Ivermectin Prophylaxis Used for COVID-19: A Citywide Observational Study of 223,128 Subjects


Background: Ivermectin has demonstrated different mechanisms of action that potentially protect from both coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) infection and COVID-19-related comorbidities. Based on the studies suggesting efficacy in prophylaxis combined with the known safety profile of ivermectin, a citywide prevention program using ivermectin for COVID-19 was implemented in Itajaí, a southern city in Brazil in the state of Santa Catarina. The objective of this study was to evaluate the impact of regular ivermectin use on subsequent COVID-19 infection and mortality rates.

Results: Of the 223,128 citizens of Itajaí considered for the study, a total of 159,561 subjects were included in the analysis: 113,845 (71.3%) regular ivermectin users and 45,716 (23.3%) non-users. Of these, 4,311 ivermectin users were infected, among which 4,197 were from the city of Itajaí (3.7% infection rate), and 3,034 non-users (from Itajaí) were infected (6.6% infection rate), with a 44% reduction in COVID-19 infection rate (risk ratio [RR], 0.56; 95% confidence interval (95% CI), 0.53-0.58; p < 0.0001). Using PSM, two cohorts of 3,034 subjects suffering from COVID-19 infection were compared. The regular use of ivermectin led to a 68% reduction in COVID-19 mortality (25 [0.8%] versus 79 [2.6%] among ivermectin non-users; RR, 0.32; 95% CI, 0.20-0.49; p < 0.0001). When adjusted for residual variables, reduction in mortality rate was 70% (RR, 0.30; 95% CI, 0.19-0.46; p < 0.0001). There was a 56% reduction in hospitalization rate (44 versus 99 hospitalizations among ivermectin users and non-users, respectively; RR, 0.44; 95% CI, 0.31-0.63; p < 0.0001). After adjustment for residual variables, reduction in hospitalization rate was 67% (RR, 0.33; 95% CI, 023-0.66; p < 0.0001).

Conclusion: In this large PSM study, regular use of ivermectin as a prophylactic agent was associated with significantly reduced COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and mortality rates.


8 thoughts on “Ivermectin Prophylaxis Used for COVID-19: A Citywide Observational Study of 223,128 Subjects”

  1. Well. As soon as AB was posting about vitamin I, I went out and stocked up. Now it’s at least quadruple in price of what I paid. So someone is using it. That alone proves once again that AB is always a step ahead. As are you Mark. That must feel pretty good knowing people are trusting you folks. I’m sure your rewards will be AWESOME!! Thanks for doing what you do.

  2. I’ve had covid for about a week now. I used ivermectin as a prophylactic for the last several months. I have lung problems so I was a bit concerned when I came down with it. But I’m holding my own and am now taking ivermectin every day. I am also taking the suggested vitamins, prednisone and an antibiotic from my doctor. I bought an oximeter and my blood oxygen hasn’t dropped below 95. Breathing is a little hard but it always is for me. One thing I hate is not being able to taste anything. Maybe my use of ivermectin as a prophylactic has kept me out of the hospital.
    Thanks for all of your advice, Mark. I’ve referred back to your posts many times. Anyway, I’m surviving this.

    1. Mary, glad you are getting through it . Don’t stop taking the IVM until you are fully recovered. The budesonide also helped afterward very much . Can you get an Rx of Symbicort or Pulmicort?

  3. Hi Mark. I have albuterol inhalers and an albuterol nebulizer. I’m not sure what the difference is between those and Symbicort. My doctor is really good at giving me what I need and I can ask him. Thanks for the advice.

    1. Albuterol is just a bronchodilator. Symbicort has the bronchodilator PLUS budesonide which is an inhaled steroid. Strongly recommended by Nurse Claire to ensure the cytokines are suppressed and the damaged lung tissue gets repaired correctly.

  4. I take an inhaled steroid every morning. Different medicines than budesonide but still an inhaled steroid. And I take Singular for asthma every night.

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