problems did not get adequate treatment in the first 72 hours. These are the golden hours.

22:00 Q&A starts. Whoo boy. Just watch.

24:00 Dr Kory: Denial of natural immunity. Ask yourself why. This is corruption pure and simple. Profit over saving lives.

28:00 My hospital destroyed my medical career because my treatments were effective.

34:00 Dr McCullough: Myocarditis. Heart attacks. IN CHILDREN. Tens of thousands. And they are pressured or mandated to get this vaccine?

37:00 Dr Urso: You know, the fact that we have to have this hearing in the Senate is really something.

6 thoughts on “Senate testimony on covid truth, banned treatments, vaccine injury, and death… distilled down to 38 minutes of video which I even timestamped for aggressive sharing with the blue pilled”

  1. Thank you Mark. Will remember you, Ann and all those on this panel tonight at Holy Hour and Mass. It does my heart good to see not every doctor, nurse or politician is an evil bastid.

  2. God. Bless. You!!!!!!!!
    You and Ann are SUCH gifts from God….Will offer my Rosary for you 2 and your loved ones tonight. Keep it up Mark….yeoman’s work!

  3. Very moving, an affirmation of truth … Senator Johnson is one of only two National Politicians that come to mind that are actually trying to help “we, the people” over and above the “Fauci-fied System” … Bless the Truthful! IMnsHO and E so far.

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