Stunning vaccine failure in four of the most vaxxed countries in the world… cases and deaths soaring… look at the charts and graphs

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Alex Berenson 7 hr ago

Scotland, Britain, Israel, and Denmark are four of the world’s most highly vaccinated countries. They all have 90 percent adult Covid vaccination rates and 60 percent adult boosters. Yet the vast majority of deaths are occurring in vaccinated people; serious cases are soaring; and infections are almost literally off the charts.

This is Covid vaccine failure at the most profound and basic level.

SCOTLAND: Covid death rates (RATES, not raw numbers) by vaccination status for the last four weeks. Death rates in vaccinated but unboosted people have been higher than rates in the unvaccinated each week.

Also, 87 percent of total deaths occurred in vaccinated people in the most recent week:


(Note: I have corrected the link. Also, the data in the British chart below is United Kingdom-wide and thus includes Scotland – some British readers asked me to make that clear.)


Covid deaths by vaccination status in the most recent four weeks (2,845 out of the 3,860 people for whom vaccine status could be determined were vaccinated – 74 percent):



Serious cases since Covid began (note cases peaked last January with the start of mass vaccinations and are expected to surpass that figure in the next few days):


Total infections since Covid began (this one speaks for itself):

Remember, these failures cannot be blamed on vaccine skepticism, or Tucker Carlson, or me. These countries are as close to fully vaccinated as it is possible to be.

If you think this is what you were promised a year ago – or six months ago, or even a month ago – I don’t know what to tell you. But the answer cannot be to do MORE of what has not worked.

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2 thoughts on “Stunning vaccine failure in four of the most vaxxed countries in the world… cases and deaths soaring… look at the charts and graphs”

    As these articles make clear, any nation that vaccinates itself will have more cases, more serious cases and more fatal cases. That will all come out. The data and argument is clear, except to the deranged.
    I still contend, however, that it is the wrong argument because it accepts the premises of the totalitarians: “government has the right to impose health outcomes on a population if that government determines it is in the best interest of that population as determined by its own reference to ‘facts’ and ‘science'”.
    My premise is completely different.
    “The individual is final arbiter over any medical procedure imposed on his or her person; it is at their sole discretion whether and what medical procedure they choose and it is not up to any outside government, business, group or individual to make a medical choice for any autonomous individual. Facts and science are for the individual to interpret and apply at their own sole discretion”.
    Government doesn’t have a say. Ever.
    Businesses don’t have a say. Ever.
    Nosy Neighbors don’t have a say. Ever.
    And whether they do or they don’t is not dependent upon individual understandings of “fact”. It is a rule: Individual autonomy, always, forever, period – especially in a health “emergency”.

    1. And, even though there are none supporting abortion on this blog, it also applies to the abortion argument in which the woman argues: “my body, my choice” – it is a hard and fast rule.
      In the case of abortion choice, there are two bodies; two lives – quantifiably, scientifically, theologically, philosophically there are two.
      Law defends the autonomy of the *other* life, unable to speak for themself.
      Law defends the autonomy of the mothering life who can speak for herself.
      My body, my choice”, applies to the expectant mother if she chooses to remove her appendix or spleen, operate on her eyes, or if she wishes to get a pedicure of her nails, or a haircut.
      My body, my choice does not apply to her imposing a death sentence upon the *other* body, other life, temporarily inside of her and dependent upon her.

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